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Author has written 23 stories for Star Fox, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Attention all fans of my work who can actually draw! I have decided to ask for an "official" artist for my writing. Please PM me with details about our submission. You may draw any of my OCs, or a favorite scene from one of my stories. The rewards are: cameos in my ongoing stories, as well as a prominent part in an upcoming story that will succeed "The Week of Blue Sun." Anyone who thinks they have a chance can enter, but I am looking for one artist only. Feel free to ask questions if I haven't been clear enough. Also, I'm updating the poll to include "Saurian Stew." But that's not as important.

A new section, a message to all who read my profile, has been added. Also, I'm adding a "Foxpilot's Rules to Live By" area, slowly but truly. The goal: 100. The current: look for yourself.

My current avatar is something I found with luck and skill (mostly the former). WrathofBalance's work may have been better, but this has fox tails. Don't worry, WoB; I'm keeping your awesome work!

I have received word of an amazing piece of fanart for "The Week of Blue Sun." Check out Strawberry in the fur!
Please tell me if this doesn't show.

As has been judged by Laguzgirl13, I am the first place winner of her contest. Thank you Laguzgirl13! And now we wait patiently for the prize. You heard me. Patiently.

I placed Second in TwilightWolfLink's Contest. I should put up an "Accomplishments" section...

I have a new homepage! As a writer for, I'm entitled (forced) to have a profile. Please do check out my articles and, while you're at it, see what I actually look like! Oh, and please don't be shy to subscribe if you like what I write.

I am the WINNER of Pikana's contest! Here's the link to the wonderful prize she made! pikana-chuster Dot deviantart Dot com/#/d2qavzw! For those of you on DeviantArt, be sure to leave her a comment!

Ok, enough of that. Time for what you really want to know.

Name: Foxpilot (Also goes by F-p and Eric)

Date: check your computer

Location: East Coast. I figure it's ok to tell you this because there are probably OVER 9000!! Erics on the EC.

Age: I admit it. I'm 19. I'm too old for this!

Gender: male. That ain't changing anytime soon.

Likes: Video games, FOXES, food, fire, swords (shiny, silver, double-edged swords are best), gum, video games (did I say that already? Too bad!), some video game music (sensing a theme yet?), hand sanitizer, friends, certain memes, funny quotes, comedy, action scenes, fresh snow

Dislikes: Mean people (how juvenile do I sound? I can't think of a cool-but-nice way to put it, though), class (I'm in college. Just thought I'd get that out there), rain

Hates: Thursdays. They hate me, too. Random Number Generators. Ever had a favorite character fail at stat gains? You understand why.

My name does not come from Star Fox. it comes from Zoids. If you don't know what that is, it's an anime about people piloting giant animal-like mechs in battle (mechs, fighting, and animals. Typical anime). My favorite animal is the fox, so I imagined myself as a fox-Zoid's pilot. Keep in mind I was preteen at the time.

A Note...

To those of you who read my profile, let me first welcome you. You've seen my name, you've seen my work, now read words that come from more than an active mind.

It has been brought to my attention that a certain writer by the name of The Stupendous Jimbo has written a message about me. I read it, and was flattered. While there is some hyperbole in the lengthy essay, most of it was literal and all of it was true. The point of this message? A simple, honest "thank you" from a respectful and honest writer. I'm not one for heavy emotion (aside from chats and video game "mishaps"), but I was actually touched by this message. Jimbo could have contacted me personally, said his speech, and have been done with it. Instead, the man himself put a deep, forthright pice of his heart out to the Internet with no regards as to what it made him seem like.

I constantly worry about how others view me. When I joined this site at 18, I feared that I would be rejected for my age. The reason I put my time on Earth up was not to brag or make myself look wise, but to dispel any misunderstandings. I am not a prodigy. My knowledge comes from experience. So when I was approached not only by Jimbo, but by many other writers on this site--seen as an equal and not a creep--I was grateful. I am not a social person, yet the people here have been so kind and forgiving that I can't help but wish I knew them all in real life. Please note that is not an invitation to come to where I am.

So when I read Jimbo's statement, I began to think: How can I repay him for such a kindness?

And then I realized it. Jimbo wasn't just thanking me. He was telling the world how grateful he was to have me as a friend. I say this not to laud myself, but because it's true.

So I realized, the best way to thank him was and is to thank everyone.

