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Welcome to my profile. I haven't edited this in a while. Frankly, since I began this account when I was a stupid pre-teen. On that note, I will warn you that my early stories are quite bad. And now, on to the only thing that people find interesting.

Couples I Like:

  • Code Lyoko
  • UlrichXYumi - This may have been the first paring I shipped in my life.


  • Pokemon
  • AshXMisty


    BrockXQueen Lucy



    DawnXZoey (not super duper seriously)

    AshXSerena - Yep, she's managed to break my avid XX-year pure Pokeshipping feels.

    PikachuXBuneary - It's adorable that Pikachu has a fangirl!

    Notched-ear PichuXPikachu-colored Pichu

  • Pokemon Special Adventures Manga
  • LuckyShipping- RedXGreen (Girl) - Green's the only girl Red's shown to be attracted to and he's REALLY protective of her, unlike towards any other character. Plus, she flirts with him A LOT in the first chapter. They seem to be much closer than other characters are, so it seems likely to happen.

    MangaQuestShipping- GoldXCrystal - I think it's really cute how Gold teases her and stuff. And based on the HGSS chapter, it seems that Crystal really does like him back to some extent since she keeps worrying about her new look around him. They also seem to spend a lot of time together.

    FranticShipping- RubyXSapphire - Basically canon.

    CommonerShipping- DiamondXLady Platinum -Pretty clear he has a crush on her, whereas Pearl doesn't seem to.

    AgencyShipping- BlackXWhite - They like each other, it's fairly obvious.

    FeelingShipping- While I don't think it is very likely, I've become a complete hypocrite and fallen prey to this shipping due to fanfics. If it ever happens in the manga, I will LMAO.

  • Pokemon Games
  • SoulSilverShipping- (This is fudgin' awesome!) Because it's actually somewhat possible and realistic. Unlike Conflict, Silver does change, if not just a little bit, by the end of the game, and is kinder to the player because of what they did for him. This could lead to him maybe starting to like Lyra.

    That said, I dislike certain portrayals of this ship. Like OOC Silver.






    BurningLeafShipping, NewBarkShipping- Headcannonically, I ship them, since I know they don't meet in-game.

    HeartSoulShipping- I don't like it as much as SoulSilver or NewBark, but it has hints, nonetheless.

    Kalosshipping - Wish Serena/Calem weren't so serious all the time, but a pretty likely ship, nonetheless.

  • Bakugan
  • DanXRuno - Still pissed that she, and subsequently this ship, was basically written out after the first series.

    JulieXBilly - *See above*


    Chan LeeXJoe

    AliceXShun - Not too much to go on...but they said that the two are closer in the Japanese than our English Dub, which is good enough for me.

  • Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power
  • Ichigo/ZoeyXMark/Aoyoma (Well, it is canon...)


  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • AlvinXBrittany



  • The Legend of Spyro
  • CynderXSpyro

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • SonicXAmy



    TailsXCosmo (Even though she exploded)

    ChrisXThat girl in the wheelchair

  • Mario
  • MarioXPeach


  • TDI/A/WT
  • LeshawnaXHarold

    CourtneyXDuncan - Why you gotta go ruining things, Duncan? D:

    GwenXTrent - Same thing, Gwen. ):






  • The Boondocks
  • CindyXRiley


  • Avatar
  • AangXKatara



  • Vocaloid
  • NeruXLen



  • When They Cry
  • KeiichiXMion

    SatoshiXShion (Though, I'm pretty sure Satoshi's never shown interest.)

    KeiichiXRena (I guess, not so much as KeiichiXMion, though since it seems more hinted at.)

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • HaruhiXKyon

  • Naruto
  • NaruSaku- Even though Sakura's a dick, Naruto still likes her for some reason. And it's obvious she cares a lot about him back. She even confessed to him for his own sake, even if it was actually a lie. If she ever really does come to her senses, maybe they'll get together.

    NaruHina- While it's still majorly one sided on Hinata's side, she's at least come to the point where she's confessed to him, and Naruto's had a big impact on her. Even though he didn't say anything when she confessed, he did lose his damn mind when she got cut down in front of him, showing he really does care about her.

    ShikaTema- This is probably the most hinted at ship in the series, and is my favorite one. Even though she's three years older, they have a certain chemistry about them that works. And they're totally being flirty in the original whenever they see each other.

    ShikaIno- While I think it has far less of a chance than ShikaTema, I did like it a lot in Part I.

    ChoIno- I feel like if Ino ever gets over herself, this ship could happen, because it just seems like the old cliche when a girl can finally see past a guy's outward appearance for who is is inside. While they haven't necessarily shown any real interest in each other, Choji's said that Ino is pretty and he's blushed because of her before. Plus, they look out for each other a lot, despite not liking each other too much, originally.

    NaruSasu- Somehow...I sort of ship this...and I'm not usually a yaoi person...(when it doesn't concern K-Pop, that is)

    GaaNaru- ...see above...

    NejiTen- It's obvious TenTen likes Neji. Unfortunately for her, he's one of those serious types who I wouldn't see getting with a girl. Not to mention he's...well...anyway...

    LeeTen- Not necessarily hinted at too much in the show since they both like other people, but there was a cute scene in one of the games. :)

  • One Piece
  • RobinXChopper- Okay, maybe this won't actually happen, but the two are really close. It does have its moments.


  • Kid Icarus
  • Pit X Viridi- I can't help myself. They're just too cute together. Viridi's clearly denying her "soft spot for Pit" by acting all typically an obvious way to say she likes him. Not to mention all that help she gave him when he needed it and having no gain for herself and/or not giving a reason for why she saved him in the first place. Plus, Pit complemented her a couple of times and was a bit Tsundere to her, too, in Chapter 16. Even Hades and Palutena tease them. Plus, Viridi is nicer and more helpful to Pit than Palutena sometimes. Seriously, Palutena's gift to Pit? She drags monsters to him without even thinking about the consequences of how many she could have attracted. Viridi's gift? A room-sized hot spring and a weapon. How does Palutena help take out a boss? A Palutena Glam Blaster that could have killed Pit. Viridi? Stopping the Chaos Kin from flying and setting up a trap to make easier to take out. Yeah, I mean, when the goddess who initially tried to kill you ends up nicer than the one you've served for years, it really says something about Viridi. The "interactions" they have are so funny, too. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a sequel that expands even a tiny bit on their relationship/friendship. I also feel I should note this since it is mentioned in my "Couples I Dislike", there is Sakurai's age difference of Pit being 13 and Viridi being 8 when converted to the human body, which I normally would definitely take into account. However: first of all, when I first started shipping these two, I was unaware of that; I assumed they were the same age or pretty close in human years. Second of all, in-game dialogue by Viridi suggests (and thereby, in my mind explains this 8-year-old body) that she only looks really young because she takes care of her skin. And while that may mean absolutely nothing, I still feel that she probably looks as young as she does, but should obviously not be thought of as such. Of course Viridi is technically immortal while Pit clearly does not age in human years (25 years since the first game and Pit's a teen in Uprising). Long story short, the age difference does not bother me in this case. I typically see Viridi and Pit as being around the same age; 12-13. Maybe it is partly due to bias, but that is my current reasoning.

