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Author has written 10 stories for Naruto, Vampire Knight, and Brave 10/ブレイヴ・テン.

A few words on writing.

I was writing fan fiction before I knew fan fiction was actually a thing that people did. I was maybe fourteen or fifteen and I wrote about Harry Potter, and also Degrassi, I think. Just tiny bits of stories, nothing too big.

Then, a few years later, I discovered Naruto. And the fandom. I started reading so many fanfics, and I remember thinking: This is awesome! It's like, tailored to the reader's preferences. You put in what characters you want to read about, what genre, and there you go. Amazing.

So then I realized I would quite like to try writing a fan fiction of my own. It took some time before I felt courageous enough to upload a chapter, and for good reason. It wasn't very good, lol. Trust me, it really wasn't. I didn't know anything about writing.

But I kept writing anyway, and I may even have had a few readers. I think I ended up deleting the first fic I ever put on here. It was unfinished anyway, probably. Like most of my stories... The thing about stories, they're hard to finish.

The oldest story of mine that's still on here is Forever the Scars Will Remain. I think I still didn't really know how to paint a scene with words, back then. And the problem with not telling your reader where the characters are, is that the reader won't know where your characters are. Or why they're there. Or how they got from over there to here, or when, or what the hell is even happening.

With Don't Let Me Go and Chidori I experimented with stories that take place in our world. There's no chakra or nine-tailed fox. Just people. Young adults. And drama, of course. I learned that lots of readers like drama. They really do. Anyway, it was good because it made me learn about this thing called research. You want to write about a character who suffers from drug addiction? You better research that stuff. Better know what you're talking about. It's important.

I think that's also when I included "Outside Characters" for the first time. And that's all about making them interesting, and basically, making sure they're not you. Everyone hates a Mary Sue. Except Mary Sue herself. She quite likes that story where she's the one girl Sasuke falls in love with for no apparent reason--course she likes it, she wrote the damn thing.

Seriously though, it was awesome creating my own characters for the first time. I realized if I put enough effort into the process, I could end up becoming as attached to them as I was to characters from Naruto. Writing about a music band was fun, too. I was into it. Living the dream through your characters, and that.

Oh and I wrote a Vampire Knight fan fiction at some point. To be honest I don't remember that much about it. Just that I watched the anime and thought Zero and Kaname would be hot together, probably like a lot of other girls and boys who watched the anime and then went to read, or write, fanfic that made that happen when the anime didn't. Thinking about it now, though, I don't think they could work together. They're both way too depressed all the time. Aren't they? I feel like, if they were a couple, I would just hate hanging out with them. "Oh crap it's those two again, they'll just ruin our day with their depressed faces..." Jesus, I mean, cheer up, yeah? Everyone's got a sob story.

I'm only joking I have a lot of respect for the manga and the characters. Don't get me wrong. Anyway, I wrote a lot of fanfics... I wrote Whispers in the Dark. This was a long time ago, and when I went back to read it, I thought it was just so poorly written. It had a lot of views, though, and a lot of fans I guess, so I thought, why not rewrite it and make it better? Bad idea. I mean, i did that. But people didn't like the new version as much, and I regretted it. And eventually I just lost the spark I used to have when it came to that story. So I just stopped. Now, recently I've tried continuing it, but it just makes no sense. My writing's different now. So chapters one through nine I think are a certain way, then the rest is probably another thing entirely. I feel silly for even thinking that this could work.

Fire and Ice is also unfinished, I guess because the story lacked purpose to begin with. I've always struggled with that. I think it's especially difficult to understand how important purpose or story goal are when you're used to just writing about romance. With romance, sometimes it's just about two people finally getting together, and sometimes that's enough. But in most stories, your main character's got to have something more than that, something that drives him, or her. So I only learned about that later on.

Demon and the Fox is actually finished. It can be found on the website Gay Authors and my user name on there is LieLocks. It was one of my first fiction stories and the second part is rather long and full of characters that I really couldn't adapt to fan fiction. Writing that second part really made me grow as a writer, I think. It was an amazing experience. I think my writing got a lot cleaner. And that's good because it needed to get cleaner, lol. Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed that. There's this villain you can't help but sort of get attached to. I think it was my first time creating that type of character, you know, a villain who isn't just evil for the sake of evil. I'm-here-to-be-the-bad-guy type of thing. He wasn't like that, he was... funny. And crazy.

I also have a Fiction Press account. No, scratch that, actually I have two now, lol. My old account has the same pen name as here. Darkloverkitsune. What does that even mean, right? Nothing. It's just words put together. My new Fiction Press account is under the pen name LieLocks. I'm currently uploading my latest project on there, if you're curious. It's where I'm at now.

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