I cannot include everyone on this list. Some of you have gone out of your way specifically to forge a bond of friendship. But to those who do wish to be friends, simply ask. If you want me to read through a story, critique it, help you, ask. If you need somebody to ask about a detail in Star Fox, ask.

This list is not going to be in any specific order. Those who my shoddy memory can recall shall be added now. Any others will be added as I remember them or as I meet them. So, thank you...

LxZrulez: Your antics always bring a smile to my face, and your present on DA shall remain in my Favorites as long as I am able to keep it there.
PitFTW: You took a new, unknown writer and added him to one of your biggest projects. We have our disagreements, but you've earned my respect as a writer and a person.
LittleBlueNayru: Long ago, you said how distasteful the "preps of FFN" were to you. Even after I became one of them, you still kept up chats and have been entertaining through my time here, if disturbing.
Pikana: We don't talk much, but you were quick to add an inexperienced fanficer to you roster of friends without hesitation. I pray I never find myself on the wrong end of Bazookie.
EmilySamara: You're somewhat new here, but you're a strong writer. Plus, you have a lot of experience and wit that make the multiple messages we keep fun.
PerfectPhoenix: You came to the site asking for friends, and I gladly offered my hand. Since then you've entered the world of college. You don't talk much, but I identify with your dream.
Killerboss2: We don't message often and you live in my country's parent empire, but we've provided evidence that past aggressions don't have to stop friendliness.
Hawktakesflight: You're a loyal friend to the end, even when duties to country or education keep you busy. I do hope to see more of your writing when you have time.
Formerly Randomzzz: It's hard to keep up with your changing name, so I used the one I knew you by first. Your bubbly energy makes everyone around you do or say something silly. You're infectious.
TheStupendousJimbo: This list wouldn't be complete without its inspiration. Though you don't update often (and take a long time with contests), your humor has always made me laugh.
The Element Commander: Our messaging may not be conventional, but you're a really understanding and kind person. You're still young, but you don't have to lose those attributes.
Crystal114: When I first reviewed, you were a really, really weak writer. Since then, though, you've grown astronomically. You still have a long way to go, but you're a quick, friendly study.
Sephirotha: Formerly Darkria, "The Alien Lucario" is your dear child and the first story I remember seeing from you. You may have changed your name, but your commentary from England is much obliged.
Shadow Commando: You're not new and you're not common, but you have a great sense of humor that you willingly share with a community in turmoil. We need more of you.
JSparks: If there were ever a time that you stopped acting good-strange, that's when the planet stops turning and becomes boring (if, perhaps, less frustrating).
MessengerofDreams: You started as a latecomer to a contest I co-hosted. You ended up better than me. I'm jealous, but inspired and happy that we're friends.
MouseMaster42: It takes a strong will to thank everyone for every review. It also takes a lot to not like your writing. If anyone bugs you, I think you still have my bomb.
Soundwave0107: When somebody writes you in as the life-saver of a Self Insert, you know they think you're awesome. You, too, are awesome, Soundwave.
Vernon Hediger: You may disapprove of "Ruto Tortures," but you've still been consistently in contact. I'm still not stopping that story, though.

Let's face it, everything is mortal. One day we will all leave this site and go our separate ways. Some of you have already begun to move in that direction. Others still stay close. But know this: so long as FFN stands, our records will grace the Internet for future generations of upcoming writers. Everyone we touch touches more people, who in turn touch yet more people. The chain is closer to a web. For every strand cut the rest of the strings are affected. However, it doesn't matter whether you're in America, Europe, Pakistan, Nairobi, Russia, or Brazil--not even if you're in the Antarctic. So long as you live, you will interact with others. Those others will spread your tales without even realizing it. With this, I have done more than thank you. I have helped ensure that you will not be forgotten until the end of the Internet; just as you should not be. Nobody deserves to be forgotten. At the time of this writing, it has been a week since Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by American forces. We will not forget him, even though his deeds are considered by many to be evil. And he should not be forgotten, lest any good that his legacy holds be lost as well. We are all born of light and dark, but we do not choose a side. This is not the Star Wars films, where good always conflicts with evil. Our sides are in one, and our ones are saved by the records of time and the breaths of legend. Even if you end up as "that wierdo outside my office," somebody will remember you.

So the ultimate thanks and blessing I can offer is not to add you to a story, but these simple words: May your legacy love on.

Please enjoy the rest of my profile.


Game: Star Fox 64. I only have the VC version, and it still rules.

