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Author has written 5 stories for Angel, Spirited Away, and Yu-Gi-Oh.
We are two best friends (Leanne & Ryan) and love to write stories. We've written many past stories, but the Heart of the Dragon II: Legend of the Crystal Hearts is the first to be on It's not close to being finished, but it is progreessing. We hope you enjoy it!!! Don't forget to review, we want to know how we're doing, plus we LOVE to hear from you!!

Dark Knight's Lair:

Dark: Uumm... Still haven't mailed those chapters yet...

Silent: (T_T) Yes, I know... YOU NEED TO GIVE ME THAT DISK!

Dark: (^.^);...

Dark Knight's Info.:
Name: Ryan
Age: 15
B-day: Dec. 16
Nationality: Spanish/American (?)
Favorite Color(s): Neon Yellow, turquoise, purple
Education: High School (Freshman)
Favorite Show: Angel
Favorite Character(s): Cordillia (most favorite), Hotaru, etc.

Silent Angel's Cloud #9:

Silent: Hello everyone! It's me Silent Angel, Princess of all hot and cute bishys! HAHAHAHAHA! EVERYONE BOW BEFORE MY ALMIGHTY GREATNESS!... I know I'm crazy... Especially when I read about the guys cross dressing on Yu-Gi-Oh! Very interesting...

Guys: (O.O);...

Silent: What? (='.'=)?

Guys: (O.O)... Nothing...

Silent: Okay! Then let's talk about my wonderful family! Seto is my husband...

Seto: (T_T)...

Silent: And I have my two absolutely kawaii daughters (twins) Nyokina and Ryokina!

Kina's: (=^.^=) Konnichiwa!!!

Silent: And Mokuba of course!

Mokuba: (^.^) Hi!

Silent: And... Well, yeah. That's it... Okay, don't forget to read my stories! I'd really appreciate it. It MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE (not that I hate writing). Umm... Ignore the parentheses... Ok Ja ne! Oh wait, my bishounen list.

Yami Bakura
Yami Malik

Okay... That's it... Oh! And my cuties list!

Chi: Chii (=^.^=)

Sumomo: Good [insert time of day] everybody! Let's start with our exercises!

Misha: Kotaro, please go out with me!!! (^.^)

Kotaro: (O.o);... *runs away*

Silent Angel's Info:
Name: Leanne
Age: 15
B-day: Sept. 22
Favorite Color(s): Pink, blue, violet, black, beige, white, gold
Nationality: Filipino/American
Education: High School (Freshman)
Favorite Show(s): Yu-Gi-Oh!, Chobits, Shaman King, Sailor Moon, Inuyahsa, Card Captor Sakura, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Favorite Manga(s): Chobits, Planet Ladder, Alice 19th, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor StarS, Love Hina, etc.
Favorite Character(s): Chi,Hotaru, Seto, Bakura, Joey, Yugi, Yoh, Amidamaru, Kaguya (P.L.), Bambi-chan, Kagami/Gold, Shinobu, Ms. Hibiya, Yumi, Ms. Shimuzu, Shinbo, Plum/Sumomo, Kotoko, etc.

Current Status: Having fun in California on spring break.

Okay, well, I can't really think of anything else now, so ja ne!

Favorite Story Quotes:

"I watched as the books flew across the hall, her short black hair lashed across her face, like a thousand whips. Laughter filled the room. Every face held a smile. A smile. One that was huge, lively, bright, but you could see in it, the evilness."
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 1, about Hotaru, our fic

-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 2, Hitomi

"Get back here you little bitch! THAT'S HOTARU'S PLATE!!"
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 3, Cordillia

"Yeah, I called because Cordillia took out the gun, and I wanted to get back at her for all the times she was mean to me. Are we still friends Hotaru?"
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 4, Hitomi

"We're going to the Philippines Cordillia. Let me guess.. You told Joey we were going to Philadelphia."
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 5, Hotaru

Cordillia continued to drink her coffee as she thought, 'Why can't I fall asleep? I feel so energetic for some reason. Hmmm? Oh well.'
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 6, Cordillia

"On the way to your house, Cordillia, Seto, very rudely, made me pack AND carry the luggage. I fixed that when we got to your house. Paybacks are a bitch!"
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 7, Hotaru

"Mam, will you please turn off your cellular phone, put on your seatbelt, and give me your autograph?"
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 8, flight attendant

"Cordillia, you don't even know any of the roads in the Philippines.. Um, nevermind. You never listen to me anyway. Just keep driving us into the oblivion."
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 9, Hotaru

