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Poll: I am writing a Dragon Age 2 story about Carver Hawke, but I can't decide on some background info so I will let the Fanfiction Community Vote. You have three votes so vote for one of each. These will be used in the story the sooner I get votes the sooner I Vote Now!
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Sup people... I'm not sure what to put here, oh well. If you are wondering about my profile picture well, that is George. George is a girl and likes playing with my DSi. And if your wondering if I named George 'George' because in Easy A Rhiannan says that George is the name you name your teddy bear you are wrong I named George years before that movie even came out.

Urgent Note! (that is why it is bold and underlined) - My computer's hardrive went bad so I am getting a new one and for the meantime am using my iPad for everything. So no updates for a while. UPDATE!!! Nothing from my computer what's salvegable so..yeah. I am rewriting everything.

Now something everyone should know about my stories and characters. I will normally have my main characters sing. The reason changes for each character however if it is expressly stated that singing is important to the character they will sing more than once. But music is very important to me so I try to have a songs in my stories.

Also if you are wondering why most of my stories are centered around female main characters that's because I...actually have no idea why, I just do.

Stories I am currently working on (as in not on the back burner/ writing when the writing is good):

Siren's Song

Paint it Black

Psychic Revelations

I also have a few others that I am planning. The Witching Hour - a crossover between Daniel X and Charmed, A sequel to Siren Song (which I haven't even finished) called Past Lives Present Loves (or PLPL for short) and a sequel to Midnight Flight however this one might take the longest to get written. I am also planning a Harry Potter fic about the next generation If anyone wants to help me on this one I am willing to listen to all ideas and peices of advice. And a few others that haven't made it bast the zygote stage.

I would really like to apologize for my current and future gramatical errors in my writing. Sorry! (I'm working on it) Also I a thank you to all of you who have read my stories... and another apology Sometimes I write a really good chapter but other times their just average or not so good so please don't be mad but that will happen.And another apology to anyone who subscribes to a story alert, the way I write, I think is weird, an idea will just pop into my head and demand to be written so I will write them and post them because if I don't my mind will be too preocuppied with that then the other stories. That and it does take me a reeeeeaaaaally long time to write chapters so sorry, but if you bare with me eventually in your email you will get a happy little alert for a new chapter.

Now I really want to be an Author but I want to test my abilities so I will try to write things such as drama, tradegy, humor, etc. and well...dare I say it...l...le...lem...lemons, to test my self.

BTW If you review my stories, or add me to your favorite Author or story to favorite stories, you will receive a thank you message. Because i appreciate it. Also if you read my story and are from a different country other than the US leave a review saying where you are from cause I will like totally freak out in a good way to know that my story is read world wide.

I want to get in on the greatest Debate of my generation; Team Edward or Team Jacob? Well everyone is wrong. Now I'm guessing that whichever team your on its because you want Edward or Jacob. See it should be like this. "I'm Team Edward because I want Jacob for myself." There you go now you know the right answer.

I want to share my hopes and dreams. (In bullet form...sorta)

To creat The Best ever Avocado Smoothie

To become a best selling author

To one day marry a celebrity (Why not/ movie deals)

Conrol objects with my mind (not read minds cause I can already do that)

To become a Science Teacher (High School or Elementary? can't decide)

I also want to be an Umbra Witch

P.S. I will probably put some pop culture references in my stories so... lets play the name the reference game. Just quote the quote in a review and tell me where its from. And you will win a fabulous prize...well not really.

Arguement Time


I like Mary-sues. I know what people say and think about them but I honestly don't think its a problem. "Give your character some flaws, make them more realistic." I have met people (in real life) who are good looking and are great at (in my opinion) too many things. I have met real life Sues, and I'm pretty sure that nothing gets more realistic than real life. Besides there are sooo many characters in the mainstream that we all love but I know for a fact are Mary-Sues. Mary-sue is only a problem if it effects the story in a negative way. You can have a Mary-Sue and an awesome story. Humans by nature are attracted to emphasis and well Mary-sues are just lots of emphasis.

Mary-Sueness is like most thing it is fine in moderation.


"If you can raed tihs, cpoy tihs itno yuor polrfie, and sea if ohtres can raed it. (P.S. If dyslexia is like this, I think I could handle it)" I honestly hate this copy and paste I think that it is completely insensitive to people with dyslexia. Dyslexia is like this but also much worse take the letter 'P' for example with dyslexia the letter 'p' also appears as 'q', 'b', and 'd'. As a future teacher I find this paste incredibly mean towards people with dyslexia. There are different levels of dyslexia ranging from mild to severe, and people have to live with it so don't be a jerk. Help me out; all people with this pasted on their profile please delete it.