DS game: Star Fox Command. It's a legitimately good game that is under-appreciated. They had better keep it canon...

Game Boy: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Oh, this is such an under-appreciated game. And the Picori/Minish look like foxes!

Favorite game series: Zero Wing. No, not really! I don't even think it's a series. Try Star Fox instead. As if that wasn't obvious

Favorite movie: Spaceballs. Not for kids, even though it is rated as such.

Favorite quotes/memes:
"You're fine! What? Oh that...that'll grow back." Medic card, Mytheria online card game.
"Do a barrel roll!" Peppy Hare, Star Fox 64. Like you don't know this one.
"All your base are belong to us." Cats, Zero Wing. This is why we need translators with degrees.
"It's OVER 9000!!" Vegeta, Dragonball Z. So useful in real life.
"Can't let you do that Star Fox." Wolf, Star Fox 64. Once again, useful, if parodied properly.
"There is no God, but Disney and Eisner is his profit." Disney Fundamentalist Devotee, 21st Century Fox. It's an online comic that has seen better days. Still pretty funny. Not for kids.
"A guy and a girl fall in love, then they get married, then they do a lot of kissing, then you see lots of waves on the ocean. And, I know storks live near the water. So is that where they get babies-?" Randy, Faux Pas. Pronounced "Fox Paws". Ask your parents about this. It used to be in circulation. Now it's online.
*Beeping sound* WHAT THE FU-- *explosion and maniacal laughter.* The WTF Bomb, internet meme. This makes me so happy to say.
"I'm Irish, therefore, I'm black." Brad, someone I knew from college. In a lesson about heritage, our professor showed us a picture saying that his ancestors, clearly Irish, were considered "colored" by the American government. Brad said this after that class and it just stuck.
"Vladimir Putin is wearing a bear. Your argument is invalid." Pundit Kitchen of the Cheezeburger websites. I love saying this one. Has been removed.

Favorite couples:

FoxXKrystal--I don't care how mean Krystal is in Command, I still think it's the best!
ZeldaXLink--It's cute, it's canon(ish), and you know it'll happen. Don't try to fight it.
Toon ZeldaXToon Link--See above
FalcoXKatt--Falco's in denial, but that just makes this funny.
MarthXCaeda/Sheeda/Shiida--That's right! Marth has a girl! He's straight! I call her Caeda because that's how I first knew her.
MarioXPeach--See LinkXZelda, only less mature.
LuigiXDaisy--See above
JoshuaXNatasha--Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is great. My first run wouldn't have been the same without these two, though.

Least favorite couples:

KrystalXPanther--Ew...just, ew.
MarthXmale--Just because Marth's a pretty-boy doesn't mean he's gay. Get over it.
FoxXWolf--oh wow, just ugh, really. I may have trouble convincing you that Wolf is straight (his actions make it hard), but Fox clearly likes Krystal.

Personal author avatar description.

Lots of people have this. if I want to participate in contests with them and what not, I need one as well.

Name: Foxpilot/F-p/Eric

Age: 19 (I originally thought this guy up a while ago)

Gender: Male

Clothes: Black jeans, a black light hoodie left unzipped, green t-shirt, brown woven leather belt, sneakers

Hair: Light brown/dirty blonde

Eyes: Green, unless powers are activated (see below). Then they film over silver with six black vertical lines surrounding the pupil


Sword, called Silver Asamarum, Silvas for short. Can channel psychic power and allows him to turn into a fox/half-fox
Plasma bazooka, named Ripoff, launches shots as powerful as Wolf's Brawl Landmaster's shots, only three times faster
The Dark Dagger, named for its command of the shadows

Can control heat/fire: I call it fire psychic. He is well practiced and adept at this skill. Allows the use of psychic "bombs" and other psychic energy attacks.
Mental interaction: can read minds as well as communicate by projecting thoughts. Can even destroy or help heal damaged minds (i.e. coma). Must stand still to use, but can still talk.
Telekinesis: Can move objects with mind. May be used to hold down/up opponents, but he does not like to use it for battle.
Shadows: can merge with power from the Dark Dagger to manipulate shadows, travel to the Shadowverse (a dimension of shadowy wonders), and summon creatures from shadows. Very useful.
Author Tanks: Granted by the Author, can manipulate his surroundings to a limited extent. One can make more.

