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Author has written 9 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース, Naruto, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hi all! I'm the Raven (2). I write in a variety of ficdoms, but all I have posted here are Naruto, Magic Knight Rayearth, Final Fantasy 7 and Pirates. I always appreciate constructive criticism and flames are fun, but I don't appreciate them solely because of the pairing in the story. Most of my fics are angst/drama and if they aren't, they're usually comedy/humor. My goal in writing is to make people feel the emotion of the story. So if one of my comedies made you grin or even giggle a little, or one of my angst's made you sniffle or want to cry, then I consider my goal accomplished.

I've made a new promise to only post complete stories up here due to that I know how irritating it is to never be able to finish reading a story. My one exception to that is the Leech Fangirl, which really is just a series of one-shots with a theme and I really don't ever see it ending permenantly. There will always be fangirls around! If you've been here before you might remember my Firebringer story The New Generation. I've taken it down because I posted it years ago and have completely lost my outlines and files for it. Sorry if I disappointed you! Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading and since I'm a lazy slacker who never posts reviews, it's easy for me to forgive those who do the same. : ) However, I will dance with joy if you do a review! (Just don't expect a response. ; ) )

Magic Knight Rayearth

I have three fics. Timeline wise, this is their order:

Forever 17
The Wedding
Whiskey Lullaby: Shot 2

The pairings are mainly Clef/Umi, Fuu/Ferio, Hikaru/Lantis and Caldina/Lafarga are usually mentioned. Also, in all my fics Clef is the OVA Clef (Adult Clef). (The original Whiskey Lullaby I'm leaving up as a reminder to myself how much my writing style has changed.)


Only two stories and one of them is slapstick humor. The Leech Fangirls are OC's and that story is intended just to make you laugh. Rememberance is an angst. Most of my canon Naruto will have Sasuke/Sakura and Naruto/Hinata pairings.

Final Fantasy 7

Expect only slapstick humor from this game until I actually play it. All of mine take place during the Advent Children movie with my OC's.

Pirates of the Caribbean

shudders The one Mary Sue I've published. However, I keep it up there just to remind myself to never write something like that again. I like Captain Margow and the Bloody Arrow, but it's just not realistic enough for me to keep going with it.

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After being injured in battle, Umi battles the poison in her body and receives some interesting revelations. Meanwhile, Clef is forced into his own battle regarding his emotions about Umi. A prequel to The Wedding and Whiskey Lullaby.
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A revised and update edition of my original Whiskey Lullabye. It has more detail and explanation. The summary: After a forced parting, Umi and Clef find solace in the wrong way. Rated for alcohol abuse.
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