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Hi there!

I wanted to let you all know that I have a Deviant art Account

I've go a few pictures there that fit into my Mi Hermano AU, so if you are interested, please head over and look. I will also be posting my fiction over there as well, eventually.

As for my stories, if you are new in here's a rundown:

Mi Hermano: BLEACH. The story of my AU Character Moria. She is Shinji's younger sister, and the story follows her from when Shinji first entered the thirteen court guard squads. COMPLETE

The Scariest Couple: BLEACH. Kenpachi/Unohana centric and part of my Mi Hermano AU. It tells the story of how they finally get together (in my AU anyway) COMPLETE

The Fay: BLEACH. One Shot from Mi Hermano, it tells how Moria deals with the loss of Mikan, and I develop a bit of my own back story for Sajin. COMPLETE

Trading Squads: BLEACH. One Shot from Mi Hermano set just after Moria marries Sajin, and going through moving out of squad seven back to squad eight (she can't be in the same squad as her husband can she) Also tells about the beginnings of her first pregnancy. COMPLETE

The Winding Path: BLEACH. Byakuya/OC (eventually) my only excuse is that the plotbunnies kept dying at the gate(I shot them), I didn't like where it was going until now. Part of Mi Hermano and starts a little after where Mi Hermano ended (not after the glance at the future part, but after the Lady of the lake tells Byakuya about Hisana's wishes). Chapter 17 is up COMPLETE

Marvelous Misadventures in Science: BLEACH. It can also be called "It's all Urahara's fault" (which now that I think about it is what BLEACH can be called as well) Kiskuke has an oops moment when running an expirement. Sorry for the delay! COMPLETE

That's it for the stories so far, but recently I've been attacked by multiple plot bunnies (not all of them BLEACH related) a few which were a long time coming.

Here's a list:

A Little Human: Megaman X. The plotbunny is there and nearly complete, a few more tweaks and it will be ready to write.

Winter: Mass Effect. This tells the story of my AU Shepard. Major changes to back-story ahoy.

Well, that's it for now (I think). Tune in later for more updates!

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