"I know we'll make it out of here," he whispered, "it'll all be ok."
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 10, Seto

"Cordillia, there's no point in telling me to do this and make me wear.. well... this!"
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 11, Hotaru

"Since they've had intercourse. It can cause psychological problems, physical problems, such as STD's, and pregnancy. Although, it's very fun."
-The Heart of the Dragon II: Chapter 12, Hitomi

"Ugh, another day of school."
- Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style

"Serenity, please stop spinning me around!"
- Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style

"Yeah, they just can't resist this beautiful hot bod of mine!"
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Duke

-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Joey

"HA HA! Tea has a crush on YOU?! Ah, that is THE funniest thing I have ever heard!!!"
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Duke

"Oh, a report on how you two made BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER?"
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Serenity

-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Duke

"And stick things down your pants?"
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Joey

"Joey, don't stare at my butt."
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style

"Damnit Joey, why can't you keep your mouth shut?"
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style

"You know, you're pretty cute... for a mortal."
-Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style, Bakura

Silent Angel: Oh yeah. So Yugi... How'd you get that hair to look like Tai's?
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews, Silent Angel

Dark: Bring in the shark head! (Tristan)
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! CAst Interviews, Dark Knight

Seto: I could've sworn that I died and went to hell...
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews, Seto

-The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews, Mistress Nika

Silent: I'm next! Okay you guys will most likely have never done this one! Never never have I ever gone down the street with my bike chasing a chicken while singing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton! (^-^)
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! CAst Interviews, Silent Angel

Mikki: Sexy!
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! cAst Interviews, Mikki

-The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews, Silent Angel

Silent: Damnit, Marik! That was the only narrator who would work for us at the rate of five cents an hour! Look what you did! You screwed it up!
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews, Silent Angel

Nika: Okay, cut... CUT!... SHUT THE DAMN CAMERA OFF YOU IDIOT! *grabs Marik's Millenium Rod and banishes camera man to the Shadow Realm*
-The Yu-Gi-Oh! CAst Interviews, Mistress Nika

Seto: Did you really have to embarass me on Christmas Day?
Mokuba: It's my duty as a little brother to do such things.
-The Kina's Version of Spirited Away, Seto & Mokuba

The Heart of the Dragon II: The Legend of the Crystal Hearts- Okay, we have like 8 new chapters (thank you so much Ryan! This story wouldn't go on without you!), but Ryan STILL hasn't e-mailed/mailed a floppy disk of the chapters to me yet. And I still have to come up with chapter 15 (I'm so pathetic). This story is probably going to be on hold for quite a while.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast Interviews- Yay! The Joey Luv chapter is finished! Thank you so much Nika-chan for using your musings (hey, that rhymes!) to help me finish the chapter. Next up is 'Learning Japanese Chibi Style' and 'Let's Play Fairy Godhosts!'

Choose Your Own Adventure: Yu-Gi-Oh! Style- Only one (completed) chapter left to type, so hopefully it won't be too long until I post the next one.

The Kina's Version of Spirited Away- I found the first chapter! It was in my history notebook (^.^);... Unfortunately, I didn't write much for chapter one during history class, so this story's on hold as well until I clear things up with other stories.

My True Angel- Updated to chapter 2, and I don't have any new reviews for it... So I might stop updating it unless I get some reviews.

Wait... That's not Chi!- Yes, new story. Don't know if I'll continue it since I'm lacking inspiration.

!@#-STORIES TO LOOK AT (if you tire of ours)-#@!

-Bible Stories, YGO Style (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
-Fake Identity II Obsessions (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
-Aww, Scheiss! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
-Sake Sister Acclimation (Anime Crossovers)
-Happily Ever After (Shaman King)

NOTICE: You've all probably been wondering "What happened to your CYOA fic?" or "Why did you delete it?" Well, I didn't delete it, did (for reasons unknown). My friend's CYOA got deleted as well. I personally think that sucks now, but I'll still be posting stories anyway (oxymoronal, ne?). The CYOA will be back up either on May 21 (my last day of finals), or sometime during the summer vacation period. I'll also be going to summer school, so I don't know how long it'll take since some of my chapters were wiped out on my computer. Fortunately, I managed to print the girls' adventure before it got wiped off

THANKIES: Nika-chan, you are simply the greatest buddy anyone could ever have!
And I'm on your site!!! You're the best!! ; . ; I can't think of anything else to say...

Don't forget to visit my journals!

Please sign each one if you can... I get lonely, why do you think I rant?

That's all! Ja ne for now!
Silent Angel and Dark Knight

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