Human: Most balanced. looks normal except for two scars under the left eye, like sword swipes
Half-fox: Three tails, four ears, and a fox-like muzzle accompany his red fur, patterned like a red fox. Keeps scars. weakened powers, but heightened senses. May use this form to "hang out"
Full fox: Turned into a red fox. Can now talk to animals (like Wolf-Link), but cannot speak human. Further weakened powers but senses farther enhanced.
Hyper Action: Most powerful form. Allows use of most powerful attacks, including the devastating Giga Blaze fire column move, which burns half of the left arm. May only be used for five minutes max.
Shadow: Can use shadow powers described above. May be used for espionage. Mood is darker in this form. Requires trade of psychic power and maybe health (can be recovered).

Personality: Fun-loving, a little lazy, kind but not above joking at others' expense. Oh yeah, and quite nuts.

B--Fireballs. Four charge levels: single, multiple burst, fire bomb, flaming psychic arrow. In that order, takes time to charge and cannot move during charge.
Side-B--Dash Mover. Works like a cross between Ike and Fox's side moves. Charges while still, but dashes through enemies while slicing them rather than stopping.
Up-B--Psycho Rocket. Aims a beam downwards that causes an explosion if it hits a surface. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. May be controlled by tilting left or right. Used for recovery.
Down-B--Deflecting Blade. One-side deflector that can be manipulated to send profectiles back at foes.
FS: Hyper Action Form--Smash attacks are powered up, but moves change.
B becomes Giga Blaze, ultimate attack which causes transformation to Shadow form. Like Samus' attack, ony lasts less time and causes more damage.
Side-B is Shield Crasher, which is a like Ike's Side-B, only it breaks shields.
Up-B is the same, only stronger.
Down B is Crash Cleaver. Sword basically becomes a Beam Sword, but stronger. Only one length--long. Vertical slash.
Shadow Form: Happens if fight is continuing even after Hyper Action. Stays in this form for the rest of the match.
B--Shadow Slice. Wave of Shadow energy is fired. No charge.
B-Side--Shadow Wave. A shockwave travels along the ground. Like Pikachu's B attack, only faster.
B-Up--Warp Slash. Disappears into a portal of shadows, then jumps up a set distance away in a mini Dolphin Slash. Teleports like Zelda's B-Up
B-Down--Shadow Child. Summons a creature of shadows onto the spot. the creature does not move, but attacks anything that draws near. Three may be placed.
Shadow FS: Shadowverse Slayer--A large portal to the Shadowverse is deployed. Anything caught in its grip is slashed multiple times by the Dark Dagger before a giant Shadow Child punches them. About half of Final Destination would be covered.

OCs for various stories (often lent out, may be used later in one of my own)

Name: Greg Macolm
Gender: male
Species: Red Fox
Age: 20
Looks: general red fox fur, heavy yellow "camelhair" jacket held by fasteners at the neck; green eyes; black gloves, usually in pockets except for wet/cold weather; black jeans, red t-shirt, sneakers. Wears a sword when going into battle.
Personality: Kind, understanding, but suspicious; is willing to make friends but does so slowly. Intelligent, neither cool nor dorky; just odd. Not violent exactly, but somewhat easily angered and willing to fight when necessary; prefers to be friendly
Abilities: controls heat and fire, decent pilot (not used often), great with a sword, decent with a gun (not used often). Prefered if he meets the team shortly after the start of the story.
SSB Moves: Fire burst (In between both of Samus' charge shots in strength and charge speed, but does not paralyze.); 3-15 based on charge level.
Lunge; charges forth with a quick and strong sword lunge, speed is about that of Wolf's side-smash, but goes a little farther; 10.
Grappling Hook; acts like Zero Suit Samus' B-up, only it's easier to aim and does less damage; 3-6.
Reflector; reflecting shield covers 270 degrees in a box: top, bottom, and side facing; reflects projectiles back at origin; 4 if hit by initial burst; no float effect.
Arwing Bomber; leaps off-screen, then a slightly controlable Arwing comes in from the left. Drops powered-up Smart Bombs on the field that have higher power and knockback than normal. Arwing stays on screen until it reaches the other side, but cannot turn around. It can travel laterally, though. 1-50 per bomb, 12 if hit by Arwing.
History: When he was young, his family was taken captive during the Lylat Wars when Androssian forces captured the luxury vessel his family was on. His mother was the aide to a CEO for a small ship-building company and they were on vacation. While imprisoned on Venom, Andross conducted experiments with the captives, including his mother and older sister, Laura. His mom died, but Laura managed to survive and works as an aide to public relations. When Clive was picked, Greg switched clothes with his identical twin and took the torturous experiments in his stead. This left him with the ability to control heat and flame. Before anyone else could be taken up, Venom's army was called away to battle Star Fox. Using this time, Laura led an escape and they all ended up back on Corneria after the war. The Macolm children were taken in by the government and trained in different areas. Greg became a spy at 18, shortly after the Aparoid War.
Other: Is a spy for high-ranking Cornerian officials. As such, he keeps to himself a lot. Is on good terms with Star Fox, but is enemies with Star Wolf. Got his twin brother Clive thrown in prison because he botched a snooping job (dark secret, tells ony those he trusts most).
Class: Medium, Speed
Fighting style: Close range, with a little flame-wielding mid-range work.
Likes: Justice, missions, pulling jokes with brother Clive.
Dislikes: Injustice, rap music, lizards.
Romantic interest: none.
Fears: Losing remaining family, being caught on a mission.
Weaknesses: Long range weapons, hostages.

