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Welcome to our profile! This is the home of the Plot Murderers, two brothers, hailing from the good old New York City, who are devoted to bringing you (yes, you) an enjoyable, quirky reading experience.

This is the first we've updated this profile since...since a very long time, let's leave it at that. We'll begin with a new feature I like to call: Questions Answered!

Why are you here?

This entire endeavor was the brainchild of my younger brother, Plot Murderer #1. That's the reason he's PM1 and I, though three years his senior, am PM2. I've always been a 'writer', if you can call it that. In other words, my imagination is crazily unlimited. I love telling stories, and so does he. PM1 got the idea to go into the world of fanfiction with the 'Queer Events' series. He wrote the entire first book, I wrote bits of the second, most of the third, and the entirety of books 4 onward.

What happened to PM1?

We have amicably broken up. He still writes, but under a different name. Thus, I am now the only murderer of plots on this platform. I could always change the name, but why bother?

Why do you write?

To quote my favorite author, Dame Agatha Christie: Writing is a great comfort to people like me, who are unsure of themselves and have trouble expressing themselves properly. I'm much more extroverted in my writing.

And, to Celebrate Our Return From the Dead...Why do you vanish for months on end?

Various reasons. Top three happen to be work, college, and a neverending struggle to maintain my writing schedule so I don't start drowning in unfinished/late projects (cough-Queer Events-cough). I am still very committed to Queer Events, it's just that I've been quite busy. I update when I can, and I cater to any of you who still like to stop by.m

Why 'Queer Events'?

Because PM1 was getting totes into fanfiction and he was reading the Unfortunate Events books {which I, being infinitely cooler, had already read from start to finish} and figured he should write a parody. Let it be known that he wrote most of Book 1, and I cowrote some of the chapters there {hence the drastically different writing style...also, we were noobs at the trade}. He took a hiatus after The Queer Academy and I was left to write the entirety of The Crappy Village {in my opinion, my least favorite of the series so far, though I still love it because it is mine}. Then came The Third Peril, which we cowrote for the first three chapters before I was allowed full control of the story.

Yes, perhaps it sort of grew on its own from there. I think the decision to blend more dramatic elements into the stories evolved kind of naturally, since I started seeing the characters as more than just devices for jokes. While I admit, the earlier attempts at ze drama weren't as...believable as I intended {I'm looking at you, latter half of The Third Peril and all of The Wicked Carnival}, I grew as a writer and I continue to enjoy writing the stories of Snicket Land and its lovable denizens, and as long as you, the readers, still enjoy them that's good enough for me.

I am also entertaining doing a soft reboot (They are in style now, donchaknow?) of Queer Events over on Archive of Our Own, but we'll see whether or not that idea pans out.

Ongoing/Upcoming Projects

The rest of Queer Events: This will probably take some time, but "A Series of Queer Events" is a project I am determined to finish, regardless of how long it takes. So hold tight to your seats...Book 6 will be finished soon enough, I can promise that much.

A Giant Crossover Story: I've been working on this one for a while now. It doesn't really have a title yet, but it's going to be a huge multi-crossover between several disparate will also be very long and therefore will probably be updated sporadically, but what else is new? When it is posted, it will not be on this site, but on my AO3 profile, as I find the tagging system more conducive to huge crossovers.

Everyone's Got a Story: A series of Harper's Island oneshots that I will be updating on and off for the foreseeable future. Current characters covered are Danny, Maggie, Lucy, Kelly, Katherine. Hunter, Charlie and Madison.

Anyone by One: This is an AU Harper's Island roleplay, based off the canon template but with a different set of killers and inevitably different subplots and character relationships. The game is ongoing, so feel free to drop by and read along. We've got a killer (ugh) group working this one!

Radiant Creatures of Destiny Township: A Kingdom Hearts AU set in the titular town of Destiny, in Radiant County, Colorado. It follows the exploits of a group of somewhat familiar high school students, rugged bikers, hardnosed detectives, and working parents whose lives are suddenly through into flux by a small accident with unexpected and far-reaching consequences that will change the whole of Radiant County forever.

My Fandoms

Considering it's a custom, I might as well let you know the other things I love.

Books: Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, A Series of Unfortunate Events {but of course}, anything by Agatha Christie, the Wicked Years series, Nancy Drew {though that's more of a guilty pleasure}, the Percy Jackson series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, and others that I won't list right now.

T.V: LOST, Harper's Island, Once Upon a Time, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and of course my soaps: The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives. I am usually annoyed by at least two at any given time. This time of year, I find GH the most palatable, with YR a close second. B&B is tedious and repetitive, and Days gives me heart pains.

Video Games: PM1's more fond of them than me, but I do love my Kingdom Hearts. And the Sims. Does that count?

Animation: Anything by Disney, though anyone who's read The Enchanted Slope knows that I am inordinately enthralled by the Lion King. Because. Also Spongebob Squarepants, Loony Toons, the Simpsons and Family Guy.

Thanks for visiting.:)

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