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I had an account but I forgot the password... silly me... so I'm recreating.

I give honest reviews... I don't blow smoke up skirts... if I think your story is good I'll tell you but if I think your story sucks I'll tell you that too. I'm a stickler for grammar and I do not compromise that for style. I will only favorite someone if I think they are REALLY good and so far that's no one. And by really good they have to be a good writer that knows the show and can capture the characters. If you know of anyone who does that for Buffy, Angel, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Firefly or Tru Calling please let me know.

All that being said I try to be more constructive than destructive.

However, if I piss you off you should know that I don't really care. Get a thicker skin. I'm going to remind people now that reviews were not made to stroke the ego. They were made to make people better writers. That is my goal. If I tend to be tough about it that is because I believe most people on this board aren't tough enough.

Also since there seems to be some confusion... my name has never been... let me make sure I get this right... Silver Ruffian. I would have just told the person that made that mistake, but they blocked me, so I have to clarify that here I guess.