    Couples I Dislike: And I have my reasons (normally). THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BASH ANYONE OR GENERALIZE CERTAIN SHIPPERS (again, normally)! If you like a certain shipping, go right on ahead. These are just my opinions.

    ANY FRANCHISE: Canon Character X OC- Sorry, I just really don't like it when people pair up characters with their OCs. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it just isn't my tastes. I don't really like inserting OCs in certain stories, in general, so I just find it strange when they get paired up with canon characters. It's always either that the OC is too much like the CC and it just makes them OOC, or as a substitute for a CC they don't really like. I may also get hate for this, but it is typical that this is done by some people as an attempt to ship characters with themselves through their OCs. C'mon, we know that happens! And yes, I did it kinda, but just to get a feel for it, and it was pretty meh.

  • Pokemon
  • AshXMay/Dawn/Iris/Anabel/Angie/Latias/etc.-...For May and Dawn I just ship them with other people, that they seem to go better with All others...Ash has just plain and simple not really shown feelings for.

    PikachuXPachirisu-I don't even know where people get this from!

  • Bakugan
  • MiraXDan- I feel like people mistook Mira's slight jealousy of Runo for having an actual crush on Dan. I don't feel like she really had one; it was more of a one time thing.

    JulieXDan or Ace- Dan just doesn't like Julie, and Ace likes Mira. Not to mention Julie gets with Billy, so...

    AliceXKlaus-While I have but one episode as proof of AliceXShun, I just don't like this AliceXKlaus thing. It doesn't seem like much more than friendship.

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Mixed Couples-The whole point of the Chipettes being counterparts was for them to date that counterpart, right?

    AlvinXCharlene-She's just trying to steal him from Brittany. I hate Charlene for that matter. (Yes, my reasons suck)

  • TDI/A/WT
  • GwenXDuncan- Even if Courtney's a b*tch, her and Duncan seemed better together. I never liked Duncan...but I like him less now. (and yeah, not very good reasons again..)

    CodyXGwen- It's one-sided. She doesn't even like him and Sierra does like him. one-sided as well, but...

  • The Boondocks
  • MingXHuey- She's cute, but she was... kinda evil...

    CindyXMicheal Ceaser- NO EVIDENCE FROM THE COMIC EVEN SAYS THIS EXISTS, SO FROM WHENCE DOES IT COME? Please tell me if you can explain.

  • When They Cry
  • KeiichiXShion- Just because she's supposed to be SO IN LOVE WITH SATOSHI. I mean she's psychotic, driven to commit MURDER; to her best friends, two of which are children, and one of those children is his little sister (whom she promised to protect) by torturing them, her uncle, her grandmother, and her twin sister. And for WHAT?! A pat on the head? That's IT?! That's your basis for stating that you are in love with him an episode later? First of all, he didn't even like Shion, he pushed her into a wall for goodness sakes! (Though he did think it was Mion) (As you may have noticed, I really dislike Shion. I don't care if the Hinamizawa syndrome caused her to act this way, I hate Takano, too!). So back to the point, now she wants Keiichi?! So it's my least fave from the Keiichi love rectangle. I mean, wasn't the triangle good enough? I'm starting to wonder why I even like ShionXSatoshi. Maybe just to keep her away from Keiichi?

  • Vocaloid (Let it be stated that Vocaloid parings don't necessarily make sense anyway due to the fact that you can pair anyone with anyone else since they are mere voices. Statements of romantic feelings through songs are just that: songs. This is a product you buy/(Free for UTAU). They sing what you make them sing. And even then, they seem to take on "roles" when they sing since they don't necessarily have any real personalities. (For example: Rin and Len as lovers or siblings/ Miku as a spolied girl, intergrated data, or an idol.) Therefore anything not from Crypton (for Vocaloid) isn't official anyways. Not even NeruXLen (Neru isn't necssarily an official Vocaloid anyway, she's accepted, though not fake since she made it to the second game without being a Miku recolor with a different hairstyle and outfit), even I don't understand that (I mean Neru is 17 and Len is 14? Normally I don't really like that, but again, they aren't humans...), but ship it, (I'm such a hypocrite! DX) So now that I'm done validating my hypocritsizim...
  • RinXLen- I know they aren't officially twins and you can think of them as whatever, but I can really only see them as twins, mainly because even before I really got into Vocaloid, I thought that they were twins for seemingly obvious reason (clothes, names). Therefore the shipping of them would be...incest. In my opinion. I also find it hard that since they have similar sounding first names, the same last name, and similar outfits, that the two can truely be thought of as two completley unrelated people.

    KAITOXMiku- This is due to my severe paranoia at the fact that I have no idea how old KAITO is and it seemly seems like pairing a 16-year old girl with a 20-year old man. (Though, AGAIN, they aren't humans to begin with...) Despite the fact that he sang the answer song to Miku's World is Mine. I mean, they had to have one of the male voices sing it and I truely believe it was a better choice for KAITO to sing it then Len(since I hear those were the only male voices at the time)one reason being that Len is younger than Miku (and several other reasons that would take too long to type out and would yet again contradict very many thingsssss...)

    MikuXLen- In most depictions, Miku is like an older sister thing to Rin and Len. Why then is she paired with Len? Oh yeah, depictions mean nothing! The only reason I don't really like this one, is that I personally haven't even heard or seen a duet of Miku and Len (not that I deny the existence of them, I'm sure there are many) so I don't see them as a romantic pair. Also, I am a hypocrite and ship NeruXLen.


  • Pokemon Special Adventures Manga
  • SpecialShipping- RedXYellow- Forget the long explanation. It's overrated for no reason! There's barely any hints, despite what most people think. Red has shown no interest in Yellow. Yellow hasn't displayed much saying she likes him. They have no reason to like each other as more than friends. It's popular because people like to jump on the bandwagon. Blah, blah, blah, nope, don't like this ship.

    MangaPokeShipping- This one has to be my least favorite out of the 3 pairings with Red. (Which makes absolutely no sense, I should like it more than Special since her feelings for Red seem to be stronger than Yellow's and even Green's, though it is still one sided, unfortunately. The fact is that I really don't like Misty in the manga. Bad reasoning #9001) Misty is never seen after the idea of her getting together with Red doesn't seem likely. Not to mention she isn't a main character/dexholder. Red never seemed interested in her, so I don't see it happening.

    OldRivalShipping- GreenXBlue- Once again, long explanation is dumb; this ship is crack and OOC as hell (no offense). But in the actual manga, Green doesn't flirt with Blue, and Blue's annoyed by Green. So why this is so popular, I have no idea. Probably because of the games. They have no reason to like each other, and are at most, just comrades as Pokedex Holders.

