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Name Graytail
Age sixteen
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Currently drinking coffee
Interests Transformers, Naruto, Coffee, Drawing, Writing
Animes/Series Naruto, Code Geass, Death Note, Higurashi no Naku koro ni, Transformers,
I am proud to be a pervert
OTP Kakashi x Rin


Before you start reading about this amazing person


I'm called Gray, and my greatest passion in life is coffee. I'm a kind of weird person, but in a good way maybe perhaps idon'tknow. I'm also the kind of person who loves being able to make new friends. I mean, seriously, there's so many wonderfully weird and amazing people out there and the best thing I know after coffee is to be able to talk, laugh and goof around with my internet-pals. I won't lie to ya - my best friends are from internet and I love them dearly. We met by pure accident really, and that's why I'm just so eager to go out and meet all these wonderful people.

Useless information we all love

Nevermind that though. I'm a 16 years old female viking (Sweeeeden~) with a creative spirit. I throughly enjoy drawing, something that's been my passion for 2 - 3 years now, as well as writing. Though I enjoy music as well as singing (because it's so fun and expressive) I am by no means the new Madonna. xD Seriously, you don't want to be near me when I start singing. |'D...

In my ears, drawing, writing and singing sounds like the average creative person that is all "Butterflies and sunshine :'D" and although I do enjoy using the phrase butterflies and sunshine, it doesn't mean I'm the average creative person you think. By faaaaar |D I mean, c'mon, it's not like I'd ever let anything come between me and my love for coffee, aye?

No, I'm in no way witty or funny. :B I do try though, if you'd call my sad, lame attempts to make a joke as humor :'D...still though, it's not like jokes are for the entertainment other people, right? (wait, what?)



Right now my biggest fandoms are Naruto and Transformers. I'm the kind of Narutard who looooves Kakashi. Seriously, he's by far my favorite character and although I really do enjoy the humor and general stuff in that series, that silver-haired man is what makes the show extraordinary to me |'D Yes, I'm a Kakashi fan-girl and though I don't exactly go all "OMGOMGOMGOMGCUUUUUUUUTEYOUAREAMAZINGANDEPICANDHANDSOMEANDI'LLBEYOURFUTUREWIFEY" I do admit I have a habit of drawing him a lot. Shirtless

Hm, yeah. I do admit I want and will cosplay him. With the help of my dad's girlfriend we made all his clothes 'n stuff. I have the wig and everything and I WAS supposed to go to a con. in my hometown, but we moved that day to another appartment and I wasn't able to get away until we were finished. Not to mention I didn't have access to a shower (seriously, you don't smell like apple-pie after moving around heavy boxes and furniture up and down three stairs) and I kinda decided to not go. T_T It hurt to see pictures of three cosplayers who were cosplay Kakashi, Rin and Obito at that convent. Seriously, my heart broke at that sight ;_; I'm hoping to be able to cosplay him sometime soon though, and in the meantime I'll just try to improve my costume I guess ^w^

Transformers nerd

When I was a young kid, I used to watch Cartoon Network whenever I was at my dad's place, because there was nothing else to do other than going to the library (which introduced me to Anime, but nevermind that) and every saturday this show "Transformers Energon" aired. First time I saw it was in the middle of an episode in the middle of the season (didn't make any sense whatsoever) and I just fell in lvoe immediately. Transformers became my drug whenever I was at my dad's and I kept track of the commercial on CN just to make sure I didn't miss when the next episode would air :3 One day, I came in the middle of this episode where Shockwave kinda blew off Optimus' arms and legs, and he was just lying there, uring his comrades to move forward in a "I'm dying, but let's pretend I'm not so just go ahead and I'll see ya there :'D" way whcih broke my heart ;w; I mean, of the few episodes I'd seen, Optimus had immediately become my absolute favorite robot.

I do thnk it's Transformers Energon's fault though, because that show seriously had Optimus in focus all the time (no complaining here) and I think he died three or four times =w= Admittedly, it was a kind of Mary Sue-ish show, because the way OP died and then came back all the time just in the right moment 'n stuff like that got boring in the end, sadly ._. Not to mention that fucking Kicker...god, I hate him.

Anyway, we left in the middle of the episode, because we were going out to eat dinner, and I never got to know what happened to Optimus. I seriously thought he died, because that episode never aired again and then all of a sudden it just disappeared from CN. In time, I forgot about TF and just went on like usual with my life - until, one day when I got home from school (which was like...7 years later or so) my mom's boyfriend was watching Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen. And guess what? Yeah, I came in the exact moment where Optimus had just died =w=

I asked if we could rewatch the movie, which he agreed to do, and after falling in love with that one I sat down in front of my computer and searched for "Transformers". Since then, I've watched all live-action movies (I went to the premier of TF:DotM) as well as the 80's and all other TF series except Beastwars. Beastwars just...doesn't seem like Transformers to me, I'm sorry. I prefer them as transforming giant robots without fur and scales. Maybe I'm missing out on something great, but Beastwar just ain't my cup of tea.

I do love the latest TF series though - Transformers Prime. It's amazing :D I mean, seriously. The characters, the plot, the design... even the humans are bearable (except Miko perhaps) and I just love the character development, the voice-acting and everything. What really made me happy was that both Frank and Peter returned to voice Megatron and Optimus together again, just like they did in the 80's. If you have seen the "Behind the Scenes"- video, you will know what a great time they're having together. Truly amazing voiceactors and persons

I'm very dsappointed about Optimus character development though - seriously, the guy's gotten no development whatsoever. We've gotten to know a little about his past, but other than that they've pictured him as the godly, making-no-mistakes, heroic, stoic Prime. I just don't get why... Peter did such a great job of vocie-acting OP in the live-action movies - there was so much emotion in his voice and it made OP less godly and more... human? (lol xD) Whatever has happened with your TFP voiceacting, Peter, I seriously hope it'll get better for the sake of Optimus' character.


Merely for my own enjoyment, I will try to write as much as possible about my love for coffee and then sit back and watch as people facepalm every time they read my profile. I'm amazing like that, y'know ^^; But really, coffee is amazing. BELIEVE IT.

I do admitt I'm not a coffee-addict (yet), but I do love taking at least one cup or two every day, if we have any. I mean, c'mon, who can't love coffee? You get a warm drink that tastes amazing (but not with sugar, because we hate sugar with coffee) and you get a small rush outta it. Heh, I still remember the first time I drank coffee and shortly after I just had to do something. Ended up cleaning my room, walking 8 km with the dog and then cleaning a little in the kitchen. After the effect disappeared though, I was so freakin' tired. TwT That was the only time coffee affected me that way though, because I've never experienced anything like that since that one, first time. -nod, nod-

Which reminds me, I need to buy a coffee-mug, because my coffee-cups cool down too fast. I tend to draw or write while sitting in front of the computer, and accidentaly forgets about my cup. And when I do remember about it, it's ice-cold. Disgusting D|

...I seriously need to get a Transformers coffee-cup.

Fanfics - Completed as well as WIPs

Fanfictions in Progress

What If - Naruto (I seriously need to rename it to something better)
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Pairing Kakashi x Rin, slight hint of Obito x Rin
Summary This is a kind of "what if" fanfic. Won't post the summary (since I don't have one yet, because I'm amazing like that) until I've published the story to begin with. But be aware, it is coming and it's coming soon.



Not Enough- Naruto
Main characters Kakashi
Pairing Kakashi x Rin
Summary Some things in life weren't meant to happen, but they did anyway; and other times some things supposed to happen never occured. Like a fleeting thought, a wish or maybe a dream. It slipped away from us, it slipped away from all of us.


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