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Great SaiyaTeam Justice Guild

We fight for love, justice and...fanfiction! All of the GohanVidel variety. Prepare to see joint projects (such as Round Robins, GhVi Week entries, contest submissions, etc) as well as individual group updates/upcoming events.


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If you would like to become a member of the Great SaiyaTeam Justice Guild, please drop us a line either via e-mail or PM. To join, you must 1 ) have a group that celebrates GhVi (or Gohan and/or Videl as individuals) in some way, shape or form (even if they're not the primary pairing/character) 2 ) be willing to participate in (or at least advertise for) some of our joint activities.

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Upcoming Events:

Secret Santa Workshop

Brought to you by: ooOBlondeAmbitionOoo + OrangeStarLove + The-Videl-club + SweetestIrony...and many mooooore~!

Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is comin' to town and leaving some creativity in your stocking :D That's right, boys and girls, it's time for a very special DB/Z/GT Christmas featuring art and fiction from the generous members of our community. And this isn't just a GhVi event, no, nooooo...this is anything/everything DB/Z/GT-related! Here's how it's going to work:


This is basically going to be one gigantic art trade. We'll sign up participants, receive a theme/starter sentence from each, and then randomly assign these challenges to other people taking part in the event. Each person will then complete their assigned theme and post it to DA and/or ff .net before New Years Day (January 1st, 2011).

You may sign up to participate between November 10th and December 5th; after that, we'll be handing out themes and it will be to late to participate (officially). But don't worry! We'll have some spare themes/starter sentences laying around for anyone/everyone to use.


You MUST sign up between November 10th and December 5th to take part in the Secret Santa Workshop. If you are interested in participating, either send us a note on ooOBlondeAmbitionOoo (or "Z North Pole" as we like to call it) OR direct a PM to ShadowMajin with a polite request to join.
* When you send us your join request, PLEASE include your challenge, as well. Your challenge can be a simple single-word theme ("Mistletoe"), a broad concept ("Videl and Gohan having a snowball fight") or a starter sentence ("Videl sucked on a candy cane thoughtfully as Gohan...")
* Your theme doesn't have to be Christmas-related. You can choose another holiday (like New Years, for example) OR simply come up with something generic (such as "Super Saiyan Videl" or "Vacation")
*Additionally, your entry doesn't have to be GhVi-centric. This event is taking place on several groups at once, which means that we're opening it up to anything/everything DB/Z/GT-related. If you would prefer to draw a VB pic or write a silly story about Goku, that's up to you. HOWEVER, if your challenge states a specific pairing, we do ask that you follow it. You're fulfilling someone else's Christmas wish, after all.
* You have until New Years Day (January 1st, 2011) to complete your challenge. After that, you're on the naughty list! (Seriously, though, someone out there is expecting you to do their theme. Don't disappoint them!)
* There are NO prizes for this event. The completion of your theme and the overall spirit of communal generosity will be your reward.


OrangeStarLove + SweetestIrony present to you...

...our very first Round Robin!

For those of you who don't know what a RR is (or simply need your memory refreshed), please see below.


A Round Robin is a story written collectively by a group of individuals (in this case, the GohanVidel community of OSL and SI) on a chapter-by-chapter basis. One person will begin the story, another will continue it, then another, then another...and so on and so forth, chapter-by-chapter, until the story is finished. Participants will have a week to complete their assigned chapter before passing it on to the next person in line.


1 ) A plot/concept must be agreed upon by the entire group. This will be accomplished via poll; the most popular plot/concept will be the one selected.

2 ) Participating members must sign up ahead of time. No one may join the RR while it is ongoing for fear of disrupting the lineup.

3 ) Each member will have one week (seven days) to complete their assigned chapter before passing it on to the next person in line.

4 ) If any member feels that s/he cannot complete their chapter in the allotted amount of time, they can "pass" it on to the next person in line. The person who has "passed" will then be bumped to the end of the line.

5 ) Authors will participate in random order, thus ensuring fairness.

All of the chapters will be posted in OrangeStarLove's gallery, as well as in SweetestIrony's faves. They will also be featured here on the newly established Great SaiyaTeam Justice Guild.

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March 11, 2010

The voters have spoken and the plot will be...

Gohan and Videl get lost in the woods, and Videl doesn't know about Gohan's powers! What's a demi-Saiyan to do? (donated by texaspeach)

The first chapter will be assigned on March 17th and posted soon afterwards. For now, we wait.

RR01 Off the Beaten Path reviews
Round Robin. Gohan and Videl get lost in the woods, and Videl doesn't know about Gohan's powers! What's a demi-Saiyan to do? Plot donated by texaspeach.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 22,317 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 109 - Updated: 9/3/2010 - Published: 3/27/2010 - Gohan, Videl