Name: Clive Macolm
Age: 20
Appearance: Lylatian red fox dressed in an official Cornerian Mechanic's outfit with name-tag and hat. May swap/steal clothes with Greg to play jokes on people.
Personality: Kind and accepting, though mischievous at times. Holds thing in and rarely complains, but will answer to his brother if Greg notices something wrong. Friendly, but reserved.
SSB Moves:
Blaster; low charge power, but high charge rate; like Z-Suit Samus' gun except doesn't paralyze and goes farther. 2-8.
Tool throw; one of several tools is tossed at opponents. Screwdriver: 10, high range; Hammer: 15, low range; Wrench: 12, moderate range.
Afterburner boots; like ROB's B-up, only lasts less time. 0, but allows for aerial attacks.
Reflector: High-strength reflector shield covers entire body. Works just about the same as Fox's, only shield deploys more powerfully and cannot be held indefinitely. Burns out after five seconds. 10 on initial hit.
Landmaster; calls a Landmaster down from top of the screen. Can hardly fly, worse than Fox's, but has more powerful cannon and roll. Lasts for thirteen seconds.
Powers: Excellent mechanic; may be called upon to fix things. Nearly as good a pilot as Greg and a decent shot with a blaster.
Other: Was thrown in prison when mistaken for his brother, is addicted to corn (Dark secrets, tells only most trusted people). Is on good terms with Star Fox, but is against Star Wolf.
History: See above, only was never experimented on and went into mechanics rather than spying.
Class: Medium, Power.
Likes: Corn, jokes, fixing things.
Dislikes: lizards, prison, fighting.
Romantic interest: none yet.
Fears: Losing remaining family, Fichina.
Weaknesses: Close range fighting, hostages

Name: "Scale Bug"
Gender: supposedly male
Species: Aparoid-infected Venom Lizard
Looks: Is a Lylat-style lizard covered heat-to-toe in form-fitting purplish-black armor that shows off his scales. Wears a ragged cloak around his body that hides an old Venom Military uniform.
Personality: Devious, vengeful, and greedy. Will take down anyone in order to gain power. Very arrogant.
Abilities: Can infect machines like a full aparoid. Excellent strategist, though often overlooks little things. When desperate, can use aparoid half to survive in space and can fuse with large machines to form a "super-aparoid" (see SF: Assault level five for an excellent example: Pigma fuses with a base to become a giant death machine).
Extra: Secretly loves vanilla pudding. Will do ANYTHING to protect that secret. Is the last aparoid-infected creature; Andross' experiments somehow saved the aparoid in him from dying. As such, can be considered the "Aparoid King."
Weapons: Machines converted to aparoids. Anything from toasters to starfighters.
Fighting style: long range, but may move in close to take over enemy machines.

"The Week of Blue Sun" OC

Name: Strawberry (or just "Straw")
Gender: female
Species: fox
Looks: a standard red fox, only fur is completely blue
Personality: Kind, a little mysterious, thinks of herself as a leader, somewhat impatient
Abilities: Detect portals, extend body to act as a grappling hook (Think clawshot/hookshot from Legend of Zelda)

The following rules are a personal set of codes invented by Foxpilot. If you wish to use them, please post with proper citation. Some are serious, some are funny, some are a combination. I'm trusting you to figure that out.

