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Sooo... I've been very bad at updating and I'm really, really sorry.

Basically, you guys know how I said I was gonna be gone for three weeks? Well, after that I had another week and a half of unexpected absence due to a last-minute invitation to a dance workshop four hours away from my house. The end of that brings us to the 14th of August, which I know was practically a month ago. While I was at the workshop, my Microsoft Office expired and I decided that I want to buy the thing this time instead of getting another free trial, but I'm not allowed to buy it until school start. Thankfully, that's only a week away. So hopefully I will be updating both stories in the week after Labour Day.

I got a new display pic. Yay! And you can actually read what it says this time- SCORE! My photo editing skills have improved immensely in the last couple of months. And in case you live under a rock and didn't know (or maybe you're American so you're trying to forget, SUCKERS! Kidding, kidding.), that's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the Olympic gold medalists in ice dancing. I met them and got to take a picture with them, which I will one day show to my children and say, "See, kids? I knew them before they were married; before they were even dating!"

A few days ago I started writing about them, and since there's no place to put such things on, I created a new website where I'll keep them. If you guys like my writing style in general and will read anything as long as it's good (e.g. not just a familiar fandom), then check it out!

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Stories I'm Working On/Have Planned

Endless Diamond Sky - Titanic

Basically Titanic set in modern day, except that after Rose returns to Jack despite telling him that she couldn't see him again (in the movie that was the flying scene), it becomes a completely different story. At seventeen, Rose becomes pregnant with Jack's child. She knows that she cannot return home to her mother and Cal, so while Rose struggles to cope with the pressures of her senior year of high school, the couple try desperately to make a life for themselves and their unborn child.

Through the Cracks - Titanic

This story was a request sent in a personal message and centers around a new character- Cal's thirteen-year-old niece, Madeline Olivia Hockley. It will follow her struggles with her identity after the loss of her parents to a strange illness and being sent to live with her uncle and his fiancee both during and after her journey to America on the Titanic. There is a plot twist where I'm sure some people will go, "Oh my God, cliche!" but I will try to make up for it with lots of angst and stuff in later chapters.

Once Upon a December - Titanic

Oneshot songfic about Rose's life after the sinking of Titanic if she were to have hit her head getting into a lifeboat and suffer from amnesia for the rest of her life.

The Beach House (Working Title) - Titanic

It's been sixteen years since a lively, carefree Jack Dawson saved a lost, frightened, confused teenager from jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Sixteen years since they swore they'd make every day count. Sixteen years since they dreamt of living a fairytale life together for the rest of eternity, despite whatever obstacles they faced. Sixteen years since Jack and Rose promised to love each other forever and always. A lot can change in sixteen years. Just when it seems as though their fairytale is falling apart at the seams, their oldest child finds a secret that was long hidden from the Dawson children. Can a surprising source reteach Jack and Rose their own lesson?
Sequel to Endless Diamond Sky. Currently in first draft stages. I will probably publish it about a month after I finish writing Endless Diamond Sky, which will hopefully be around November. Look out for this one around Christmas.

I recently borrowed Glee: Season One, Volume One from a friend, and late last night I had this brainstorm for something like a Glee/Letters to Juliet crossover. I've only scribbled down about a page so far, but I bounced ideas around my head for a long time last night. It doesn't have a title yet and I don't know when or even if I'd publish it, but I kind of like the idea. I haven't even seen Letters to Juliet, but for some reason this idea won't leave me alone. So you never know. I probably wouldn't even start really editing it or anything until I'm at least finished Through the Cracks, but who knows. We'll see what happens.

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