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Author has written 13 stories for Criminal Minds, Mentalist, and NCIS.

Megz: Boo! I'm me and Tori is tori... who would have guessed. We have made a profile together because we thought it would be better when it came to writting epic stories! And before Tori say's anything to contradict me... THIS WAS MY IDEA! :P

Tori: I am Tori (shockingly enough) and unfortunately everything Megz said is true, including that this was her idea but what you gunna do?

Megz: Laugh at you and take all the credit cause your meant to be the smart one... I'm the good looking one :P...

Tori: Yeah you keep telling yourself that megz... :p

Megz: Want to thank everyone who reviewed our first story "Fixing the Broken Pieces", it took us ages to get it written, constantly editing it to make sure it sounded alright and to make sure it was kept in character. But nevertheless we enjoyed writing it and are hoping to have more posted on soon :)

About us!

Megz: I'm the blonde Scottish one who has one wild and rather vivid imagination but can't describe things and scenes... well i could if i tried but it dont much make senseTori is a lot better at describing and can come up with big fancy words!

Tori: I am also blonde but am English and so any spellings which are not spelt the American way are supposed to be like that, although my spelling is shocking so I apologise in advance. Also Megz has the habit of making characters sound Scottish so I take no responsibility for that what so ever :p I have very little imagination but sometimes I let it out of the box and story lines happen although Megz will be the one with most of the ideas!

Megz: Nor do I take reponsibility for them sounding Scottish 'cause they dont! How on earth do you make someone sound Scottish without using slang! Even at that, depending on where you are brought up depends on the slang you use... so don't come up with excuses! Could be worse anyway... they could have an Essex twang :P

Tori: Hey don't start and I don't! They do and you can by using extra and unneeded words (childishly sticks tongue out)

Megz: Erm... is 'unneeded' even a word??? :P

Our programmes

Ncis - this was originally my programme (mine being Megz) and Tori was always like... 'eh, why you so obsessed to that..?' then i forced her to watch a couple of episodes and then there was no return... mwah ha! Personnally i like not to think of it as an Obsession, but rather an addiction for which there is no cure.

Criminal Minds - Again this was a Megz programme, of which i told Tori to watch, she did and now we are hatching plans together to pair up Prentiss and Hotch! hehe. This I have an obsession for... theres a difference between obsession and addiction! Tori coughs... and Megz takes offence! there is a difference!

The Mentalist - we found this one together! we both saw the first couple of episodes and when we went to talk on the phone a couple of days after Tori said 'I've found a new programme a bit like Criminal minds but the guy isn't in the FBI and he technically isn't a cop either...' to which I replied 'would that be The Mentalist by any chance...?'

Spooks - This was a Megz programme again. (Tori didn't have much taste in TV till she met me :P) The only reason I managed to convince Tori to watch this was because of her obsession with Rupert Penry Jones, only to have his character killed off after she only watch 1 season... oh the irony.

CSI: Vegas - This is only a Megz programme because Tori thinks it too technical, and its been going on for too many seasons for her to try and catch up on it now.

CSI: NY - Again a Megz programme. Tori thinks its the same as the other CSI's but she is soooo wrong because NY is better! Vegas is good but i prefer NY... not a fan of Miami at all.

Bones: Because every girl should have her very own Booth :D

Hawaii Five-0: We both started watching this... mainly for the wonders of Steve McGarrett!

Blue Bloods: A Megz programme that I managed to get Tori to start watching. I was a fan of NKOTB when I was little so seeing that Donnie was in it won me! Also Tom Selleck! Love that guy!!

House: This one is all Tori's and although I'm not the sciencey one you gotta love Hugh Laurie and his amazing acting/musical abilities! (plus he was in a couple of episodes in season one of Spooks)

Dharma and Greg - This I used to watch when I was young and was gutted when it stopped. I then found it again and told Tori she had to watch it because Thomas Gibson played Greg (for those who should be shot for not knowing who he is, he is Hotch in Criminal Minds). This programme was the reason I could never take 'straight-faced-Unit-Chief-Aaron-Hotchner' seriously when i started watching Criminal Minds.

Friends - We both watched this before we met each other, but i think its safe to say Tori is more addicted to it than I am! You name a line - she'll tell you the episode and exactly what happens in that episode!

(thanks Megz that doesn't make me sound sad at all!)... (No problem : )

Megz: As you can see we have a love for American programmes... or ones that involve hot guys running about in the case of Spooks :)

Tori: And as I'm sure you can gather we watch way too much TV :p


If we owned the programmes here would be our pairings of the characters

NCIS - Tony and Ziva, Gibbs and Jenny ( if she was still alive... we wouldn't have killed her!)

Criminal Minds - Hotch and Prentiss (Always and Forever!! lol)

The Mentalist - Jane and Lisbon, Rigsby and Van Pelt

Spooks - Ruth and Harry


Just to say that as much as we would like to we actually own nothing what so ever so in case we forget to say in our stories sometime there you have it, we own none of the programmes or characters (Damn it!)... suckz :(

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