Sebastian Vael

Okay, not much of an argument since everyone is entitled to their opinion and I know that not everyone likes Sebastian. But I love HIM!!!! Now pushing away the biased feelings. Sebastian was one of the very few sane choices that a female Hawke could romance. I mean look at what there is, a broody elf who either isn't very sensitive to the whole 'my sister is imprisoned' or doesn't realize by saying that "mages is evil" includes you, a terrorist abomination with mood swings who can't take 'no' for an answer, a walking std (sorry Izzy, you're my girl have some questionable tastes), and a blood mage elf who doesn't understand that blood magic and demons are bad. I know we all don't share Sebastian's love for the Chantry but in all seriousness he is actually very morally upstanding character. And he is always questioning whether he should take back Starkhaven or remain in the Chantry, unlike some of the other love interests he tries to make a responsible decision about his course of action taking into consideration the people of Starkhaven. And to close my argument I give you to hard hitting peices of evidence: Accent and Prince.

Favorite Books/ Series

Maximum Ride

Mortal Intsruments


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Infernal Devices

The House of Night Books (I just started reading them and I am like WHOOOOHOOOO! Zoey is funny)

His Dark Materials

Harry Potter

Twilight (books not movies! [however Eclipse was actually good, surprising right!?])

The Inheritance Cycle




Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series

True Blood

Charmed (witches)

Bones (best TV show ever!)

(to name a few)


I am Number 4 (still need to read the book)

Eragon (yes, it was a horrible movie, but the riffing material is endless)

The Princess and the Frog

Easy A

X-Men (all movies)


Dragon Age: Origins (Mage, Human Noble, and Dalish Elf)

Dragon Age II (Mage and Rogue)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (I love the Multiplayer, too bad I'm so bad at it, Courtesan and Hellequin!)


Final Fantasy XIII


Pokemon (what can I say? It was a big part of my childhood, also my favorite Pokemon: Espeon, Pichu, Glaceon, Reshiram, Absol, Zarou, and Mew)

Anything Mario (except 64)

Rock Band 1, 2, and I want 3

Spyro (Hells Yeah!!!)

Pairings that I ship (most are canon)

I don't necessarily ship male/male pairings but I have to respect the creativity in most of those stories. And most of the time they are crazy funny. OOCness is very comical sometimes.

Dragon Age: Origins



Mage Warden/Cullen (not Canon but Bioware I am Begging!)

Dragon Age II

mHawke/Isabela (I don't know why I don't support the lesbian love, especially since my Rogue fHawke and her had special alone time but...)

fHawke/ Sebastian Vael (Rivalmance, otherwise its a chaste marriage and that is just sad)

mHawke/ Sebastian Vael (pure choir-boy tasting the forbidden fruit, how can I not like that?)

Anders/Fenris (opposite ends of the spectrum)

Carver/OC (I really don't support him and Merrill. I'm not sure why but I just don't like it.)

Bethany/Cullen (he was in love with her cousin now with her)

Mage fHawke 7/Cullen (same as the above reason)

Percy Jackson

Percy/Annabeth (Canon)

Percy/OC (what can I say, its fun)

Clarisse/Chris (Clarisse deserves someone)

Silena/Bekendorf (way too cute)

Luke/OC (I don't know why)

Connor/ My OC, and a select few others


Mercedes/Sam (I called that at the Prom episode)

Rachel/Puck (Jewish love)

Rachel/Finn (Now that Finn has finally made up his mind I support this with glee cookies)

Quinn/Finn (first loves)




Eragon/OC (cause I HATE Arya)

Murtagh/OC (Originally my character Nerezza was actually a love interest for him, the bad-boy image was used alot in that...and might be used later HINT*)


Brennan/Booth (well duh!)

Angela/Hogins (a bigger duh)

Sweets/ and someone deserving of him (he is way too nice)

Mortal Instruments

Jace/Clary (do I have to explain?)

Alec/Magnus (isn't it gay?)

Isabelle/Simon (the vampire needs somone, and Isabelle needs to get off her high horse)

Quotes (some of these are created by me)

"Stupid people don't make stupid choices, stupid choices make stupid people" - Gravity-Did-It

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