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Author has written 3 stories for Morganville Vampires, Caster Chronicles, and Lost Girl.

Dreamin' Musician, Writing Poet. What more do you want?

Alright, so what now? You wanna know more 'bout me? really? Alright.

I'ma 16 and brittish.

I love music, both listing to and writing it.

I'm not much of a film fanatic, but I know a good 'un when I see it.

I'm a ravid reader.

Many a time, I've been told that I've swallowed a thesaruaus, and I have an issue with the word 'Basically'.

I have atrocious spelling, but I'm never to far off the mark.

Fav music?

To much to list, if I'm utterly honest, my current playlist (for its approaching christmas) includes Sixpence none the richer, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Emilie Autumn and Amy Can Flyy... Along with the odd hyped up song. Ooo../ Cant forget Chumba! I've become a big fan of their 'Showbusiness' album...

Fav books?

Again, to many to list... but I'm a mad Morganville Vamp fan, and I'm bound to love any books involving Angels. I also LAAVVV Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Bitten series... Anything mildly Sci Fy is good by me to.


The harry potters (O'course), Blade Runner (for its just so Awsome!), Marley and Me (^^), War Of The Worlds (!!!!), Anything mildly fantasy or so on... OH! Can't forget Sky Blue (Wonderful Days)

Might I just mention that I'm also a Killjjoy? For those who don't know, we're the big ol' MCR fans who despise Better Living Industries (BLI or BL/ind). I have me own character, and her best phrase yet comes from her 'History'.

Her name be Poisoned Nations.

"Killjoys are naturally the dregs of society. Most of us came from backgrounds of prostitution, dealers, even the odd killer. We rebbelled then, we rebel now. We were the dregs then, we're the dregs now. That sort'a thing. Personally, I don't come from that sort of background. I was a 'good girl' who relied on the 'kind heartedness' of BLI. Pshya. Really. No."

If your interested, have a look at her profile, join the site and add your own!

"With each fall, we keep growing. With each push to the floor, we grow into the people we are. Without the people who give us all the rubbish in the world, we become the people who are determined to help those who are fighting with the real attempts to get them down. These are the people that we must be. These are the people who we must support. Never give in. Never let the silence win. Always fight back for what is right and true."

Dreamer Out.

His onyx angel by XxXVampires-are-awesomeXxX reviews
It's about time our fave dark vampire prince had some love in his life. Disclaimer: I don't own any characters in this story apart from the ones I made up if I did, I wouldn't be writing this.
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One day, Vex turns up in a weird place that he's never been. Poor Mrynin has no clue what on earth is going on. How will the pair get on? Will Vex last long? And how on earth does Mrynin cope with this weirdo? I just wanna point out the word count here
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There for you reviews
A little songfic that I came up with straight after I finished the first book. Oneshot unless in demand between Lena and Ethan, just after Macon was, well, you know the story.
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