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This is the official DANNYCORP channel for fanfiction.net


TVTropes: (The page is a WIP)

Update: Stories being revised.

Greetings, I am the founder and CEO of DANNYCORP Entertainment, I will NOT reveal my real name, location, and age. I joined this site sometime in 2010. My music interests are: electro/dance, rock, funk, and some other music types. I have aspergers, and I am proud of it!!!

Story process: Every story begins with an idea. My first major story, Kung Fu Panda: The War is a result of an idea: What if the Furious Five, Po, Shifu, Tai Lung, and Shen were cyborgs. After the idea is made, I start to visualize the characters, the plot, and the setting. (Fun Fact: Kung Fu Panda: The War was inspired by Shadowfang901's story, The Grand Design) After visualizing the story, I started writing it on a doc I uploaded, and then published it.

All stories use the following text format

City = This is used for describing the details, events, storyline, and characters.

(City) = This is a comment.

"City" = Spoken dialog.

city = Thoughts/Flashbacks

"City" = Spoken dialog in Thoughts/Flashbacks


Rong (She is the newest member of the Furious Five. She has yet to be activated because she was not being sent to Volkron, so she is still hidden somewhere under the Jade Palace)
Race: Bio-mechanical Lioness
Home Planet: Chinaria
Bio: She is your average teenage lioness, sorta. She has alot to learn about her powers, as well as get a new body because her current body is old, and is slowly starting to undergo structural failure. (Her body is literaly starting to fall apart, due to the fact that she was dormant, and no one bothered to maintain her body, so it started to age, and rust.)

Race: Gilnean Worgen
Home Planet: Azeroth

Race: Robloxian
Home Planet: Robloxia

Race: Gilnean Worgen
Home Planet: Azeroth

Race: Sentiant AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Home Planet: Chinaria
Bio: She is just like GLaDOS, minus the evil personality.

Race: Atlantean
Home Planet: Tyron

Race: Bilge Water Goblin
Home Planet: Azeroth

Race: Night Elf
Home Planet: Azeroth

Race: Orgrimmar Orc
Home Planet: Azeroth

Radika ground troop
Race: Cybernetic Arcanite-based life-form
Home Planet: Unknown
Bio: Not much to say because this guy tried to kill Peter Pan with a gatling gun.

Unamed Human
Race: Earthen Human
Home Planet: Earth

Unamed Beastromite
Race: Beastromite
Home Planet: Bazoria

Unamed Human #2
Race: Halearthen Human
Home Planet: Halearth

DJ Testian
Race: Reptillian Humanoid
Home Planet: Perim

DJ Mark (Debuts in chapter 12 of Kung Fu Panda: The War)
Race: Gilnean Worgen
Home Planet: Azeroth
Bio: This guy is the co-host for ClubMix FM

DJ Blaze
Race: Gilnean Worgen
Home Planet: Azeroth
Bio: This guy is the host of ClubMix FM, and the guy that spins at Club Palm Springs in El Paradiso, Robloxia

Race: Klyros
Home Planet: Azura

Unamed Firebender
Race: Humaniod Firebender, a sub-race of Tyronian Human
Home Planet: Tyron

This channel is used for developing the lore for Universal Warfare, an MMORPG that's currently in development. Below is a timeline leading up to Universal Warfare (This timeline is not complete and is subject to change)


BTRA = Before The Radika Arrival
ATRA = After The Radika Arrival

15,000,000,000 BTRA: Radika forms, Zords form, Our universe (Wildhammer) is created by the gaurdians

13,000,000,000 BTRA: Radika leaders become corrupt

12,999,999,999 - 12,999,999,000 BTRA: Radika civil war, Radika is divided, Radika home universe destroyed, Radika Resistance founded.

10,000,000,000 - 9,999,999,900 BTRA: Radika attacks Zords universe, Zords driven to brink of extinction, Radika Resistance attempts to prevent Zords universe destruction but fail.

6,000,000,000 BTRA: Galactic Federation forms.

5,700,000,000 - 5,699,999,900 BTRA: Galactic Federation civil war (War of the galaxies/Universal War 1), Atlantian home world destroyed by burning legion, Azeroth forms, Robloxia forms, Volkron forms, Neverland forms, the rest of the planets form, atlantians settle on Tyron, Carrosh, and Chinaria, Atlantis founded on Tyron.

5,699,999,899 - 1,510 BTRA: Peace, all Galactic Federation planets created, events of The Elder Scrolls: Arena - Skyrim.