1) If life were a joke, death would be funny. However, they put jokes in life so that you can laugh while Death comes for you.
2) Stop at stop signs (no seriously, this angers me like nothing else can).
3) Go ahead and procrastinate--you can always do it tomorrow. Unless it's a big paper due tomorrow, in which case, get to work!
4) Nintendo is the most creative gaming company. Bow to creativeness. Let's see Master Chief get past the OoT Water Temple without guns!
5) It's not lying if you don't put in false information.
6) Go ahead and be a pessimist. Things can always improve.
7) Go ahead and be an optimist. Things can always be worse.
8) Go ahead and be an idealist. There is a middle ground
9) Go ahead and be a realist. Extremes are the only ways to make decisions.
10) Reject reality and substitute your own. So long as your world has at least a little bit of truth, you can anchor yourself safely between fantasy and reality.
11) Be thankful for what you have. Long for what you don't.
12) Annoying neighbors are annoying.
13) The government is listening. Say what you want anyway so long as you don't step into sensitive territory.
14) Moderation is key. Excuse me while I go eat three pizzas and play video games for five hours straight.
15) Flying is overrated. It hardly helped that duck you ate over the holidays, after all. It's still pretty cool, though...
16) When you forget the point you were making, babble. Then lampshade the babbling.
17) Fight for your friends...So long as the person you're beating up is weaker than you.
18) Make mistakes. Learn from them. Try the failure again slightly wiser. Repeat until you succeed. Hey, it works for Link.
19) Keep it in your pants until you're married. Then be ready to share your wallet with your spouse.
20) Never give up. Trust your instincts. Do a barrel roll. Puke because you can't handle the extra g-forces. Trust your instincts and never try that again.
21) Despite all appearances, Sephiran is quite rude. Don't trust him.
22) America has lost its empire. It's food is bad. And we suck in schools. But our sports and internet culture sure kick rears! Parody of a Top Gear commercial.
22) When in Rome, eat pizza!
23) Intelligence is knowing a lot of things. Wisdom is being able to use the things you've learned to make lives better. Wisecracking is taking things you've learned and twisting them into a fun form.
24) Aliens exist. They're smart enough to not get caught up in human affairs...yet.
25) Only greedy, idiotic fools go into politics. Politicians are proof that you can be criminal and successful. Too bad the alternative to politics is worse.
26) Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Wise people learn from everyone's mistakes. Wise guys don't learn. They just make fun of everything.
28) Do not underestimate the power of the Force...of gravity.
29) Who's on first. What's on second. I Don't Know is on third. Don't get it? Congratulations! You qualify to be in Abbott and Costello.
30) The best superpower is mind-reading. You don't need invincibility if you know what the person's weakness is.

B--Fireballs. Four charge levels: single, multiple burst, fire bomb, flaming psychic arrow, in that order. Takes time to charge and cannot move during charge.
Side-B--Dash Mover. Works like a cross between Ike and Fox's side moves. Charges while still, but dashes through enemies while slicing them rather than stopping.
Up-B--Psycho Rocket. Aims a beam downwards that causes an explosion if it hits a surface. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. May be controlled by tilting left or right. Used for recovery.
Down-B--Deflecting Blade. One-side deflector that can be manipulated to send projectiles back at foes.
FS: Hyper Action Form--Smash attacks are powered up, but moves change.
B becomes Giga Blaze, ultimate attack which causes transformation to Shadow form. Like Samus' attack, only lasts less time and causes more damage.
Side-B is Shield Crasher, which is a like Ike's Side-B, only it breaks shields.
Up-B is the same, only stronger.
Down B is Crash Cleaver. Sword basically becomes a Beam Sword, but stronger. Only one length--long. Vertical slash.
Shadow Form: Happens if fight is continued even after Hyper Action. Stays in this form for the rest of the match.
B--Shadow Slice. Wave of Shadow energy is fired. No charge.
B-Side--Shadow Wave. A shockwave travels along the ground. Like Pikachu's B attack, only faster and weaker.
B-Up--Warp Slash. Disappears into a portal of shadows, then jumps up a set distance away in a mini Dolphin Slash. Teleports like Zelda's B-Up
B-Down--Shadow Child. Summons a creature of shadows onto the spot. The creature does not move, but attacks anything that draws near. Three may be placed.
Shadow FS: Shadowverse Slayer--A large portal to the Shadowverse is deployed. Anything caught in its grip is slashed multiple times by the Dark Dagger before a giant Shadow Child punches them. About half of Final Destination would be covered.

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