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HI there, visitors, welcome to my FFn page!

Lemme introduce myself first... I'm Konan Igarashi, but I use screen names like Sunshine&Smiles or Yuka_Aimi.

I'm dark-haired, dark-brown-eyed, not-slim but not-fat (LOL), a music-lover, a writer, programmer, layout artist, a crazy human being and a coffee-lover. I don't like boring atmospheres. I'm noisy and I like fun in the right way. I dream of becoming a secret agent someday, maybe a member of IMF or SHIELDS. I believe that I'm Angelina and Brad's daughter but it'll be end of the world if they'll learn about it so guys, keep it a secret owkaayyy???

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Spies and the sorts, Cars and Guns also and High Tech stuffs, so that explains about Going Under.

Writing is something I do naturally like talking (I'm a very talkative person). It's either I write my programs, my blogs, my journal entries and all... I just don't think I can live without writing. I also read... a lot. My room's a mess of books, same with my unit which is also messed up with e-books and mangas.

I'm also a fan of some other anime and manga like Naruto, Tsubasa Chronicles, CardCaptor Sakura, Peach Girl, SlumDunk, Special A, One Piece, HunterXHunter, Vampire Knights, M to N, Fairytail, and so many many many more.

But I've been addicted to Alice Academy since I was in highschool. I'll babysit a niece and then teach her the cheering steps in the intro dance of the anime aired in Animax. And up until now, everytime I hear the song played in cosplay events here in our place, my bestfriend and I would dance IN PUBLIC. It’s okay, we enjoy it so much and it's fun being crazy sometimes.

So one day, when I was so bored because the Gakuen Alice manga update was still not uploaded, my naughty neurons played an Alice Academy RPG inside my skull and I started to write Coming Back and finished it in the hospital while my aunt's delivering her baby. Trust me, he looks like Ruka :) But unfortunately, he's not blonde and blue-eyed. Whahahaha :j


After (just) some days, a Plot ran into my head. The actual plot was a secret agent girl who's been tasked to deal with a notorious guy but it turned out to be the not-so-planned one. So you'll notice that some chapters of GU were distorted whahahhahaha. I'm sorry for that but still, I think I enjoy their existence in the story.

Going Under 2 was plotted almost a year ago while I'm still working on my part-time job as a service crew on a doughnut shop . On my break, I will read Little Women, and then the thought came across my head when the name of the place "Valrosa" came into my sight.

Roses. Italy. Unrequited Love.

Ayyyiiieeeeee. You know I don't really like the 'unrequited love' stuff but sometimes it appeals to us, right? The only good thing about that stuff is that IT'S A LESSON THAT I KEPT INSIDE, and I will keep forever and I want to share that lesson to Mikan in this whole story.

If you read Going Under, the first one, you'll be aware that Mikan used to have a feeling for Kaname Sono, but the guy died without accepting her feelings. I also included that he asked Mikan to "let him love her, but not let her love him back".

Selfish and one-sided love stories are usual but I decided to put a whole different twist here. It took me months to conceptualize a new world for Mikan and Natsume, making it something that is hard to let go. That part where they have to go back to the past is already given but the real deal—which swallowed months and songs and even jogging hours—is the question why.

So I kept asking myself, ‘why should I send them back to the past?’, ‘for what?’, ‘what should happen so that it would bereasonable to make them go back?’

Dang! And Hotaru’s baka gun hit me!

But… I’m not gonna post it here. Sowwwreeeee!!

Now guys, if you’re as curious as I am…

check out my Tumbr post here:

Thanks for reading my stories! May God Bless us all


ALRIGHT!!! TIME FOR ANOTHER GOING UNDER!!!thank you guys for waiting mwuah!!!

Hi guys!

I'm posting this stuff because I have an announcement: tan-tana-nannnn.

Right. I'm gonna change the chapters, (We'll I just posted the Prologue).

I'm happy about the chapters, it's just that… there's a load of nonsense in there which makes the story long. I think we can crop the manuscript. I like to make it a little straight-to-the-point without leaving the garnishings behind. It's a little trouble-some too for me, and I feel sorry for spoiling the main story points a little.

I hope its ok. You know, I think it'll be better. I just think you should know, because I respect with much gratefulness the effort and the time and the enthusiasm that you offered, especially those who sent me reviews.

Thank you very much and God Bless us all.


PS: There's an FB Page for Going Under. It's, I'll post updates there, since some are not e-mail fanatics anymore. Thanks guys!

NOTE about GOING UNDER: You may want to read the first Going Under first so you can catch up with the second one, but don't worry guys, I'll try to make things clear to everyone so that we'll have a mutual (wow) understanding about 'what's going on' and all :)

Thanks again.


I'm not so sure guysssss so don't ring the bells yet :)

BUt seriously... Chapter 24 was long-ago-written but I knew that it was not what I wanted so I made sure that I had it edited first. I'm working on the next ones now, but I cannot promise a fast-break update huhuhuhu.

Someone actually PM'ed me on the FB page regarding the fandom dying. Don't worry about that. MikanXNatsume is forever. I can rest my case on that ahahahahha!

Will be back soon! TA!

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