    ChosenShipping- Green (girl)X Silver - It seems too brother/sister to me. Silver even calls her "my sister" but that could just be in the English translation. If anything, it's probably one sided on Silver's part since Green seems to see him as nothing but a younger brother. But, I guess, it could happen, they aren't blood relatives or anything.

    GrantedShipping- YellowXLance- Lance is a grown man Yellow is a little girl...does Lance even know that Yellow is a girl...?

    AmberShipping- GoldXYellow- ...I have literally no reasons other that the fact that it interferes with MangaQuest...

    SpecialJewel- SilverXCrystal- *See above*

    HaughtyShipping- Another one I don't hate, but it just wouldn't sit well with me if Dia and Platinum didn't end up together IF any of them do. Dia just seems to like her more, even if Pearl might seem to be more helpful towards her (like helping her train and prepare for the contest). But if they end up together, I'll be okay. XD

    FerrisWheelShipping- There are no hints. N pushed her out of the damn Ferris Wheel and White and Black clearly like each other, so this is probably only popular due to the games.

  • Pokemon Games
  • FerrisWheelShipping- This ship just barely lost to Sequel as the ship I hate the most in the games. What we have here is straight up pedophilia. N is a grown man. Hilda/White/Touko/Whitlea...WHATEVER the hell you wanna call her, is a child. People wanna say she's 16 and he's probably a couple of years older. But I have NEVER seen Hilda's age confirmed, while N is confirmed to be at least 20 if not older. In my mind, the PC is no older than 12, and 14 AT THE VERY MOST. Just seeing her shipped with N straight up bothers me. It's my personal opinion. And then N has to be the biggest piece of OOC in the world. No longer fixated on being friends with Pokemon, but some sort of naive romantic obsessed with Hilda. Sorry, but no.

    SequelShipping- Hands down, my absolute most hated ship in the Pokemon games. Why? Because this shipping skyrocketed to the top AFTER THE FREAKING CHARACTER ART WAS REVEALED! ARE. YOU. SERIOUS? They didn't even have NAMES yet! And people thought it was the cutest sh*t ever and just shipped them based on that. Because Rosa looked cute and Hugh looked like the classic bad boy tsundere, which in the Pokemon Fangirl's mind means: MUST SHIP IMMEDIATELY! Like Blue in Conflict. Like Silver in SoulSilver. But what happened? Hugh is actually a nice guy. This shipping began as nothing more than a hot mess of OOC fics. I'm fine with people shipping what they like, but can we at least wait for some info on them besides just what the look like?

    This is also ignoring that fact that Hugh shows no attraction to Rosa and is even somewhat of a jerk, in my opinion to her (and Nate, for that matter). He cares more about his issue with Team Plasma that your dream of being the Champion.

    TranceiverShipping- To be honest, I don't really hate this ship itself, rather, I hate Yancy. So I'd really hate to pair her up with Nate since I have no problem with him.

    LiveCasterShipping- Same thing; I don't really like Curtis either (not as much as I hate Yancy), but I'm okay with the ship.

    ConflictShipping- It's portrayed as really OOC, which just turns we away from it. I could understand if it was like an AU, in which Blue could be portrayed as a flirty individual, but he's not in-game. He shows no attraction to much of anyone, and is pretty much a douche. This is just another one of those bad boyXgood girl ships that ends up being really OOC.

  • Naruto
  • SasuSaku- I really do hate this ship. I will never, ever, see this as possible. Sasuke HATES Sakura. Let it be known that he NEVER liked her. EVER! He finds her annoying, and for good reason, frankly. Not to mention this is one of the stupidest ships in the show. Sakura's never given one good reason why she even likes Sasuke past his looks and coolness. He's never done anything to suggest that he likes her, so I have no reason why she would like him. Then when he left the village she claimed she was so in love with him that she couldn't stand it? And that she could do all this stuff for him? Not to mention: in Shippuden, after Sasuke tried to kill her, this b*tch actually wonders who, out of Naruto (the one who constantly saves her useless ass) and Sasuke (the one who hates her ass), she'll save first if they're injured in the war. That did it for me. She's literally in love with him for no reason at all; she's in love with love.

    To be frank, I don't really see Sasuke ending up with anyone. Not trying to jump on the whole NaruSasu bandwagon, but he really has never shown interest in girls. Which is ironic considering his goal to restore his do that...he's gonna have to...eventually...

    LeeSaku- I like Lee. I basically hate Sakura. No one should have to deal with her. Don't hate this ship, but what has Lee done to deserve this?

    GaaraXAnyone- I don't really like seeing Gaara shipped with people. It just seems OOC. I kinda ship him with Naruto sometimes and perhaps Lee, but not seriously.

  • Kid Icarus
  • Pit X Palutena - Sorry, but I can't ship these two. First and foremost, she's more of Pit's mother than anything. I just can't ignore Sakurai's age gap in this instance. Nothing allows me to see this relationship as anything other than pedophilia, whether she is in the same immortal boat as Viridi or not. She looks and portrays herself as an adult an he a child. The game itself notes some of these deities as "older" than others, anyway (Hades calling Viridi "Little goddess"). Even if you want to argue with that English Good Ending from the original Kid Icarus, do not forget that they still had Pit "grow up" in that ending; they did not keep him young when making the romantic implication. If not that, after playing through the game (Uprising) myself, their banter seems similar to an older sister and younger brother, at times. NEVER could I ship them with that in mind. And even past all of that, and we argue that they have no canonical relationship past him being her head of her Guard and generally sharing a close bond, I don't see enough from her towards him, romantically. Pit is very devoted to Palutena, but Palutena, while showing care towards Pit, doesn't show the amount he shows towards her. I barely hear a thank you from her; just barking out commands and the occasional: "Are you alright?". I personally feel Palutena brings more harm and pain to Pit than Viridi does, at times. So above all, I don't see enough to make me feel she has any romantic feelings for him. I much prefer them as having a sibling-like or mother/son-like bond. A very close bond, at that, as if they really are family, which they are in my eyes. But any love between them, in my eyes, in purely platonic.

    Rules To Write ChipmunkFanfics: According to ChipmunkLover and Kitty Seville

    1) They are brothers, nothing else

    Okay, that's fine.

    2) They must always live with Dave.


    3) They must always end up with the Chipettes. Alvin can hit on other girls, but he must end up with Brittany.

    This is like the best most obvious rule ever. AND NO MIXED COUPLES EITHER. THEY MADE COUNTERPARTS FOR A REASON PEOPLE!

    4) They cannot die.

    Why would I kill them?, come on now.

    5) They can have superpowers, but the color of the magic/ mystical zone has to be the same color as their signature colors.


    6) They can't die.

    I said I wouldn't kill them didn't I?

    7) They can't be severely injured.


    8) There cannot be any OCs. Only the chipmunks, Dave, and the characters created by the Bagdasarians.

    I might break this once...

    9) The Chipettes HAVE to live with Miss Miller.

    ...but in CGI...there is none. Whatcha want me to do?!

