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Author has written 13 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, D.Gray-Man, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Legend of Zelda.

See my pic? I don't have a Gaia account, I just got this from some site called I got to customize it and save it without paying any gold!

(Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what you use for currency on Gaia.)

I put the picture there so the people who read my stories, (if there's anyone) can see what Kuri from "Spin The Bottle! Anime & Cartoon Style!" looks like.

Okay, so these are the shows/animes I love:

Dgrayman. Lavi, Allen, Leenalee and Kanda are AWESOME! And Lavi is smexy too! (Glomps Lavi)

Tokyo Mew Mew. I know, I know, it does seem to be a bit like Sailor Moon. But hey, all magical girl animes are compared to SM at one point or another. Give it a break! It's a great story, really. And I TOTALLY love Kish-kun! And Kisshu-kun! (I don't care if they're the same person, I still love them! Er, him!)

P.S. I have DIBS on Kish-kun. Seriously. Don't even try stealin' him! But, if you ask nicely enough, I'm willing to share ;) Possibly. If you're worthy enough.

Avatar the Last Airbender. It's not an anime, but it's sooooooooo KEWL!! (Huggles all the characters)

Fruits Basket. Kyo is HAWT. What is it with me and red heads? Oh well! I still have Kisshu, who has green hair...

Lucky Star. Konata is so funny! She's my fav. character!

Sailor Moon. What can I say? Classic, funny, and totally addicting!

Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series. KOLKOLKOLKOLKOL RUSSIA IS SUPERIOR! WELL, except for America and Finland. They're also quite awesome. Gosh, I just love this show! It cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it!

(Oh, and go to this link to see if YOU would survive being in the world of Hetalia:
You never know... it's dangerous in there! Think of Russia and Switzerland!)

Ao no Exorcist. It's funny, has good character development and battle scenes, and I just love the concept of the story overall. Needless to say, I read the entire manga up to its most recent chapter in basically a day...

Elfen Lied. So much blood... so many tears... this show is like a sucker-punch to the heartstrings. I love it.

I should probably say something about my personality too. You might want to know that I am definitely your average fanfiction writer: silly, creative, and a little nuts. ...Okay, maybe really nuts.

Kisshu: Good times, good times...

Me: I also talk to my self. A lot.

Me: Don't listen to her, she's crazy!

Me: Will you be quiet?

Me: Fine.

Despite my goofyness, I'm quite level-headed and down to earth. I try to act mature and polite when online, just as I would outside of the internet. Unlike some people I know... Anyway, I just want to try to get along with everyone while I'm here, and it makes this place much more enjoyable that way. Let's all do our best to write something amazing, 'kay?

Just last year, I deeply immersed myself in the Legend of Zelda series, and I'm afraid that I'm not ready to get out yet. Don't be surprised if my fanfiction account starts flooding with Zelda fics.

It's a good thing, I promise you.

Finally, I would like to add that I won't be making any more stories like my Spin the Bottle stories. I don't like making OC's, and though I have retained my tendencies towards sadism with my favorite characters, I feel that it would be superficial to insert myself into another story. I prefer to torture the characters through less direct circumstances (like unpleasant situations, or pitting them against each other. Ha ha.)

On that note, please don't take it personal if I deny a request to insert you into a story. I just can't do it anymore.



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Sick reviews
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