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Author has written 30 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Who, Call of Duty, Aliens/Predator, Elder Scroll series, Batman, My Little Pony, Dark Souls, Five Nights at Freddy´s, and Steven Universe.

Again, another update for basic info. Not really much different, I keep most of what's on here out of nostalgia and for laughs.

Be strong, be swift, be just.

Name: AlphaTheGriffin17

Gender: Male


Real Name: None of your business

Likes: Doctor Who, Halo, Half Life, Star Wars, Aliens vs Predator, Harry Potter , Inheritance Cycle and many, many more.

Dislikes: Narrow-mindedness, the term 'Gary Stu/Mary Sue', poorly written fanfictions and the Twilight saga (the latter two being rather similar).

Why the Daleks are awesome.

I'm a huge Dalek fan. I like Dr Who in general, but you just can't beat the Daleks. Here's a few reasons why.

1. Their appearance- I love how the Daleks look. The way they glide and how they have no recognizably human features make them what they are.

2. Their battle cry- I never get tired when the they chant EXTERMINATE. It sends shivers up my spine.

3. Their weaponry- It can level buildings, it can destroy aircraft, it can destroy every cell in the body and fry the nervous system from the inside out. Come ON.

4. Their ships- The classic flying saucer design. Retro, yet it suits them.

5. Their will and resilience- You can destroy their fleets, their home, their entire race but there's one thing you can guarantee about them: the Daleks will never just fucking DIE!

One final note on the subject. Dr Who fans, for those of you who do, stop bitching about the new Daleks! There's nothing inherently wrong with them. They're just different and whats wrong with that? I look forward to seeing them again. And now, selection of my fave Dalek quotes:


One of the Ironside Daleks, Victory of the Daleks


The Lone Dalek Dalek


The battle cry of the Daleks


The Supreme Dalek, Planet of the Daleks


Dalek Sec, Daleks in Manhattan


Dalek Jast, Evolution of the Daleks


Dalek Caan, Daleks in Manhattan


The Lone Dalek


The Supreme Dalek and some random Dalek, Stolen Earth and Dalek Invasion of Earth.


Dalek Army, Power of the Daleks


Unknown Dalek transmission, Unknown

Other aliens that rock!

The Cybermen: The men of steel. I have a preference to the new ones, but I like the old ones as well. The way they move in perfect lockstep, the fact they all look and think the same, they are cool. Though I won't be booking an upgrade any day soon.

The Weeping Angels: The creepiest monsters of writer Steven Moffat. They look like a stone statue when you look at them... until you turn your back or blink, then it's a different story, If you don't think they're scary, get yourself checked out, cause your probably under Cyber-control.

The Predator: Unless your unarmed, pregnant or sick, RUN! If you ever see one of the Yautja (Their real name) your skull will probably be glinting on his trophy wall. One good thing for girls is that their females are bigger and stronger than the males. Not sure why they don't hunt though.

The Alien: You have a small chance to live if you meet a Predator, but with the Xenomorphs, there is no chance. Acid for blood, amoured bodies, spiked tails, teeth for tongues and a nasty reproductive cycle. You could scream but in space, no one would hear it. HAHAHAHA! LONG LIVE THE ALIEN QUEEN! Yeah I'll stop now...

The Cylons: I don't know much about them, only their alien robots that hate humans... ahem. I just think they look and sound cool. The new ones in the recent series tried to nuke the Earth, then they tried infiltrating humanity by looking and acting like us... wait a minute, where have seen this before COUGHTerminatorCOUGH.

The Na'vi: Probably the only peaceful aliens on here. I just like their lifestyle and their tribal ways. I'd rather be face to face with one of them and would love it if Pandora was a real planet. I see you my friends

Alien profiles

Some general info on the aliens above, in case anyone is confused reading them.

1. Name: Dalek

Home Planet: Skaro

Genders: Technically genderless, but act male.

Type of being: Cybernetic mutants.

Weaponry: Manipulator arm, laser and a self destruct.

Strengths: Powerful armor, defense shields, flight, high intelligence, no morals or conscience, powerful laser with adjustable firepower and 360 degree field of vision.

Weaknesses: Easily angered, no backup system for single eye, unprotected gravity repellers, lack of imagination and one-track minds.

Bio: The Daleks are the result of a 1000 year war between the Kaleds and the Thals. Due to the chenical weapons used in the first century of the war, both sides were mutating. Davros, chief scientist of the Kaleds, established their final mutational form, a octopus-like creature and believed there was no way to reverse it. He began to devise a travel machine to hold his people, so they would survive. After three prototypes, he got the final design and called it the Dalek, which is Dal for 'god.' He went further though, removing every single emotion except hate and programmed the Daleks with the belief that they were the superior beings of the universe and all inferior life forms deserved extermination. Now, they will stop at nothing until this aim is achieved.

Significant figures: The Emperor, the Supreme Dalek, the Dalek Inquisitor Genreal (aka Dalek X), Davros and the Cult of Skaro.

Sayings/phrases: Exterminate.

2. Name: Cybermen (Cybus, there are another kind)

Home Planet: Parralell version of Earth.

Genders: Genderless, male progamming.

Type of being: Cybernetic humans.

Weaponry: Electric hands, wrist guns, anti Dalekanium plasma bolts.

Strengths: Enhanced strength, advanced weaponry, dedicated, emotionless, armored, different vision settings, lives on after decapitation and dismemberment.

Weaknesses: Emotional inhibitor, slow, no imagination, one track minds, exposed wires, no diversity.

