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Author has written 3 stories for StarTrek: Other, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hey all! This is a combo account between Teal Phoenix and Enterprise D (Got no Trouble with Tribbles)! So we're going to do our profiles sorta different. I'll be going first, so hold onto your hats!

Hi all! It's Teal Phoenix! I'm a high-schooler, and since boring fill-in-the-blank format suits me less than a boredom suits Broadway, I'm going to type the rest of this out as I wish. I'm a freshman and aspiring writer, in my spare time I draw, talk with friends, write, play video games, and do normal teenager stuff. Fanfiction to me is a way to improve my writing skills and get feedback on my style in a fun way.

I'm short, blond, and hyper. I've also been mistaken for a guy several times, once by my own brother who's a couple years older than me. I'm fourteen and my current obsession is Yugioh, though I'll dabble into other things from time to time. I find that muses come to life rather easily and that it seems as if I can write humor. That honestly boggles my mind.

I've respected humor writers for quite awhile, to now be considered (at least I think I am, considering all those reviews. All of which I'm insanely happy about.) one is quite a surprise. I always envisioned myself as an angst writer, since I like tugging on heartstrings though I'm unsure why. It just goes to show how strange this world is.

For Your Enjoyment (AKA My random facts):

-Call me Jay-Jay or Tealy or Teal-chan

-I'm Five foot one

-Music and writing are two things I can't live without

-I'm anti-Twilight, the series sickens me.

-I like the concept of thievery while I dislike the actual act

-Politics are my kryptonite

-I'm a HUGE slash fan

-My characters from real stories are sort of alive

-I call myself borderline schizophrenic, but aren't all writers that way?

Now Tribbles, it's your turn. Have fun.

Tribbles~ Ent D, even though I will always be Tribbles to some, so I will stick with it on this profile.

Hmn what is there to say about me, I am bisexual, love walking downtown with my friends, and am easily amused.

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Tealy: The threat is not threatening if you have to pause...

Tealy: "Ah, redshirts. So innocent. Fresh out of the academy and dead in five minutes." ^^

Worf: "Death to the opposition!"

Tealy: "You don't name your KIDS after Star Trek characters! You name your CATS after Star Trek characters!" (rolls eyes)
Ent D: "But if one of the cats were fluffy you would need to name it Jim, I don't see a fluffy Spock."
Both: "FLUFFY SPOCK!!" (proceed to cracking up)

Tealy: (looking for a picture of worf) I believe this is him. (clicks it)
Ent D: (Before it loads) That's Sisko ya genius! (picture loads)
Tealy: (Picture finishes loading) HA!! It WAS Worf!! He was too furry to be Sisko!
Ent D: (facepalms and shakes head) He would so kill you for saying he was furry.

Tealy: Spoiler Alert: The Axis Powers Lose

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