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Author has written 6 stories for Splinter Cell, Misc. Books, Kiesha'ra, Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland, and Summer King Chronicles.

Currently I'm only working on Under a War-Torn Sky, my Wings of Fire fanfiction.

The rest of the stories on here are old and have been abandoned.

Hopefully War-Torn Sky won't suffer a similar fate...I'll try really hard to keep going with it until the end.


So I'm 18 chapters into UaWTS now, and for any of you interested I think I'll offer some thoughts on what I'll do after I finish the series. These are only thoughts - they aren't guarantees that I'll do anything, but simply things I'm thinking of.

At this point, I'd say that I'm maybe close to halfway done with UaWTS. I'm trying to move the story forward more quickly now, as I feel that I bogged the beginning of the story down with interludes and other filler-ish chapters before I finally got a good idea of where I wanted the story to go. Now that I've well and truly plunged into the alternate route of the story's AU, I think we'll reach vital plot points more frequently.

At the moment I don't have any real ideas of other WoF fanfiction that I could do after UaWTS is finished. I had some loose ideas of one-shots that I could do, but as I've invested more and more time into this story those other one-shots have pretty much faded away. They weren't really anything serious - just some silly ideas of the dragonets goofing off or getting themselves into embarrassing situations. It became clear once I really joined this fandom that there were already many, many stories like this, so I just forgot about it.

I have to be perfectly honest...I don't really feel that interested in WoF any more. I first got into the series last year over spring break. I needed something to read on the flight home, saw book 1 of the series on my Kindle recommendations, and thought why not try it out. I blew through the original story arc as well as Moon Rising all through spring break, and it was great - I thoroughly enjoyed the book series. But as time has gone on, I've felt my interest in the series waning. Part of it, I feel, is the juvenile voice that Sutherland lends to the writing; while it certainly makes for entertaining reading, it gets old after a while, and by this point I sort of just push through the books. Sure, Escaping Peril was great, and the plot twist was creative, but...I dunno...the series has lost its luster in my eyes. I'm a college student, if you didn't know, and the "middle-grade" feel of WoF is starting to feel less worth reading.

Now, let me be clear, I have no intentions of abandoning UaWTS. I've gotten so far into the story that it'd be an utter shame and disgrace for me to give up now. I've always felt that my biggest weakness as a writer was sticking with the stories I begin. I always have a tendency to lose interest partway through and give up - just take a look at the other stories on my profile if you need proof. I'm working to end that tendency, and prove to myself that I can write something of novel length. So rest assured, I will still be around the WoF fandom at least until UaWTS is finished.

After that, though, I have no real plans to write further WoF fanfiction. It may be that I end up leaving the fandom after I'm done - I know it's a disappointment, but I don't want to force myself to write for a fandom that I don't like. It'd be a lot less fun, my writing quality would likely suffer for it, and overall it wouldn't be good for anyone. So, unless inspiration strikes me before the end of UaWTS, I'm sorry to say that my 60K word story will probably be my one and only submission to the fandom.

However, I don't intend to stop writing. It's a blast, really - it's given me something to do other than play video games all day, which used to be my other time killer up until now. Writing, obviously, is more productive, and it's been a dream of mine to see if I can one day turn it into a full career. I mentioned briefly that I'm working on a private project. That will keep going, though I doubt it'll be ready for viewing any time in the near future. If the day comes that I feel I can share it, I might post it on FictionPress, or, more likely, Inkitt.com. (I've heard rumors that FP is plagued with plagiarism, so Inkitt is probably the more likely candidate.)

As for fanfiction in general, well, there's another book series that's caught my attention as of late. I plugged it before, both in UaWTS and on the forums, but it's a Kickstarter project that has gotten very little press, so I guess I'll just plug here it again: it's the Summer King Chronicles by Jess E. Owen, a fantastic anthropomorphic animal story like WoF. The series isn't finished yet, but I hear it will be soon. And when it is, I think I'll write a couple of stories for it. The only problem is that there isn't a SKC fandom on this site. The solution to that is...well, to create one, I suppose. :3

But none of this will happen for the immediate future. Again, I'm only focused on UaWTS for now. I'm really hoping to finish it before May of this year, when the story will turn one year old. Can you believe it? I can...because I've been the one procrastinating on finishing it sooner. XP

So here's hoping that I get off my lazy rear and do this, eh? I've sworn off gaming for the time being to dedicate myself to writing, so the only other thing that consistently vies for my time is schoolwork, which can't really be avoided anyway. And Youtube, I guess, though that's limited to 30min - 1 hour per day. I'm excited about this, truly, and I hope you guys are too. I really must thank you, if you've read UaWTS, for taking the time to invest in such a monstrous story. You guys make every new update absolutely worth it, and I'll do my utmost to reward your loyalty with a good story.


So a month ago I said I wouldn't write any Summer King Chronicles fics until after the series is finished.

Uh, oops?

I'm not entirely sure what drove me to write The Sunlit Land. The idea for it didn't hit until recently, when I was bored out of my mind in lecture and started thinking about SKC. The author just recently announced the title of the fourth book and final book in the series, and I felt that I wanted to commemorate the beginning of the end of such a great story. Unfortunately I don't know how the story's going to end - that's why I've put off writing stories for SKC. However, the idea I got allowed me to circumvent this problem by basically being very vague about everything.

So, feeling an urge to write something other than UaWTS, I decided to try my hand at it yesterday evening. Five hours later, The Sunlit Land was finished. And holy gryfons in a handbasket was it fun to write.

The Sunlit Land is a stand alone, one-shot piece. It is complete, so don't expect any updates, I have my hands full with UaWTS already. In fact, don't expect to see any further SKC fics until the fourth book actually comes out. Once that happens you might see a couple pop up. I don't know, I don't have a set plan for what I'll write on the series, only the knowledge that I want to write something.

What does this have to do with Under a War-Torn Sky? Nothing, really. Work will continue on the story, though it might slow temporarily as finals week approaches. I'll see if I can make it up over spring break.

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