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Breathe, readers. Just breathe. I know it's a hard fact to take. You probably weren't expecting this in a million years. But you can do this. Any reader can.

I, PeregrineFalcon47, have returned to to continue on my quest of writing.

Heh. I haven't touched this account for several months, not since November or December of last year. The reason I had stopped writing was simple, yet devastating. I had lost both inspiration and motivation to put pen to paper and tell a story. Seeing all of the stories on this site, all of them based off of others' works, eventually made me realize something. I could write a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand Fanfiction stories. But not one of them could be legally published. All of my stories would be confined to this site, like prisoners in a penitentiary.

Isn't that why some of us write? Sure, we enjoy the prospect of telling the stories that inhabit or imaginations, of entertaining others and teaching them the important morals and lessons of life. But, given how large the publishing industry is today, it comes as no surprise that what motivates many writers is the chance of hitting it big.

J.K. Rowling. Stephanie Meyer. Christopher Paolini. Suzanne Collins. James Patterson. Rick Riordan. Eoin Colfer. Kenneth Oppel. They and many others have taken us on wonderful journeys into their stories and sagas. We get entertainment, a pleasurable pastime. They get a percentage of the profits, which, to say the least, can be enormous. And with large profits comes great popularity.

There are over five hundred thousand Harry Potter Fanfics on this site, so many that the Fandom has actually been given its own website. There are fanatics of the series all over the world. An encyclopedia of terms from the world of Harry Potter is on sale in the Kindle store. Numerous books analyzing and reviewing the seven-book series have been published. I've even heard of some die-hard fans playing "quidditch". Or, trying to. It's hard to catch the Golden Snitch when you're running around with a broomstick between your legs.

The point is this: if I want to become the next J.K. Rowling, if anyone wants to become the next J.K. Rowling, the only way to do so is to write a work of fiction that can really grab the masses' attention and garner their fanatical love.

And there's no way I can do that if my writing isn't even my own.

Now, I want to be clear here. I love Fanfiction, and I love writing Fanfics. Being able to write and get feedback from those whose reading interests are similar to mine is incredibly helpful in improving my writing. At the very least, I can continue the stories of my favorite authors after the final page has been turned.

But if I want to join their ranks and earn their respect...well...that's something else entirely.

This realization kept me off Fanfiction for the past several months. Instead, I've been working on my own original works. I've made headway in improving my writing, but even so, I'm still far from a professional.

So why am I coming back?

Here's the reason why. I mentioned above how, when it came down to it, writing Fanfics would do little to further my dreams of becoming a writer. After all, the core of every piece of fiction is the content within. And if I can't even create my own, original content and write about it...then I might as well give up now.

However, is far from useless. Now, as I return to this site, I view it not as a method of gaining best-seller popularity (as I'd falsely thought I could when I joined the site a year ago), but as a vast training ground for fictional writing of any and all kinds. With the help of the good ol' Internet, I can now upload a story, let other readers read it, and receive the comments and criticism that can improve my writing.

I know what you're going to say. Isn't, Fanfiction's sister site, the actual place to go if you want serious criticism and improvement, not fanatics and flames?

Yeah, I know that. FictionPress is identical to Fanfiction, except that everything on that site is original. Frankly, this would mean that the writers on FictionPress would be at least an iota more dedicated to their craft than those here; FictionPress writers have actually taken the time to synthesize their stories, plots, and characters, rather than rip them from a professional author.

But there's something that Fanfiction has that FictionPress doesn't. Because of the air of fanaticism and love for the books, Fanfiction writers, as a whole, feel a lot friendlier and nicer. Additionally, they're so much easier to connect with. On FictionPress, you can search stories by overall genre, and that's pretty much it. Whether you discover a piece of writing that you find genuinely interesting and intriguing takes plenty of searching and a stroke of luck. But here, you can find writers who are interested in not only the same genres, but the same books, novels, and stories as well. Fantasy stories, for example, span many categories; the Harry Potter series is unique, as are the readers who adore it.

That is why I am returning to Fanfiction. Whether I can stay on this site, however, will remain a mystery.

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