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On me...

My name is ridiculous. It really, honestly is! It actually sounds like a Barbie-Fairy-Princess's name so I'm just not even going to go into that area... So, loveandotherdrugs is sort of the result of some very intersting people in my life.

I am in high-school at a really up-tight all girls school in Australia, and I really hate all the stereotypes that come with that. Yes, we all eat vegemite and it really is the most disgusting thing in the world, but you sort of learn to love it... I don't know why, so don't ask me. We don't ride kangaroos (you wouldn't believe how many people have asked me that!), if you tried- you'd probably get beaten up. Those things are freaky strong! I'm not a chavvy sort of girl, in fact... chavs just make me mad. Really, really mad.

If you have any views on my writing, feel free to PM me!

What I Love...

I have many different loves. My biggest love would probably be Harry Potter. I adore everything about it, and because I am just that nerdy- A Very Potter Musical makes the cut as well :) Unfortunately, due to me having re-occuring dreams of becoming a werewolf I have decided to stop reading fantasy stories (not going so well, unfortunately :P) and have lately been caught up in Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars and Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy series. I know, shoot me :P Also, I am also slightly into Twilight now. Strange, I know- especially since before I would declare my avid hate for it frequently. But now... I don't know, but I've strangely become slightly hooked to the series and have been looking up a hell of a lot of Twilight fanfiction :S

My taste in music differs. A lot. I adore Lady GaGa, The Beatles, Usher, Madonna, Katy Perry, the Temper Trap, Darren Criss (check him out, guys!), Muse, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce, Rihanna, and heaps of others. I also adore classical music and everything Beethoven. Especially his 7th symphony.

I am addicted to fashion. Sad as it is. Valentino, CoCo Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are my absolute favourite designers, though I have to admit that I have a little soft spot for Louis Vuitton bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. I love Yves Saint Laurent. Valentino and CoCo Chanel because of their classic beauty. Valentino red is my favourite colour and I would make love to CoCo Chanel's little black dress and of course. Saddest of all, I have a thing for Yves Saint Laurent's men's cologne :S

I would also sell my soul for a bottle of Chanel No. 5.

I love movies and T.V. (even though I don't actually have free-to-air chanels because my mum's a nazi :P) I have to admit that I have a creepy obsession with Leonardo Di Caprio. Yeah. It's weird :S Some of my favourite movies could be 'Shutter Island', 'Changeling', 'CoCo Avant Chanel' (translates to: 'CoCo Before Chanel' for all you non-frenchies :P), 'Valentino- The Last Emporer' and 'Knight and Day' and maybe 'Valentine's Day'- just for fun ;) I love 'Gossip Girl' (the T.V. show more than the books :P) and 'The Tudors', though I haven't been keeping up with that for a while.

My Opinions of the Fandom...

I hate anything that doesn't follow the story. Sure, I don't mind if you create your own little story within the books and create a romance for a character that hasn't found someone (like Leah in Twilight or Sirius in HP), but I can't stand people who couple others with someone that they are CLEARLY not supposed to be with! This means Dramione's peoples! I hate them, I really, really do. Ron and Hermione were my absolutely favourite couple in the book, and I believe that the author knows more about her characters than we do. Also- we ALL know that Draco needs his girl, Astoria, to function :P You know what I'm talking 'bout, peoples... Of course, I'll probably eat my own words if I encounter a Blackwater fic or a George/OC- but I still believe in the end that George must end up with Ange, or I may die. Same with Lily and Snape. No, no, no, no! I will never, ever, ever, ever look at someone the same way if they say that Lily loved Snape. She didn't, guys! James and Lils were SO meant to be :P Also, as much as I love them- they had to die. The story didn't work otherwise.

Also, for my brother's birthday present...

'This fanfiction account is dedicated to all the noobs of the world and the noob king'

I know- he's a little weird, but... whatever gives the kid a kick. If you're wondering, he's also the one that chose the account name :S

Lots of Love (and other drugs) xx

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