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I am new to writing Fan Fiction. Professionally trained as an artist and educator, I worked as a materials engineer in medical ultrasound for 20 years. Now thanks to the economic downturn, I find myself a bored domestic engineer looking for a new hobby. Forged Friendships is my first venture into fiction and maybe my only one if it turns out that I am really bad at this stuff. I am use to writing technical papers and lab reports! Please let me know what you think!



Sharon M.

One night of insomnia and a rerun of the White Collar episode, The Portrait, was all it took to hook me. It is such a gripping show with convincing characters, suspense, humor and a sophisticated storyline. It is without a doubt the most artfully filmed show on TV. I love all the creative camera angles and dramatic lighting that give the show a very distinct aesthetic quality. The scene where Mozzie is hovering over Neal critiquing his choppy brush strokes took me back to my late nights in the painting studio. I think I could actually smell the oil paint and turpentine.

I love that the underlying tone for the show is doing good and making the right choices. In Peter's world, things are cut and dry, right or wrong. In Neal's world, he has gray areas like a gallant modern day Robin Hood. Neal's actions are driven by his heart not the law. You can't help but root for Neal as he wrestles back and forth between his past life and his hopefully bright future and all while solving the crime.

White Collar certainly didn't cure my insomnia and I absolutely had to find out what had happened in the previous episodes. I had my own White Collar marathon and got my husband hooked too. This show has the stuff that makes for great water cooler conversations. Now I am the biggest "Collar Case" around. I even learned to fold the origami lily because you never know when you might need to send a covert message to a friend.

As far as a con, I learned early in my career that a painting could be stolen in broad daylight if the thief is composed and confident. During my senior year in college, three 4x6 ft paintings were lifted off the student gallery walls and carried out the front door. It took three separate trips in and out of the gallery and no one ever questioned why the paintings were being removed. Who knows maybe it was a budding Neal Caffrey.

I love the show and thank all who are involved in producing it.

Sharon M.

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