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My last name is pronounced 'eye-rah', not 'ee-rah'. No, I have not faced this problem multiple times in real life-- simply because it isn't my real name.

I've been reading fan fiction a lot, and like most readers who also like to write, I've decided to write a few stories. So they're on the way... and will possibly take quite some time.

So this page will stay drab and dry till then. =P

Ah, why not give you a little sneak peek into the stories I'm currently writing/ thinking of writing? Yes, marvel at my generosity:

1.Title: Reluctance and Dependence

Characters: Nanao I. and Shunsui K.

Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort

Summary: 'My Nanao-chan has been keeping secrets from me,' said a deep, gravelly, voice from behind her. She whirled around just in time to see a flash of pink; and then she was staring at nothing.

Notes: Possibly around 4 chapters long. In this one, I hope to be writing something enjoyable to read rather than a new concept, so I suppose this might be a little cliched. As usual (for me, at least), Shunsui and Nanao's relationship is open to interpretation-- a pairing, a father-daughter relationship, a pre-romance story, or, like what I've termed it as-- friendship. Set around 19 years before current events. Also includes Ukitake J.

2.Title: Pulpuslacerataphobia

Characters: K. Zaraki

Genre: Humor

Summary: Kenpachi Zaraki confronts his worst-- and only-- fear. One hundred per cent crack.

Notes: One-shot. A result of absolute boredom in English class at school. Lots of OOCness XD

3.Title: Thirteen Whispers

Characters: Almost all of the Gotei 13-- captains and vice-captains, that is.

Genre: Humor/General

Summary: Thirteen glimpses of what goes on behind the closed doors of Gotei 13 offices. Things are never like what they seem...

Notes: Obviously, 13 chapters. Short ones, though-- one on each division. Mostly set before Aizen's betrayal.

4.Title: Untitled

Characters: K. Zaraki

Genre: Humor

Summary: The SWA decides to help the new captain of the eleventh look more, er, professional, and a bit less shabby. Without his permission, of course. A crack-ish theory about Captain Zaraki's bells.

Notes: LOL. I will have so much fun writing this one, I'm sure. I just hope it will be just that much fun reading it =) This is a one-shot, btw. But I have a few ideas for a sequel, if this receives a nice response ^^

5. Title: Hopeless

Characters: Kira I.

Genre: Angst

Summary: Kira Izuru did not hope. An introspective piece on the warrior no one really knows.

Notes: One-shot. Ah, that irresistible angst piece on Izuru. This one isn't that angsty or tragic, actually; and I've tried to portray him more as a strong person than a sappy moping idiot. Hopefully that will come across...?

6. Title: The Fall and Rise of Hinamori Momo

Characters: M. Hinamori

Genre: General/Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Everyone thought she would wither away and fade into the shadows, a sorry tale with mental scars that ran too deep. But she built herself together again with them, and proved them wrong.

Notes: A long story of character rebuilding, picking up pieces, and morphing a broken Momo into a strong leader. I'm not a great fan of Momo; but for once I think I should like to see a story where she doesn't become a weepy mess and go back to Rukongai to live with her granny. What the heck, I'll write it myself. Besides, writing stories about raising the bar and surpassing yourself is .. inspiring, hm? Also features several people instrumental to Momo's 'rise': Renji and Izuru, of course; and surprise, surprise, Soi Fon. XD Post-war, obviously.

7.Title: Untitled

Characters: Starts with Ichigo K. and K. Urahara, features plenty of characters, and main characters switch to Ichigo K. and Byakuya K. in the middle.

Genre: Drama/Crime

Summary: Subject to change.

Notes: AU. Lots of politics, because I love all the drama that comes with it, with undertones of crime and dark alleys, if you get what I mean. The story is still pretty sketchy in my head, but I'm sure of the first few chapters, and I'm pretty sure where I'm heading. This is my baby! I'm expecting this one to be a roller coaster ride, with mini plots that lead up to a big one you haven't been anticipating, and plenty of twists and turns. Hopefully I'll be able to do justice to the ideas in my head. Features almost all of the Bleach characters. Man, why can't there be a genre called 'Politics'?!

8.Title: Three Glimpses

Characters: Shinji H.

Genre: Tragedy

Summary: The others had been betrayed by Soul Society, but Shinji was betrayed by two of his own; his blood, his flesh, his division. Three glimpses into the face behind the symmetric smile.

Notes: Because, really, was Shinji blind? I know it wasn't entirely his fault, but there were two freaks in the top positions of his squad, and he didn't really notice. Ouch. That must have really hurt his pride.. One-shot. Three short scenes from varying parts of the Bleach timeline. Spoilers for Turn Back the Pendulum arc.

9. Title: Untitled

Characters: Byakuya K. and K. Zaraki

Genre: Friendship/Humor

Summary: ...None, yet.

Notes: This one isn't fully formed in my head yet. It features Byakuya, Zaraki, and the Wizard of Oz XD

10.Title: Untitled

Characters: Yachiru K. and Yamamoto G.S

Genre: Family/Humor

Summary: Yamamoto loses a bet to Kenpachi and takes Yachiru out for the day. The pink spot on his shoulder is really clashing with his beard...

Notes: Crack. I myself have no idea what to expect from it until it's done ~.~

11. Title: Untitled

Characters: All the Vizards.

Genre: Humor/Family

Summary: 'You need money to live in the Living World, Shinji. For money, we must work.' 'Oh, shut the hell up, Hachi. All ya need is ya damn brains.' What ensued was to be known among them as the Great Vizard Bank Heist.

Notes: ...How do you think the Vizards funded their living expenses? XD

12.Title: Nemesis

Characters: Grimmjow J. and Ulquiorra

Genre: Angst

Summary: They were ..compatriots. Well, as friendly as two Espada could be. Until each claimed Ichigo as his own prey. NOT yaoi.

Notes: Okay, I just realized how suggestive the summary sounded, so I added the bit at the end. I'm referring to their rivalry and weird possesiveness about killing Ichigo... more clarity in the story, I promise. I just don't want to give away the point I'll be working towards over here.

13.Title: Untitled

Characters: Yamamoto G.S. and Orihime I.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Sometimes it takes more than hairclips to heal people.

Notes: A small (speculative) scene of Orihime healing Yamamoto after the war. Youth meets weary, tired old man, conversation ensues. I don't want to give away the main point of this revelation-type story either. =P

I'll try updating this list-- or better yet, publish a story-- when I find time. Till then... get your hands off my stories!! =P

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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