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Race- African American


My favorite shippings (Just a heads up. My manga ships are taken more seriously than my anime ships. Don't ask why. My anime ships are fun opinions, while manga are more factual based and critical.)

Sonic the Hedgehog

SonicXAmy- I think it's obvious why.

SilverXBlaze- They were partners.

KnucklesXRouge-Eh, why not.

TailsXCosmo- They were clearly in love.




MaruchoXJewls from JJ Dolls- Marucho said he prefered Jewels over Jenny in their introduction and ever since she kissed him I thought they could be shipped.

AliceXKlaust-their pretty close, but I don't know if they'd actually have a serious relationship.

AceXMira-I don't want her with Dan, so he's the only one left.

Pokemon anime

AshXMay- May is my favorite of Ash's female traveling companions so of course I'd ship them together.

BrockXQueen Lucy-He liked her, she liked him, what else.

DawnXKenny-He liked her, she liked him, what else.

ZoeyXNando- I don't know, ever since she got over disliking him for doing gyms and contests I thought they could of had a closer relationship going on. They also seemed to have a closer freindship during the Grand Festival. However, I don't actually know Nando's age. He didn't seem like he was an adult and the others didn't treat him as one (you know like call him sir or whatever) and Zoey was straight up rude to him in the beginning and she seems to treat most adults with respect. He seemed like he could have been close to Brock's age, which is approx 15. If in some way his age is revealed, I might change my response.

Alvin and the Chipmunks




Pokemon Adventures


FranticSipping- My absoute fav due to my love of the Hoenn series games and manga. Ruby and Sapphire are also my favorite Pokemon Adventures characters! I'm so glad Ruby and Sapphire were the first characters to be confirmed cannon as having crushes on each others.

ChosenShipping-I like it because I don't see the two being put together with anyone else. Some say the two have a brother-sister relationship, which I agree with, but the fact that their not biologically related just gives them the higher possiblity of later dating.

CommonerShipping-I can see this happening because Diamond clearly has a crush on Platinum. She also seems to care for him as well.

HaughtyShipping-I can easily see this happening as much as Commoner. The only reason it's lower on the list is because Pearl has yet to show any romanitic feelings towards Platinum.

AgencyShiping-The two were together so much, so I guess it could happen.

Now for the disliked Ships.

RedXanyone- No offence, but I don't really see Red having a relationship with anyone. His relationship with Green wasn't that close. She only flirted with him for money and to steal his badges. I also view Green as being very selfish and mean to everyone, but Silver so...yeah, that's why I paired her with him. Yellow is even worse and I'll never understand why anyone would support this ship. Red thought Yellow was a boy for most of the time he knew her and I doubt he'd just let that go and start developing a crush on her. Also despite what several people say, Yellow has shown NO hints at being the slightest bit attracted to Red. Red is NOT dense as people claim as he clearly showed attractions to Misty and Green in their first encounters. I also hate Pika and ChuChu for being used to support this ridiculous ship. This list could go on forever, but sadly I have little time. I would have shipped Red with Misty, but the fact that she hasn't appeared or been mentioned since the GSC series makes any relationship seem unlikely.

BlueXanyone- Blue just doesn't seem like the kind of person who would like anyone in a romantic way, in my opinion. He's more into training his Pokemon and getting stronger. Just like specialshipping, I'll never understand why Oldrival is so popular. Blue is clearly annoyed by Green's flirtacious antics. The whole "pesky girl" thing was NOT a pet name. He has shown no hints towards liking her as anything more than a... does he even LIKE her at all?!?! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I can contradict any Oldrival hint anyone throws at me so I'll just leave it at that.

YellowXanyone-There is nothing anyone could say to make my think that Yellow has a crush on Red. A person told me that something can be proven true IF AND ONLY IF something else it true. In this case, Red can be said to be dense/oblivious to the feelings of Yellow IF AND ONLY IF Yellow has shown any romantic feelings towards Red. She hasn't. Yellow can be said to be too shy to confess her feelings to Red IF AND ONLY IF she has expressed any romantic feelings towards him. She hasn't. Yellow can be said to be oblivious to the feelings of Red IF AND ONLY IF Red has shown any feelings towards her. He hasn't. And the list continues so we'll move on.

MangaQuestShipping- The fact that Gold clearly annoys Crystal is the largest reason I don't see these two pairing up. Neither has shown any romatic feelings for the other anyway. (I've not yet read the HGSS manga so this could change later).

Any other ship that would break up a pair I stated that I liked.

This doesn't really relate to shippings, but I really hate Pika and ChuChu for several reasons.