1,509 - 1,490 BTRA: Robloxian/Atlantean War, Furious Five built, Robloxians hijack the ship transporting the Furious Five and crash it.

1,489 - 41 BTRA: Peace, events of most of the Disney films, events of warcraft 1 - WoW, Orion civil war (Big Green/Highroller War) starts, Tyron civil war (100 year war) starts, start of Hero108, start of Avatar: The Last Airbender, events of Transformers War for Cybertron - Dark of the Moon, events of star wars and star trek, millions of miles of controlled access expressways are built on Robloxia.

40 BTRA: Start of The Energon War (Universal War 2), events of WoW:BC, Events of rio, construction begins on the Volkron Expressway System.

39 BTRA: 400 miles of expressways are completed on Volkron, work begins on repurposing highway 35 (Those 4 race tracks from Hot Wheels World Race) and most of the racing realms (Swamp, cave, lava, water, ruins, ice, desert, cliffside, and canyon realms from AccerleRacers) into expressways.

37 BTRA: Starzen Secter invaded by Zords.

23 BTRA: War at its peak, Energon Grid Defense System preposed.

22 BTRA: Skywalker Galaxy becomes a major warzone, Energon Grid approved.

21 BTRA: Energon Grid built and goes online.

20 BTRA: A number of key energon towers are destroyed during Zord bombing raids on the Trigon Secter.

12 BTRA: First full Energon Grid activation, an energon tower in Skyrim callapses and crashes into the Throat of The World, The Greybeards's residance is damaged by the energon tower's callapse, events of Beauty and The Beast.

9 - 8 BTRA: Events of WoW: WoTLK, Battle of Zorgon, Zorgon System left in ruins, Galactic Federation victory leads to the end of The Energon War.

7 BTRA: Start of 7 year period of peace.

6 BTRA: Events of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning-Eternal Night, events of the gilneas city portion of the worgen starting experience in WoW:Cata.

5 BTRA: Events of WoW:Cata, The planet of Rio becomes a major Galactic Federation world, Dragonscale City Nuke incident renders Misty Island uninhabitable.

4 - 0 BTRA: Tensions build up between the Galactic Federation and the Zords, Radika arrive, events of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, events of the transformers unicron trilogy, Tyron Civil War ends.

1 ATRA: Universal War 3 starts, events of KFP, Tamriel becomes heavily urbanized.

2 - ? ATRA: War at its peak, Alderon under attack, Events of KFP 2, Pandora is destroyed, Earth's human civilization is reduced to ruins, Mars becomes the human capital planet, Venus is destroyed.

? ATRA: Chinaria suffers the same fate as Earth, Alderon is destroyed, all planets are shattered, Galactic Federation desolves, Trigon Rebellion founded, Star Zen Empire founded, United Human Allience founded, Wildhammer thrown into a state of civil war.

Stories being re-written

Kung Fu Panda: The War (For unknown reasons, this story got deleted. I now have to restart this story from scratch)

Coming Soon

Kung Fu Panda: After the Blast (This will be a sequal to KFP: The War, and it involves a post-apocalyptic Chinaria)

Harry Potter: A New Frontier

Pirates of the Caribbean: A New Threat

DANNYCORP mystery science theater 4000 (Inspired by Brazillion Macaw Theater 3000) CANCELED!

League of Legends: Hell from above

The Last Airbender: The Radika Menace

Kung Fu Beast: Minecraft Disaster (Kung Fu Panda/Beauty and The Beast/Minecraft cross-over)

World of Warcraft: Intersteller Warfare

ROBLOX: Enter The War

Hero108: Death from Above

Kung Fu Panda: Timestream Mixup (An idea that popped into my head while playing The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM)

Solar Apocalypse: Earth's Death (This story acts as a prequal to all my other stories. It details how the Galactic Federation got drawn into the war, the destruction of Venus and Pandora, and Earth being reduced to a desolent world)

PlaneShift: Order of The Stars

Kung Fu Origins (This is a direct prequal series for Kung Fu Panda: The War. Each story will focus on one character. This series details life before the Robloxian/Atlantean War, and the past lifes of the Furious Five, Shifu, Po, Tai Lung, and Rong. Thats right, they all started with normal lives until the war started.)

Brookview Academy (Rong gets accepted into one of Halearth's most renound academies.)

Thundercats: Frontlines of Battle

VampireBorn (A humarious take on being a vampire in skyrim)

Welcome to Paradise! (Daily living in an island nation I made in Simcity 4)

Inuyasha: Intergalactic Legacy

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