    10) If you kill them, thus violating numbers 4 and 6, you must bring them back. Also making it a horror story.


    11) They cant be in horror stories.


    12) You must have at least three jokes/ gags in a chapter.

    I'm not really that creative...

    13) If you do a Chipmunk crossover, it must be with some other cartoon. Not live action.

    I won't do a crossover...

    14) If you have songs, they have to fit in the story. Not just be random.

    Kinda hard don't you think? But I'll try.

    15) The Chipmunks do not work for free. If you use them you must send Ross Bagdasarian 100 dollars by the end of the month, or else you'll die instantly.

    Can't fool me.

    16) Don't talk about the rules, don't tell people about the rules, don't even think about the rules.


    Some people say someone’s art/fanfics would be better if they were that persons
    OTP/Ship rather than theirs. This chain says THAT IS NOT OKAY!!! If someone wrote
    or drew something on any cite, they took time out of their day(s) to do something
    for the people, cite, and/or other shippers they don’t deserve a comment or anything
    like it. As someone that’s seen and/or got it before knows that it’s plain ass rude! If its
    little things like constructive criticism is fine but, telling someone to completely change
    something to their preference instead the artist is NOT fine. Please continue this chain
    if you agree with any of this. Nothing will happen if you don’t but it’s good to know
    you may have changed someone’s mind for the future.

    50 Questions for PokeSpe fans

    (*Note: I refer to the girl as Green and the boy as Blue since I follow the VizKids version)

    1. Please tell us your name.

    That's Classified. I go by Stella.

    2. When did you encounter PokeSpe? And how did you feel about it then?

    I read a little bit about it on Bulbapedia a long time ago. I thought it was interesting, but I never thought I'd be reading it or get so addicted XD

    3. Who out of the main characters is your favorite?



    4. Who other than the main characters is/are your favorite?

    Mewtwo (Wally is a main character, noobz!)

    5. What's your favorite chapter?

    Not sure, again. XD They all have good things about them. I guess RBG, GSC, RS, DP, and BW.

    6. What's your favorite scene?

    Probably...when Dia catches Lady when she's about to fall. (CommonerShipping) XD

    7. Do you own the volumes?

    I've read them all, except HGSS. I own RBG, Y, GSC, DP-current VizMedia, BW-current VizMedia.

    8. Do you read Gakunenshi? (the magazine PokeSpe is published in, though I doubt anyone here does...)

    No I don't. I can't read Kanji. And even then, I don't know a lot of Japanese, either. XD

    9. Which cover of the volumes is your favorite?

    Volume 21 and Volume 25.

    10. Which backcover is your favorite?

    Volume 3 of RBG.

    11. Do you like Any pairings?

    Yes, yes I do. Don't all fangirls? XD (I'm only about, 30% fangirl, though. Like, I can think!)

    12. If you said yes to 11, what are they?

    In order of generation: Lucky (RedxGreen), MangaQuest (GoldxCrystal), Frantic (RubyxSapphire), Commoner (DiamondxPlatinum), Agency (BlackxWhite), and DualRival (CherenXBianca) just to make an even (and my favorite number) 6.

    13. Please say something about the pairing(s).

    I think my favorite might be MangaQuest (since I'm positive I would lose my mind if either one ended up with anyone else DX). Followed by Commoner (Since I find that it is more likely; Pearl doesn't seem to me to have a crush on Lady (or to like her in that way), but Diamond does. She doesn't seem to show too much "romantic" feelings to either, so one isn't too much more likely than the other. (I may rage is Lady ended up with Pearl if she ended up with one of them, but I don't think I'd go insane. I'm okay with Haughty.)

    Then Agency, DualRival, and Frantic (nothing really opposes the three; I don't see how anyone of them could end up with someone else (that sounds confusing) if they were to at this point. Particularly BlackxWhite since they're never with anyone else and CherenXBianca because they RARELY show up, and when they do, they're always together, so...yeah. And RubyxSapphire have admitted that would be terrible if either of them did end with someone else... THEN I would rage).

    I used to think that Lucky wouldn't be canon, and that Special would because of how popular it was, but honestly, Red and Green have a much better chance. Red's only been shown to be attracted to Green and he treats Yellow like a little kid (because she is). Anytime Green is in danger, Red jumps up and tells her to stay back, even when he doesn't need to. Like, she CAN take care of herself. Plus, Red HASN'T been shown to be attracted to Yellow. I doubt the extent of Yellow's "crush" and Red is NOT dense to anything. Similarly, Green only flirts with Red, NOT BLUE! My gosh! And it wasn't just for money! She kept doing it even when there was no reason to. And, yeah, she hasn't done that since the RGB Arc, but she never did it to Blue, other than that one time when he ignored her. Red and Green have shown more care for each other than Yellow or Blue, respectively. So I mean, it may not be popular cuz it's not as cute, but screw it, it has the best hints. So who cares how cute it is?

    14. What character combinations do you like? (e.g. Red/Green rivalry)

    I guess Ruby/Sapphire Rivalry.

    15. What trainer/pokemon combinations do you like?

    I guess Gold and Aibo.

    16 What pokemon combinations do you like?

    Tep/Nite and Gigi. (*Spolier: By Emboar, she was gone...)

    17. Which of the characters do you want as girl/boyfriend?

    Gold. He's hot man candy!

    18. Which of the characters do you want as siblings?

    I guess Sapphire. XD

    19. Which of the characters do you want as friends?

    These questions are weird!! DX IDK, all except Emerald. (I don't really like him, no offence...)

    20. Which of the characters do you want as parents? (LOL)

    No se.

    21. What's the best quote in PokeSpe?

    "You think I'd actually say that? Nyeeeh stupid!"-Gold. (Or something like that XD)

    22. Which gym leader is your favorite?


    23. Which character do you find easy to draw?

    I can't draw any of them. XD

    24. Which character do you find hard to draw?

    All, I guess. XD

    25. Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Galaxy, which one do you want to join?

    The Magmas! It's somewhat fire-related. (Well, I guess only the name is...)

    26. Which is the weirdest/most unbelievable scene?

    Anything dealing with the Mask of Ice. That stuff was messed up. Aqua/Magma were pretty insance, too.

    27. If the main characters battled, who would win?

    Red. If not him, Blue. He's a boss.

    Who do you think...

    Who do I think what...?

    28. Is the best at cooking?

    Diamond, I guess. He's the only one they mention, I think.

    29. Is the best at sports?

    Gold seems like he would be.

    30. Is the best at studying?

    Crystal and Lady Platinum. They're both assistants (Lady is somewhat one).

    31. Will be scared of haunted houses?

    Maybe all of them? Blue and Silver might not act scared.

    32. Is not a morning person?

    Diamond XD

    33. Will say they hate something without even trying it?

    No se...? XD

    34. Is actually very well-liked?

    Like, by the fandom? I guess Yellow or Red...or both...with each other? *shot*

    35. Is sensitive to fashion trends?

    What do you mean by sensitive? DX Green...maybe?

