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Well good golly. It sure has been a long time since I've been back here on my old stomping grounds. The place where i first became a writer. How's everyone been? I know I've been away for quite a while, and to be honest, i never thought I'd ever return to this place again. But, looks like i was wrong now wasn't i?

A lot's been busy on my end, life hasn't given me a break in any shape or form, but i still find the time to write of course. But nowadays, i don't write the same way i use to. More or less, my skills have improved. I don't always need to use the spell checker to spell words correctly, though i still do for some longer words. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about though.

In any case, now that I'm back once again, it's time to make some long over due changes to my profile, and get in touch with some old friends as well. Perhaps even review some old story's i never got the chance to do, but still get sent to my inbox asking help on. But first thing's first, lets make some changes to this dusty old place.

Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Shrink. Here on FanFiction.net, i partake in creating story's where the main character is very tiny, usually in the 1-6 inch height range. When i first came here ages ago, there were very few story's here with that kind of content. Nowadays, I'm not sure. I haven't checked mind you, but I'm sure someone's been busy making them where i have not.

In any case, i hope you all enjoy reading my story's, in the actual event i do find the time in my now hectic lifestyle to re-write them and continue to add to them anyway.

Note: I'd like to thank Stephy825 for helping me with my Pokemon and Naruto story. If it wasn't for her, my story's would probably suck right now.

I guess it's about time I put the title of my stories down here, as well as what they are about.

"The destroyer." World, Pokemon. A young boy, feared by many, is trying to escape his dark past by living with the wild Pokemon of the Sinnoh region, while at the same time, trying to stay as far away from the human world as possible. But after a brief encounter with Team Rocket, he soon finds himself thrust into a journey beyond anything he could have ever thought possible.

"Children of chakra." World, Naruto. It's been one year since the third hokage was killed by Orochimaru, and everyone is getting ready to honor his passing since then. But when Lee brings Naruto and Sakura a message from the fifth hokage, they soon find themselves in a strange cave, with old enemies, and a powerful entity that will change their lives forever. Update. I'm going to turn Ark into a mute instead of a stuttering freak with the IQ of a newborn child. It just seems better that way. But that's after I turn the story from script to story format. Which me and Stephy825 are working on right now.

"The Philosopher's legacy." World, Fullmetal Alchemist. After a fight with Scar, Edward and Al meet up with Winry, who's trying to set up shop in central. But what they don't know is that the item that Scar was after is now in the hands of a child, and that child is about to use alchemy to bring someone back to life. But she'll soon find out why human transmutation's never work out the was they should. *Almost finished.*

"My little one winged angel." World, Final Fantasy VII. No info on this story at present.

"Chaos controller" World, Sonic X. No info on this story at present.

Here are some stories I haven't made, but might.

Mega man. Time-line, ???


The world ends with you.

Final fantasy. Time-line, X, X2, XIII, and/or Dissidia.

Phoenix wright. Time-line, ???

Yugioh. Time-line, ???

Kingdom hearts. Time-line, ???

And maybe some more if I can think of them later.

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