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Writer's Block Hiatus

Oh dears, I'm so sorry.

Your support is much appreciated. Even for "Return", which I have completed. I love hearing what you all think.

I am kinda a big fan of Avatar and Inuyasha. Just saying.

A little bit about my name:

'daziyly' was my username for webkinz when I was ten years old, and was also my first official username. I meant, of course, to put 'daizy' or 'daisy' but I was not the best speller. Surprisingly, 'daziy' was already taken, so I (being the creative one) added an 'ly' at the end.

It's my username for basically everything because it's fairly easy to remember, as it was my first ever online username.

Quick info 'bout me: I love to write, seriously. I'm an aspiring actor, who happens to like math and I love when I have enough free time to start writing. I don't usually finishstories, due to the fact that I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head. Short stories I can do. I have yet to finish a long project though.

I'm all over the place sometimes, simply because my mind works faster than my mouth/hands. It's nice at sometimes, but a lot of the time people just find it confusing.

I live in the suburbs of Canada where everyone is the same, even the houses. It gets old fast. I escape in adventure novels and romance (NOT EROTICA, you pervs) novels, even though I'm not a big fan of relationships IRL.

I used to have a problem with lying (it was just so easy!) but not so much anymore. Although it has helped in the sense that I can tell when someone is lying to me. It's like, dude, just tell the truth!

I'm also a singer, but ask me to sign in front of you and you'll find it won't happen.

I have long hair that I love (although sometimes I would just like to chop it off) but it's not as long as it used to be (I got fed up at one point and cut it. Mistake).

It says up there that I love Avatar and Inuyasha, and that still stands true. But my favourite (ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE) to write for is the PowerPuffGirls. I was a normal fan of the show, and I don't know every episode by heart. I know enough, however, to write. I was fascinated when they introduced the RowdyRuffBoys and it just gives you so much to work with as an author. All the juicy stuff. Forbidden love, trials in love, two different sides, born enemies, born counterparts. The thought of it makes my inner writer drool. Oh yeah, I'm female.

What I like (and don't like) about FanFiction:

Sometimes people on here are just so narrow minded when it comes to change in pairings. People, this is called Fan Fiction for a reason, let people write about whatever pairings they want. It's not wrong. Maybe unorthodox, quite possibly not the canon couple, but COME ON. Have a little faith.

I may have only finished one story, but I have to say the reviews are the greatest. Particularly when people sepculate about what's going to happen next. As an author, if I get people to think, I've succeeded.

As long as I'm talking about reviews, I may as well point out that I love it when people quote me, followed by 'that was really good' or something along those lines. It seriously boosts my confidence!
I really don't like it when people post a story with obvious grammar/spelling errors. Especially when it switches between third person and first person. For example,

"U dnt know that," I said to her, while he crossed the path between tehm.

Every once in awhile, an error is alright (I'm sure there is plenty in my story), but consistent errors just mean you don't care enough about your story to make sure it's grammatically correct. If you don't care about your story, why should I?

I also don't like when a story contains more than one pairing, though it focuses mainly on one. That's fine, but not when you rush through the other pairings. What was the point in involving them at all? I understand they're not the main attraction, but still.

The Four Biggest Lies Ever Told:
(In order of frequency)

1. I have read the terms and conditions

2. I'm Fine

3. Dude. I swear I don't like anyone!

4. That was my last piece of gum, sorry.

"It takes 42 muscles to frown, but only 7 to smile"

"...lazy bastards."


Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive (Not usually, at least) Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Money cautious.

"Just because you are Pro-Choice, does not mean you are Pro-Abortion. It just means you think everyone has a right to choose."

I need to get this out:

I don't like it when people say they 'hate' a celebritiy or they 'want them to die'. It's alright to dislike their work, but you don't know them as a person. It's alright to dislike their fans, who may go overboard sometimes. It's not right to wish that they would die, or that you would throw a party if they died. It is certainly not okay to say you 'hate' a celebrity and 'want them to die' simply because they're dating your favourite celebrity. Is that really being a fan?

I know that by putting this it's not going to change much, but it really is something I just needed to get out. I mean, sure, if the person was a convicted murderer or abuser, then saying that you 'hate' them is tolerable.

I'm not clean--I used to say I hated celebrities without actually knowing things about them. They're people too.

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