    36. Persists in writing long diaries? What about giving up after a few days?

    What? DX No se...uh Yellow has/had/used a diary-like thing. I don't get the second question. )X

    37. Likes carnivals?

    IDK -.- All? (Even Blue and Silver can have fun)

    38. Is the most romantic?

    Sapphire acts like it, believe it or not. Maybe Green, too.

    39. Believes in Santa Claus?

    No se...?

    40. Breaks dates because of part-time job?

    No se...????

    41. Please say something to Kusaka-sensei! (The scenario writer of PokeSpe)

    I love you!! XD Pokemon Adventures is the best thing ever!!! It's undoubtedly better than the anime (no offence; I still watch it...don't laugh...).

    42. Please say something to Matou-sensei! (The first mangaka)

    You're awesome, too! XD

    43. Please say something to Yamamoto-sensei! (The second mangaka)

    I like your illustrations the best!! They look amazing. *cough* Gold *cough* (What is the matter with me?! DX)

    44. Did you bookmark the Official Site?

    No. I didn't really know there was one XD (though I'm not shocked).

    45. What do you think of this Q&A?

    Pretty good...except for what I couldn't answer...

    46. What do you think your trainer ability will be? (e.g. Red = battler)

    I would want to be a Battler, too.

    47. What do you think will happen with the plot of Pokespe from now on?

    I've no idea, so far. I guess it depends on how far the games go.

    48. For you personally, what is PokeSpe?

    I think it's what the anime should've been! Just non-stop action and humor! I think that Satoshi Tajiri himself said: "This is the world I was trying to convey".

    49. Will you keep on liking Pokemon from now on?

    I'll always!!

    50. Thanks for coming this far! Your final comments?


    Also, combined with the fact that I have absolutley NO LIFE and just feel like typing, I'm going to randomly for no reason say who I think would make good voices for the main characters (be warned, some (all) make no sense) since I'm actually wierd enough to think of voices in my head for the characters.

    Red- For Red, I think Ash's original voice is fitting. I mean, they are based on the same person. Many people seem to like that voice in comparison to his newer one. However, I only this that voice would be fitting for him until at least Y. At least by FRLG I think he should have Ash's current voice, if not by GSC for the mere fact that it sounds older.

    Blue- Gary's voice. Probably wouldn't be as cocky as Gary, but it's the only voice I can see him having.

    Green- For retarted reasons (as mentioned in my fanfic), the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya/Konata Izumi/Dokuro Mitsukai (Dokuro-chan) from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan, respectively. I think Green has character traits from all of these charcters, including: a flirty side, such as in Dokuro-chan, a pesky/intelligent side, such as in Haruhi, and a laid-back/humorous side, as in Konata. Yet all being the same voice actress! I think it's very fitting XD

    Yellow- The voice of Rainbow Dash from MLP: Friendship is Magic. The only reason is because throughout reading Yellow, I realized: Hmm, Yellow can pass for a boy to most people. She MUST, therefore have a voice that can pass for male, since it isn't implyed that she's not using her real voice. For that reason, I said Rainbow Dash. A voice that can pass for male or female. Though some people may think that it's too masculine. Yellow's apperance makes you think she should have a sweet, innocent sounding, girly voice. There's probably a better choice for her voice; RD's was just the first I could think of to pass for a boy's or a girl's without implying that Yellow just talks with a deeper sounding voice when she's disguised. (That, or no one really cares that she has a girly voice -.-)

    Gold- Oh the possibilities! DX First I say something like Naruto. Or just about any other cocky-ass male voice from an anime. But I also like Sonic's voice from Sonic X or the game, Sonic Adventure 2. Or Masamune Kudoya from Beyblade: Metal Fusion. Otherwise, I think Dan Kuso, from Bakugan would be a good voice. Though, I don't immidiatley say this because of: *see Ruby*. (I absolutley LOVE Gold's voice in the Medley of PokeSpe).

    Silver- The voice of Paul, Ash's rival in the DP series. It seems fitting for me. Not only are they very similar in personality, they are both reletivley young and if Paul can be that young and have a voice that deep and it works, it would work for Silver. XD

    Crystal- I think of her having Madoka's voice from Beyblade Metal Fusion.

    Ruby- Dan Kuso from Bakugan's voice for two reasons. 1: I thought he should have an actual masculine sounding voice as opposed to "a prissy boy's". 2: Is my obvious equally dumb answer of *see Sapphire*

    Sapphire- [Despite the fact that Sapphire has an anime counterpart in May, I think that would be a terrible choice of voice for Sapphire. May is not a tomboy and doesn't really have a voice as such.] Either Runo from Bakugan (who is also Mariah Wong from Beyblade's voice), or Juniper Lee's voice (who is also the voice of Misao Kusakabe from Lucky Star) from the Life and Times of Juniper Lee. I think both are equally good voices for a tomboy. And both Sapphire and Misao have fangs. XD But I normally say Runo since Sapphire's said to have an accent, (which appears to just being improper English) and to me, Runo has some kind of unique voice, though not necessarily an accent. Also, as said from *see Ruby, In Bakugan, Dan and Runo eventually become a couple (which Dan anways denies, kinda like Ruby "forgetting" what he said while on Mirage Island). Not to mention thier character trait of arguing with each other is just like Ruby and Sapphire's, so I just find it fitting. XD

    Wally- I think Marucho from Bakugan for almost no reason, other than the fact that it is the first young child's voice I could think of. DX

    Emerald- I think of Yu's voice from Beyblade: Metal Fusion. They are actually very similar. Neither like to be called short, both seemgly don't care about things that would be important to others (such as Yu being able to easliy break through Kyoya's Lion Gayle Force Wall and brushing it off as being "so easy", and Emerald not caring that he won the frontier symbols, or at least, didn't think he needed the actual symbols and went so far as to throw one of them) and are both pretty cocky (but who isn't in adventure anime/manga?). Not to mention, the useless detail, that they are both blonds with a "somewhat" similar hairstyle (actually, it's not similar at all -.- ...).

    Diamond- I totally can't think of a really good voice for Diamond. he can't sound like they typical fat or slow kid, becuase he's too cute for that. So I think either: Spike from MLP: Friendship is Magic for the sole reason of *see Platinum* (and they both are shown to be protective and gluttonous) or Ash's original voice, since my sister says, "when all else fails, use Ash's old voice". Which I also think works out pretty well.

    Pearl- Barry's voice from the anime. No other will suffice. :K:K:K

    Lady Platinum- Rarity from MLP: Friendship is Magic. [Similarly to May, Dawn's voice in the anime is not befitting to Platinum WHATSOEVER. Lady is elegant and refined. Dawn is one of the most annoying of Ash's friends! There has been exactly ONE time in the manga where I heard Dawn's snarky voice in my head, and that was when Platinum was saying, "What do you expect from lowly commoners?"] Otherwise, Rarity's is probably the most amazing voice in MLP. She's very formal and elegant in her speech, just like Lady. Similarly to how I thought Ruby and Sapphire having Dan and Runo's voice was fitting, since Spike has a crush on Rarity and Dia has a crush on Lady, it seems to fit (which begs the question as to why it was so hard for me to think of a good voice in my head for Dia -.-').

