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Author has written 8 stories for Hunger Games, and Hush, Hush.

Alek... My new obsession from the book Leviathan!! This was drawn by the oh so amazing Keith Thompson that we all know and love :)


How's it going down in the land of the living? Pretty good? Well, that's fantastic!!! Anyways, a little about myself to ease us into our buddiness :D

Name: Emily! I usually go by Em in most of my reviews and stories and such, but I'm really just another one of the BAZILLION Emily's out there. There's a lot of us! I mean, I almost have at least two in every single one of my classes!!

Appearence: Well, for one, I hope I don't look like the typical fanfiction nerd that everyone imagines in their head. I have long-ish blonde hair (I get blonde jokes a lot! XD) that my mom insists on coloring at least once every two months. My appearence seems something special to her. Now, my eyes are a wierd color. I didn't get my mom's brown, or my dad's blue-ish color. I got a mix of hazel, green, and gold. Though, my eye color has changed over my life, and probably will again :). I'm about 5'5, and never going to grow again :'( Though, I'm O.K on the skinny-ness factor :D

Personality: The way my mom puts it, I'm very inconsistent. I have a lot of mood swings, and they're usually taken out on my writing (Sorry readers, I DO love you!) Though, in front of friends I'm usually more hyper, and funny. Maybe a little too talkitive. But, if you DON'T know me, you'd probably say that I haven't developed my vocal cords yet :)


Obviously, if your on here you have probably read The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire. If not... READ THEM!! I have this thing against the last book... (P.S please don't read the rant if you haven't read the book!)

Leviathon: Alright, so when I started reading this book I was sorta... "What the heck is going on??" But it gets SSSOOO much better! Its an alternate history of World War I: Clankers vs. Beasties. The characters Alek and Deryn are always on my mind these days... an even more complicated love story than Katniss and Peeta's! And I never thought I would ever say this BUT... this book surpasses The Hunger Games... BY A LOT.

Behemoth: The SECOND book to Leviathan. Yes, we have to wait until October for the third, but ah well! Unlike a lot of 2nd-ers this book was equally as book as the first! HOPE YOU LOVE THEM TOO!!

Thirteen Days To Midnight: Ok, first of all, I love the characters in this book! They're all so diffrent from each other but in a way that they all mesh nicely.

Flipped: The only NORMAL book I've read latley! It's so amazingly cute, and funny! READ IT!! Trust me, it'll take like, a day! PLUS there's a movie :)

Fallen: An alright book. It started off slow, and a bit confusing with the whole fallen angel thing (Which I think the book Hush, Hush did a much better job of interpreting that) but it ended all right...

Torment: The second book to Fallen. MUCH BETTER. Though, still not the best book I've ever read. I LOVE MILES!! Now, in this book Daniel got a TAD annoying my eyes. He was too secretive, and much too gooey. He never even gave Luce a chance to get to know him before leaping into a relationship that might kill her! But, I love Miles! He's adorable, funnny, and, uh... SOCIAL!

Hush, Hush: Just got done with this one, and I could not put it down! If your into mystery and suspence and all that, this is the book for you!!... Wow, I sound like a sales person...

Cresendo: FINALLY read this book! It was alright. Though, I'm glad they didn't make it all gooey and gushy as they do in a lot of love story's like.. I dont know.. FALLEN!

The Maze Runner Trilogy: First book was pretty good! :)



It seems like they won the war way to fast, and didn't make as many unexpected decisions like they usually do in this series. And all of the deaths left me confused, and not very interested. I mean, Finnick's my favorite character (Besides Peeta.. sorry Team Gale) and they didn't really play out his death very well. Just that she saw him fighting and left... LEFT!! :P Katniss... Even Prim's death didn't register. I thought that Katniss was the one on fire... Anyways, the main reason why it disappointed me is because it seemed to lack effort from Collins more than anything. And I do agree, Gale's ending was a little... unfinished. I thought for sure he would have ended up with Madge if Katniss picked Peeta but she's DEAD TOO!!! :(

I wish Gale would have called Katniss, or the other way around so we could here more about his life in District 2. I mean, we only heard this from Greasy Sae (which I have no I idea why SHE would be alive out of any of them...) because she knows the Katniss is mentally unstable, so Gale could be a hobo, or dead, or something and we would NEVER know!!!

Ugh... And I think her and Peeta having kids was a major after thought... I mean, she didn't even give them names, or much of a personality! PLUS their appearences seemed too predictable...

Prim and Finnick's deaths were MESSED UP!! Prim was the whole point of the story, and she ends up dead in the end, and Finnick was JUST getting his life back together since he's depressed most of the book...

I think it's safe to say that Suzzan Collins got tired of the story (Unlike thousands of fans) and just wrote the book so she could move onto something new. I felt like the story should have ended in Catching Fire, but with less of a cliff hanger... Maybe one more chapter that describes how their lives were after the war... "Gale is so happy in district two, and only a couple years ago they got married, maybe to Madge. We haven't seen either of them since the war ended. Gale even has a little boy named , whom I've seen in pictures." "Finnick got married to his Annie after getting her back from the Capitol. After my family moved back to District Twelve, the Odair's came to visit with Annie pregnant again, and the daddy smiling ear to ear." "Haymitch moved back home as well, and was working on reconstruction with the help of a few Seam workers who are eager to get our small community up and running again." "My mother and Prim finally started a hospital, which is always full with clumsy workers, or sick children who were brought back with their families." "And last, but not least, me and Peeta got married a couple years after the war ended. It was amazing that the President didn't kill him off in the begging, but I know we'll never let each other go now. Even longer afterwards, we had our first child, _. It makes me sad that she looks so much like me instead of the child I always envisioned Peeta having, but her father insists that she's beautiful. Though, when we had our son, he adopted Peeta's blond hair and fair skin. His eyes are darker, but defiantly mine. Like a signature that he belongs to me. Well, in more ways than others, our boy turned out more like me. Never listens to us, fights with his sister, and runs a muck through out the district. But has Haymitch puts it, he's got lots of...'spunk" ;)

Yeah... Thats how I think it should have ended :)

Ok, I think I'm finally done!! :D


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