Bio: The Cybermen are the creation of John Lumic of Cybus Industires, on a parallel version of Earth. He was rich, powerful and dying. He dedicated himself to finding out how to prolong human life indefinitely and keep the brain alive. His final prototype was a human brain planted in special chemicals in a cybernetic body, all emotion removed, so the human inside wouldn't go insane and kill themselves seeing what they had become. Cybermen all look the same, think the same, move the same. They're mission is to free humanity from the pain of the flesh and grant them immortality. If not, they will be seen as incompatible and will be met with deletion.

Significant figures: Cyber Controller (Lumic), CyberKing (Mercy Hartigan), CyberLord, CyberLeader, Lisa Hallet (The first and only Cyberwoman)

Sayings/phrases: Delete.

My Little Pony Character

Name: Dusk Noir.

Gender: Male

Type: Unicorn

Age: 22

Fur colour: Duke blue

Mane colour: Chestnut brown

Eye colour: Emerald green

Cutie Mark: Scroll, knowledge and learning

Parents: Abacus (An accountant) and Chord (A musiscian) Noir, both busy at their jobs and barely making time for their son

Interests: Reading, learning, history, Daring Do, spending time with his friends, taking strolls

Dislikes: Science (To a degree), bullies, violence, fighting, strenuous exercise, himself (In a sense)

Special talent: Intelligence and willingness to learn, also a special magic that allows him to manipulate colours in the air before him into whatever size or shape he pleases, usually kept hidden

Home: Grew up in Canterlot, lives in Ponyville

Size: Just taller than the average mare and shorter than the average stallion, lacks in muscle size and buff.

Occupation: Twilight Sparkle's second assistant at the Ponyville library

Personality: Helpful, compassionate, polite, considerate, non-violent, lacking in self-esteem and confidence in himself and his abilities has trouble taking praise or accepting compliments, can be scared of trying new things or stepping into unfamiliar territory but is always ready to help his friends.

For those of you who are curious to see what Dusk looks like, copy the following code into the pony creator and you'll soon find out:


And here's his darker side, Blackhole Doom as well...


This is a poem my friend Shadowed Skull wrote about him.

A broken element long since lost

An ancient life was the cost.

To be born again in a faithful son,

To be born again in a light-filled one.

But there was a terrible fear,

One that was kept far too near.

A wretched soul born of pain,

That wants all that it can gain.

The moon kept this soul at bay,

But the cost became too much to pay.

Shadow ruled and hate did cover

All except a defiant lover.

And when the son and lover entwined,

They formed the best and strongest mind,

On is fact, and the other... is kind.

My Dovahkiin

Name: Sauron Dredena

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Dunmer (Dark Elf)

Appearance: Light grey skin, deep red eyes, a boyish, friendly face, short-cropped brown hair, slim-build.

Combat: Destruction mage

Education: Home teachings and the College of Winterhold

Titles: Thane of Whiterun, Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold

Personality: Light-hearted, humourous, lacking some caution and planning, sometimes overly confident of his abilities and luck, sometimes disrespectful to authority, impaitient, angered easily, good-hearted and fair

Interests: Increasing his skills in magic, exploring, raiding dungeons, reading, making jokes and puns, winning

Dislikes: Evil and injustice, the Skyrim Civil War, the Stormcloaks, the Empire, the Aldmeri Dominion, fighting with swords, axes etc.

Weapons: Enchanted bow and arrows, iron dagger, magic

Known spells: Flames, sparks, frostbite, firebolt, lightning bolt, ice spike, basic ward, basic healing

Best skills: Destruction, archery, speech, restoration, healing

Companions: Brelyna Maryon of House Telvanni (girlfriend), Tash'arr (Khajiit foster sister), J'zargo, Onmund, Aela the Huntress, Farkas, Vilkas, Lydia

Backstory: Sauron was born in Morrowind to Alyon and Selvura Dredena. His father was a battle-mage for the Imperial Army and his mother was a retired healer also from the army. It was discovered swiftly that their son also had talent in the arcane arts and they both began to teach him, though his father moreso as he wished for him to defend himself properly with magic, though not misuse it. He also taught himself how to use a bow and arrow, as well as his adopted sister Tash'arr, both of whom were close.
Tragically, his father was killed in battle during the Great War, resulting in Sauron's resentment towards the Empire and having no wish to serve in its army. Wishing to perfect his magical talents for the protection and good of others, he left home to attend the College of Whispers in Cyrodill. However, close to the border of Skyrim, he was caught up in a skirmish between the Imperials and the rebel Stormcloaks, mistaken for a rebel and taken to Helgen to await execution.
Whilst there, he witnessed the return of Alduin, barely escaping with his life thanks to the aid of another prisoner, a Stormcloak and gaining freedom in Skyrim. Seeing a chance to put his magical talents to good use, he set about helping prepare for an imminent dragon attack, subsequent events leading to his discovery of being the Dragonborn. Learning more about this from the Blades and the Greybeards, he realised now more than ever, h needed to be at his best to stop the dragon's return.
After performing a few quests for both groups, gaining new knowledge and shouts, he went on to join the Companions to perfect his combat skills and the College of Winterhold afterward to perfect his magic, becoming Harbinger and Arch-Mage of both groups respectively. Whilst at the College, he met Brelyna Maryon, a fellow Dunmer and student and the two became romantically involved. When he left the College to pursue more ways to increase his power, she ventured with him, to fight by his side, so he would no longer have to shoulder the burden alone.
Now, riding side-by-side, the two Dunmer venture on through Skyrim, to hopefully bring Alduin to justice and save all of Tamriel from his foul maw.

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