    Black- These next two have no good reasoning. For Black I picked Billy from Bakugan. On the one hand, I think it would be a good voice. It's not to old sounding at all and it's pretty masculine. On the other hand, just like the stupid reason from Ruby and Sapphire, it's also to go witth the idea that i think Julie from Bakugan would be a good voice for White (and Julie and Billy later become a couple; whereas Black an White act like they will *shot*).

    White- As stated from before, I picked Julie from Bakugan for White. (It totally has nothing to do with that fact that Julie has an annoying voice and that i find White VERY ANNOYING). As for it being fitting, yes and no. She does have a rather girlish voice and White isn't the first Pokedex holder I'd think of as a tomboy (*cough* she'd be the last *cough*). Though Julie actually is a tomboy an her voice is also made to reflect that at times. Then there's that retarted reason as stated above. -.-

    Bianca- Bianca's anime voice. Same reason and Blue and Pearl.

    Cheren- This is the only one I am unsure of. For whatever reason, I seem to have eluded ever using a voice for Cheren in my head when I read the BW chapter. Which I find strange (how does that happen? -.- I guess that's what he gets for wearing skinny jeans!) Off of the top of my head right now, I'm thinking of Shun from Bakugan since they seem to be pretty level headed and mature. Or I guess his Japanese voice from that trailer for B2W2.

    Neopets-Altador Cup- FAERIELAND

    Babolino-Star Scorer

    Kakoni Worril-Cool Passer

    Delma Harrence-Cute Defender

    Ciona Broan-Tough Defender

    Valtonous Rea-Strong Goalie


    Keetra Deile- Quick Scorer

    Sela Pretore- Tenacious Defender

    Goltron- Efficient Goalie

    Weldar Xubenfarb- Monstrus Defender

    XL Striker- Expert Scorer

    Las Mes- They are three OC chipettes that I created after reading a fan-fic called "The Gems". It inspired me and I made my own fan-fic of what I think the Chipmunks would do if three new chipettes showed up. (Note, this does not mean I copied her; her fic just happened to introduce me to OC chipmunk/ette fics when I was a dumb kid. Had I read another first, I would have credited that author). Their names are May, June, and September. No, Las Mes doesn't literally means "the months" (their names) in Spanish, which I say many times in my story but it needed to be feminine (el mes is masculine) and it fits better than Las Mesas. Here are short descriptions. But first...

    Note: If you've ever read "The Gems," I didn't steal the name May from her. I'm not completely sure, but I'm 99.99% positive, her May has nothing to do with the month of May. That's why mine is May. And even then, my May is 1. Really named Maya and 2. not the green clad OC, but the leader. Anyway, Las Mes comes from "el mes" which means "The Month" and so I picked the three most common months that are also names: April, May, and June.

    The way I got their names is, I was watching the first episode the Chipette appeared in and they sang a song called "We Aim to Please" a parody of "We Got the Beat." So they say in the song, "Call us up September, May, or June." I watched that with the "Proud Mary" clip and as (in the clip) the Chipettes slide down the rail, Eleanor jumps off on September (her counterpart), Brittany on May (her counterpart) and Jeanette on June (her counterpart). Okay, so like September is like a really wierd ass name. April is better, so April is September's nickname because of that. That's how they got thier names. So I didn't steal that to those who are wondering.

    I also didn't steal the albino thing. A lot of OC chipmunk/chipettes are white. Some are redheads (redfurred), June and September are black. Even Eleanor is blond. Some even have weird double colored highlights. The reason for that is that in the end of the story, we see that Las Mes are very weird. This is shown by their weird fur colors. That's why June and September aren't brown, I wanted them to be weird. so I didn't steal that albino thing either.

    Lastly, the multilingual thing I DID NOT STEAL!!! Her Piper is fluent in many languages. Many, like more than 5. Las Mes, on the other hand, don't completely know either English or Spanish. They are not fluent in any language. I made them Mexican because, you know what? I think Mexicans are cool! I thought it'd be cool because people often forget, even the Chipettes aren't American, they're Austrailian! I wanted no Americans because it's unique. Now, June (and the other two) can read other languages in the Latin family. They are not fluent in them. Both Portugueses and Italian. That's about it.

    There are OCs I've read about that are French and British (even thought that's still English) and so I didn't steal any thing from her about the languages.

    So I hope that clears stuff up. I didn't steal anything form her, her story merely inspired me into reading more OC stories and hers and one more inspired me into writing an OC story. I am no thief.

    So now that that's out of the way, descriptions:


    Full name: Maya *May* Primavera Francesca Juarez Rodriguez

    Fur Color: Albino/ Pure, Snow White

    Eye Color: Bright Red

    Color: Magenta

    Origin: Mexican

    Outfit(from chapter 1): She was wearing a magenta jacket with a tiny letter "m" stitched in the right hand corner were a zipper would go, if she had one, and a letter "y" directly on the opposite side. She had on a light pink shirt with a giant "A" on it and the same colored skirt. The skirt had the letters "L and M" sewn in it. She wore a belt an even lighter shade of pink. It had a huge "M" shaped buckle on it. Alvin also noticed her ponytail, similar to Brittany's, except it was at the bottom of her head, instead of the top. The only thing weird about her was that unlike the other two chipmunks, she was a pure white, no spots, no stripes, chipmunk.

    Character:May is much like Brittany. May appears to really care for her sisters and is ready to defend them at will, however, she will also reprimand them just as quickly. She has a crush on Alvin and even kissed him. She and June quarry more often than she and September, whom she frequently babies. She dissaproves of June treating September like a dog or pet. Though she tries to be the Chipettes' friend early on, she has no problem arguing with Brittany about who is the better singing group.


    Full name: Junio (Junia) *June* Verano Francesca Juarez Rodriguez

    Fur Color: Deep Black, although features are still visible.

    Eye Color: Bright Golden

    Color: Indigo and Cerulean

    Origin: Mexican

    Outfit(frorm chapter 1): She had on a cerulean tank top that was ruffled at the shoulder. The top also had the letters "L and M" sewn in. She also wore an indigo skort, but the pants part was cerulean like her tank top. The skort had a tiny letter "J" sewn in at the bottom of the skirt. Her hair was similar to Jeanette's, except it was a tad bit longer at the sides and the ponytail on top was also slightly longer and went backwards as it should. She was pure black.

    Character: From the beginning, June is very bold, much like Brittany and, also like her, quick to argue. In the beginning she appears to be slightly annoyed with Jeanette and even Brittany. She also states that she has a crush on Simon. She is very concerned about appearance and doesn't approve of Jeanette's style. June's emotions toward her sisters are rarely shown, however, she seems to treat September as a tool and pets her like a dog when she does something for her.