1. Pika was the 3rd of Red's obtained Pokemon, but he was treated as the favorite. He was even explicatly called the "leader" at the end of Volume 2 and Erika called him "the best he saved for last" which I can't stand. Poli should have been the "leader" as he was Red's first Pokemon. Pikachu was the star in the anime, so why did the manga have to continue on with Pikachu promotion. This is really minor, but I also don't see why Pika still hasn't evolved when Red has owned a magical everlasting Thunderstone. Pika has never expressed a dislike of evolving so I don't see why Red won't just stone him already.

2. ChuChu I dispise because, just like Pika, she was treated as Yellow's favorite when she was introduced. She was captured last, so if anything she should have the most distant relationship from Yellow. This also takes away from Ratty's time with Yellow. You know Ratty, Yellow's starter, the one who should be seen with Yellow the most. It's honestly like Ratty doesn't even exist anymore now that the manga loves showing Pika and ChuChu together. The fact that ChuChu is also used as another excuse to ship Red and Yellow is even more annoying. So yeah. Hate these guys.

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My stories are not really about romance. I KNOW they're animes, but I don't believe in using so much romance that it completley overshadows the main purpose of the series. Just becuase I'm a girl doesn't mean my stories will focus completely on romance, rather than the action and adventure of the plot. This being said, if you read any of my stories and are really hoping for a ship, don't expect it to ever happen. It may, but most likely will not.

Now Poke'mon, can be place for romance, but still not that much. I don't originally feel this strongly about this until I read several Pokemon fanfics and realized that many of them didn't even include any Pokemon in the stories. I know it's not a requirement, but I think writing a story should at least include the main aspect of its genre. In that case, POKEMON stories should include some POKEMON in the story.

The chipmunks of course are totally about romance. The chipettes were made for the chipmunks to have companions.

My favorite starters of each Pokemon region

Kanto-Squirtle (Somewhat of a tie with Charmander. They're both so cute.)

Johto-Chikorita (Tie with Totodile. I like water types, but I started with Chikorita in SoulSilver. There were no other cute grass types and I wanted a Lanturn.)




If Stella6 did this, so can I.

My Pokemon teams.

Pearl: Names based on species name or the animal it is based upon.

Infernape: Chimney (Male)

Luxray: Lion (Female)

Golem: Dude (She's a female, but I didn't notice at the time.)

Pachirisu: Squrrel (Male, yes I know it's spelled wong, I was rushing at the time.)

Chatot: Charap (Female, in game trade)

FireRed 1: Names based on types or species, except Statur who was named because she knew mainly status moves when caught.

Charizard: Heatwave (Male)

Raichu: Thundabolt (Female)

Pidgeot: Airstrike (Male)

Parasect : Statur (Female)

Primape: Fighter (Male)

Arbok: Cobra (Male)

FireRed 2: Names Based on Crash and Spyro characters except Dinosaur.

Venusaur: Dinosaur (Male)

Raichu: Crash (Male)

Butterfree: Butterfly (Female)

Pidgeot: Cynder (Female)

Alakazam: Chronicler (Male, was Kadabra all throught FireRed. Evolved when migrated to Pearl.)

Arcanine: Magmadon (Male)

FireRed 3 Names: based on Gaurdian Bakugan in season 1.

Blastoise: Preyas (Male)

Pidgeot: Skyrus (Female)

Nidoking: Gorum (Male)

Jolteon: Tigrerra (Female)

Arcanine: Drago (Male)

Dragonite: Hydranoid (Male)

Platinum: Names based on Sonic the Hedgehog series characters.

Inernape: Blaze (Female)

Luxray: Amy (Female)

Floatzel: Tails (Male)

Garchomp: Sonic (Male)

Lucario: Knuckles (Male)

Weavile: Shadow (Male)

SoulSilver: Names based on The Lion King characters.

Meganium: Nala

Houndoom: Nuka

Espeon: Kiara

Lanturn: Simba

Xatu: Vitani

Tyranitar: Kovu

Black: Names based on claasic cartoon characters.

Samurott: Dot (Female)

Liepard: Rita (Female)

Simisear: Monty (Male)

Cinccino: Lola (Female)

Emolga: Slappy (Female)

Haxorus: Taz (Male)

White 2 :Names based on Cry's Pokemon from Pokemon Adventures, all ending in -ee.

Seperior: Serperee (Female)

Ampharos: Amphee (Female)

Arcanine: Arckee (Female)

Glaceon: Glacee (Female)

Flygon: Flygee (Female)

Absol: Abiee (Female)

Song link for Les estrallas Las Mes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIYF0v0XidU

If you believe in Jesus Christ, put this on your profile and don't deny this because the bible says, "Deny me and i will deny you in front of my father in the gates of heaven."

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