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Author has written 4 stories for Labyrinth, Dragon Ball Z, and Final Fantasy VIII.
I like Dragon Ball Z very much, its my favorite anime. That is mainly what I read on

I really love the movie The Labyrinth. I love Jareth and his whole character.

My favorite DBZ characters are Vegeta and Piccolo. Both former bad guys, and prone to major temper tantrums. I guess it was only natural I fell for the Goblin King.

I really like Final Fantasy VIII.All those boys are just so adorable...Seifer, Irvine...Zelly and Squall... Sorry, sometimes I get a little carried away.

My fics are as follows:
1) My number one priority is Betrayal and Trust. Its a story that starts out when Pan comes home from college and hangs out with the Briefs alot (as usual). Pan and Trunks hook up but he sort of "betrays" her and... well... what can I say without giving too much away? Her and Vegeta end up getting together in the end. The pairings are as follows:
Not a whole lot of Gohan/Videl, but its there.

Later as the fic progresses:
Bulma/Original Character
And a few of my own characters get thrown into the mix from time to time.

2) My second fic which is also very high on my to-do list is Ties of Blood and Honor. Its a Labyrinth fic. Basically it takes place 10 years after the movie. Sarahs life gets pretty bad and shes depressed so she wishes herself away to the goblins in her sleep but its not your typical fic. Sarah lives with Jareth because she has to and she wants to alittle(even tho she has a hard time admitting it) As the story progresses, Sarah finds out she isn't the only member of her family in the Underground.

3) My third fic was written a few months ago but it got kicked off because some idiot ran whining to the staff. If your not old enough or mature enough to read lemon, DON'T. Its called Secrets Revealed and its another DBZ and a shorty too. Its about Trunks and Goten and how one innocent spar can turn into something else completely.

4) I'm thinking of doing a FF8 fic. Actually I have two different ones in the works. Both center around Zell. He's just so damn adorable.

5) My best friend Gail and I are doing a crossover Labyrinth/DBZ. Its a super comedy in which Jareth takes all of Vegeta and Pan's powers away. (Yes we like that pairing alot and its R rated for violence and language) The only way it will have any lemon is if my friend talks me into some Jareth/Sarah stuff. Vegeta and Pan don't "get together" in this fic but by the end they'll be pretty good friends and understand each other farely well. The title is Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered. And the name we used is Rouko_Gail. The first chapter is in the DBZ world but we've got the ball rollin on the second chapter.

In addition to not having a whole lotta time, I have a few fics I'm working on at the same time and I can't update alot. Especaily now since the new semester is going. But hey! At least it half over!

I have a website which I'm currently working on to get it somewhat presentable. Gail has a page for her fics and artwork. And I have 2 sections of fanart along with my fanfics. One is regular fanart from the show or pictures of Jareth I've drawn, and the other is fanfart from my fics.

Im 18 and I live in Upstate New York. College is pretty time consuming (8 hours most days)so my updates arent really predictable. Mostly weekends is when I update.

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