    Full name: Septiembre *September* Abril *April* Otoño Francesca Juarez Rodriguez

    Fur Color: Deep Black, although features are still visible.

    Eye Color: Bright Golden

    Color: Light Green

    Origin: Mexican

    Outfit(frorm chapter 1): Slightly thinner than Eleanor, she was wearing light green shorts, not a skirt. Sewn into the left leg of the shorts was the letter "S". She also wore the same shade of green tank top with a green cobalt duel-flap tie. On the tank top were sown in the letters "L and M". Her hair was just like Eleanor's, but instead of ponytails, she had plats (short thick braids). She was also pure black.

    Character: September, also called by her second name, April, is the youngest of Las Mes. She immediately befriends Eleanor and is constantly hugging her or cheering her on in something. She also does this for, basically anybody. Since chapter 2, she is shown to be very odd in behavior and is constantly doing something weird, from sucking her finger randomly, to a twitching eye, to even trying to touch her own eyeballs, September is always off the wall. In essence, September is bi-polar, but it is unknown as to why her sisters are not anything like her. Though she is not much thinner than Eleanor, she is very concerned with her weight and doesn't think she should be so active, however, she also believes she should be active in order to lose weight. She has a crush on Theodore, though unlike her sisters, who are also aware of The Chipettes' crushes on them as well, it is unknown of her feelings towards Eleanor liking Theodore as well. She doesn't seem to realize that she is used often by oldest sister June. In "Today's "Oh My Gosh!"," September is shown to actually be smart and in that chapter, only speaks Spanish. September taught her sisters how to cook.

    All of Las Mes' first language was Spanish and also speak: both Portugueses, Latin, Italin, and other languages similar to Spanish.

    Anastazja, Janecska, and Khrystyna are Polish (OCs) chipettes who planned to stay with their rock-star crushes, The Chipmunks, who (after Las Mes living there), learned not to let three more chipmunks in to their house ever again. Unfortunately, unlike Las Mes, they were not evil in any way. They went on to go back to Poland and become adopted by a hotdog salesman and sing to his customers.

    Apperance: All three are white (not albino). They have three pigtails(two in the front and one in the back).

    Anastazja wears a red dress, Janecska wears a large blue T-Shirt, and Khrystina wears a long, green shirt. Not much is known about them, except for that they presumably have respective crushes on their Chipmunk counterparts.

    Throughout the story, several scenes will state that an expression from Mystery Dungeon is taking place. Well I have finally found a picture depicting them all for you- I hope that makes it easier for you all

    Music to go with "The Secret Of The Chipettes' Dissapearence"- When Las Mes start talking-

    Music to go with "The Secret Of THe Chipettes' Dissapearence"- When they say: DAVE! -

    Chipettes Arabian Outfits-

    Team Charm Pose-

    Music to go with "Here Comes Team Chipettes!"- When Brittany appears

    Music to go with "Here Comes Team Chipettes!"-

    A Lesson About Sterotypes

    I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.

    NO WAY! I need food in my life!

    I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun.

    No, I don't. I hope I'll never have to. I hope I don't get as bad as Madea with her 5 guns. ;)

    I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.

    I don't do that persay, but I ignore people who say the world formed because of an explosion.

    I DRESS IN UNUSUAL WAYS so I MUST be looking for attention

    Not unusual ways, but I don't care if I don't match or something. Plus, I hate having all of the attention, it's scary.

    I'm BLACK so I MUST love fried chicken and kool-aid.

    GREAT! Now I want some fried chicken and kool-aid. Does anyone have any?

    I'm a GIRL who actually EATS LUNCH, so I MUST be fat.

    No I'm not fat, but I'm not anorexic

    I'm SINGLE so I MUST be ugly.

    I hope not...

    I'm CHRISTIAN so I MUST hate homosexuals.

    I don't hate them. Their lives have nothing to do with me. In fact, my circle of high school friends were damn near all bisexual and one of them (female) was dating a girl. But the BIBLE says "man goes with woman." And "if a man lay with a man as he would a woman, the have both sinned" and vice-versa.

    I'm a FEMALE, so I MUST not SWEAR.

    My parents say no swearing so I don't, normally... And anyway, girls swear more than boys.


    Well...the Bible says he has brown skin. Soooo...

    I'm NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, so I MUST be a loser.

    Well, I don't think I'm a loser.

    I'm YOUNG, so I MUST be naive.


    I'm BLACK, so I MUST love watermelon.

    I actually don't.

    I have a DIFFERENT sense of HUMOR, so I MUST be crazy.

    Oh, I'm LOCO!

    I am AMERICAN so I MUST be obese, loud-mouthed and arrogant.

    Not obese, not loud-mouthed, and oh, not arrogant.

    I'm a TEENAGER, so I MUST have a STEREOTYPE.


    I’m not the most POPULAR person in school, so I MUST be a loser.

    If that were true, there'd be over 200 losers.

    I care about the ENVIRONMENT...I MUST be a tree hugging hippy.

    No, I just hate steppin' in junk people can just simply throw away.


    Next question...

    I'm a PERSON, so I MUST be LABELED.

    Well if I have to be a person to be labeled then yes, I am.

    I DON'T CURSE, so I MUST be an outcast.

    I hope I'm not.

    I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish.

    Next question, again...

    I SPOT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, so I MUST be irritating and annoying.

    No, I have an English teacher for a mother.

    FanFiction Buddies- HammyHam, ChipmunksChipettes4ever, AlyssaCookie, KODfreak, Bleedingfire597, Rileywuzhur, Mr. Alaska, and SakuraXxXIchigo.

    Pokemon Teams- In the order I got the games

    Red Rescue Team:


    Blaziken- Madison

    Arcanine- Growlea

    Blue Rescue Team:

    Delcatty: Taki

    Meganium: Kati

    Magnaton: Taka


    Infernape: Chimchamar

    Luxray: Tiger 15

    Roserade: Rose

    Chatot: Charap

    Mesprit: Emotion

    Dialga: D MAN

    Sneasel/ Weavile: Evil Vira


    Blaziken: MeiRenTao

    Mightyena: SouYouRei

    Beautifly: ShiZhiWang

    Azumarill: DoMenTai

    Magnaton: JiChengWei

    Swellow: BiMoYang


    Infernape: Mika

    Luxray: Takahashi

    Roserade: Mari

    Lopunny: Aibon

    Chatot: Charap

    Shaymin: Merica

    Weavile: Nono

    Explorers of Darkness:

    Chimchar: Jeanette

    Piplup: Brittany

    Buneary: Eleanor

    Mawile: Charlene

    Explorers of Time:

    Torchic: Tsuji

    Mudkip: Kago

    Explorers of Sky:


    Vulpix: Aibon

    Glameow: Takahashi

    Skitty: Nono (Yet to be recruited)


    Typhlosion: Wongija

    Ampharos: Ugabayi

    Espeon: Sangija

    Corsola: Kulule

    Spiky-Eared Pichu: Notchy

    Pikachu-Colored Pichu: Shiny


    Emboar: FirePiglet

    Cinccino: Chinchilla

    Lilligant: FlowerLady

    Liepard: LittleKitty

    Reuniclus: FloatingBat/ FloatingCytoplasm

    Emolga: FlyingSquirrel

    My Eeveelutions Team:

    Flareon: Tamika

    Espeon: Psunshine

    Leafeon: Leavra

    Jolteon: Sparkie

    Glaceon: Froocha

    Umbreon: Umdarkness

    Vaporeon: Vapah

    White 2 Rom

    Emboar: ポキ (Poki)

    Lucario: リオ (Rio)

    Ampharos: バア (Baa)

    Crobat: ドクドク (DokuDoku)

    Krookodile: バイル (Vile)

    Swanna: クアク (Quack)

    Starmie: すた (Star)

    Black 2

    Samurott: Miku

    Weavile: Teto

    Haxorus: Kasane

    Chandalure: Luka

    Lucario: Ruko

    Excadrill: Akita


    Delphox: Naruko

    Florges: Yamanaka

    Aurorus: Haku

    Kelfki: Hanare

    Noivern: Naga

    Dragalge: Tenten


    Chesnaught: Harimaru

    Pyroar: Shishimaru

    Diggersby: Horumaru

    Aegislash: Hitomaru

    Tyrantrum: Chigomaru

    Furfrou: Torimaru

    Alpha Sapphire







    Omega Ruby







    My Neopets: I've made, adopted, and donated many pets. These are my current ones, that I will never get rid of.

    First- Gwen_g20

    Species: Xweetok

    Born: Blue

    Age: 4 (oldest)

    I once donated Gwen; I was new and wanted losts of pets. But I got her back. She's fire, her dream color, but shortly before that, she was magma. She's the smartest and is thier Neopian mother figure (other than me). She likes to fight. Her boyfriend is Lazlo945_18.

    Unknown- _Pankake

    Species: Acara

    Born: Green

    Age: 4 (2nd to youngest)

    I made her to replace my second pet, a blue Acara named Patsy(and some numbers that I don't remember). She's Tyrannian, her dream color, but before that, she was magma. Her brother figure is Rodney123_66.

    Third- Stella_35_000

    Species: Kougra

    Born: Blue

    Age: 4 (2nd oldest)

    She's my third pet. I got rid of her once for an Usul, Bunny000, but I missed her too much, got her back, and she's the stongest of the four. She's rainbow, her dream color, but a week before that, she was magma. She acts as the boss. Her sister is Omi_213487.

    Last- FireKittie66

    Species: Zafara

    Born: Blue

    Age: 3 (youngest)

    My last pet. I meade her when I went through the Zafara phase. She was Christmas for a while, now she is Strawberry. She's very immature and loves to play. Her twin sister is Lucky_504.

    Past Pets: That I remember the exact name of.

    Usul: Bunny000

    Wocky: FireKittie6

    Uni: Unichorn1234567890 (pronouced Unick *short pause* Horn)

    Xweetok: Gwen_25_1996

    Xweetok: Gwen_26_1996

    Xweetok: Gwen_27_1996

    Xweetok: Gwen_28_1996

    My other pets on my other account are:

    Fourth: Ai_Aibon

    Species: Usul

    Born: Red

    Currently: Speckled

    Age: Less than 1 (Youngest)

    Second: Mari_Marippe

    Species: Uni

    Born: Yellow

    Age: Less than 1 (2nd oldest)

    First: Mika_Merica

    Species: Aisha

    Born: Green

    Wishes to be: Baby

    Age: Less than 1 (Oldest)

    Third: Nozomi_Nono

    Species: Usul

    Born: Blue

    Currently: Starry

    Age: Younger than 1 (2nd to youngest)

    They are named are the Japanese Pop group MiniMoni. (These are the names of the original members, not the current ones, excluding Takahashi because you can't have more than 4 pets).

    PokeSpecial Adventures: School Version

    Chapter 13- The Dance: Part One


    In this chapter, the characters wear different outfits for the dance. Some of these outfits were designed by Chikorita85 on DeviantArt. They are: Red, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Soul, Black, White, Rosa, and Nate's. :D Thanks for letting me use them! If you have a DeviantArt go fave all her stuff! DO IT!! :K


    Here are the links:

    Red and Yellow's Outfits:

    Gold and Crystal's Outfits:

    Ruby and Sapphire's Outfits (These are actually in the Manga):

    Lady's Outfit (The third image in the first set of images.) :

    Pearl's Outfit (The third image in the first set of images. Diamond's is the same, it's just black. He has his normal hat on):

    Silver's Outfit (It's just Paul's outfit (mainly because I just cannot stop drawing parallels between the two) with a different color scheme:

    Soul's Outfit (The orange part is changed to red and the brown parts are blue for Soul's outfit. She also has her hat. She doesn't have to Poke Ball holder sash.):

    Black and White's Outfits:

    Rosa and Nate's outfits (not that it matters -.-) (The red parts on Ruby are blue on Nate and he has his own hat on. The red parts on Sapphire are pink on Rosa and the skirt part is yellow:

    Cheren and Bianca's Outfits (In case it wasn't obvious, they were they're BW2 outfits, except for the glasses change): 1

    Hugh can be wearing whatever and I made up Green's outfit myself. Blue's just wearing his outfit from GSC because it looks cool. Emerald and Wally weren't really dressed up. Failure! DX

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    PokéCamp by PenguinOverlord reviews
    Crystal is going to be a camp counselor at a popular summer camp, so Gold surprises her by becoming a counselor as well, while dragging Silver along too! These kids meet new friends, rivals, and have plenty of fun! MangaQuestShipping & SoulSilverShipping
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    Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: T - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 30 - Words: 199,758 - Reviews: 421 - Favs: 82 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 9/23/2015 - Published: 4/22/2008 - Alvin S., Simon S., Theodore S., Brittany M.
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 37 - Words: 157,671 - Reviews: 638 - Favs: 303 - Follows: 228 - Updated: 2/18/2015 - Published: 11/8/2011 - Complete
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 70,849 - Reviews: 256 - Favs: 111 - Follows: 101 - Updated: 8/15/2014 - Published: 4/28/2013 - [Black, White] - Complete
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    A story based on Pokémon Special the manga. As the Sinnoh and Unova Dex Holders meet their seniors and learn to work together and build intergenerational friendship, a new evil team plans to take over the world while another plans to destroy it... Completed! Preview for SA2 posted. Advertisement for SA2 posted.
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    Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,048 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 6 - Published: 12/22/2013 - [Burgundy/Cabernet, Cilan/Dento] - Complete
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    Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 30 - Words: 70,412 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 7/2/2013 - Published: 6/20/2012 - May/Haruka, Brendan/Yūki, Wally/Mitsuru - Complete
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