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Author has written 24 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, and Dark Tower series.

NOT QUITE UPDATE: 07/30/2015: Not yet, at any rate. Yes, I've got a chapter ALMOST ready to post (in a few days...just got the first half back from my beta...). And, yeah, I have a beta now, which I'm hoping will help me out on things that I tend to have problems with, overlook, whatever. If nothing else, a fresh pair of eyes and an honest opinion on the work in progress. So, everybody, say "hi" to Karla, my beta. Once I get the rest of the chapter back from her, I'll post it. And yeah, its the chapter from Dragonfire that I finished nearly a month ago. Sadly, you'd think I'd have gotten a good bit of progress done on it and the other WIPS I have, but that's not necessarily the case. Life intrudes, as it always does. I DID write a one shot smut fic though ...(its on AO3). Be patient you all, and I'll get more stuff ready for you to read!

UPDATE...kind of: 06/13/2015...Ok, so, no new chapters to post YET...but I DO have one nearly finished for Dragonfire. I'll post that in a few days if I think it's ready. Meanwhile, I got involved in a sort of "smut challenge" that was cooked up on one of my FB fanfic groups. It's a Sei-Fuu BDSM-type fic...and I posted it on AO3 since it's a little...explicit. It's called "Words". You can see it here: dot org/works/4073293

UPDATE: 05/17/2015...Another update for What Happens in Esthar, Chapter 25, which really is likely going to be the last chapter barring maybe an epilogue or another final chapter to wrap things up. So, SECOND to last, then conclusion, I'm guessing. Anyway...misunderstandings happen, then an argument, then... you'll just have to read the rest. Enjoy!

ok...on second thought (and a review that pointed out what I had overlooked...) it is NOT ready. I'm going to delete this, rework it and repost it... sorry for the inconvenience but I'd rather you all read something that was GOOD, not half-assed...

UPDATE: 04/04/2015 YES! FINALLY AN UPDATE! I actually have TWO on deck for tonight. Chapter 24 for What Happens in Esthar..The spring officer's ball is at hand, with Squall and Rinoa in attendance...where the evening does not go as planned. The next update is a rather short, random one-shot that I wrote because my Writer Muse made me. It's called Blood Moon, and it was inspired by the real-life blood moon, or lunar eclipse, that is happening in a few hours.. read, enjoy...and I'll update again as soon as I can.

PENDING UPDATE: 04/01/2015 this space... more info coming.

UPDATE: 02/28/2015: FINALLY another update! This time for Dragonfire. So, here's Part VII: Shifting Sands. Squall, Maiere and Teran are enduring an arduous and dangerous journey to meet Rinoa at the cape where the ruins of the old orphanage are. Will they make it? Stay tuned...Next update on deck is What Happens in Esthar. Got a BIT of a start on another chapter for Queen of Ice and Fire but finding it difficult to focus on...too much stuff going on. Gonna have to give it another look so it doesn't disintigrate into complete incoherence...Hope you all enjoy and I'll keep on with what I'm doing! Until the next update...

UPDATE: 01/19/2015: Yaaaay!! First update of the year! W000t!! So, for today's update we have Chapter 23 for What Happens in Esthar. Lemony fluffiness mostly, with a little bit more plot. This story DOES have a point, I swear! Anyway, enjoy!! Next update is for Dragonfire. Watch this space!

HAPPY MERRY NEW EVERYTHING!!! 01/03/2015- Yeah, I know it's a little bit late, but happy 2015 everyone. Sorry this isn't an ACTUAL update...yet. I DO have two chapters in progress though, one for Dragonfire and another for What Happens in be patient with me. I'll have something to post eventually. I really did want to post a chapter or two over the holidays, but it didn't happen, and for the usual reasons: too much to do and too little time to do it. I felt overworked, underappreciated and was definitely in a bit of a funk, trying to make the holiday cheery for my brother, who was enduring Christmas alone (save for me) for the first time. Mom had passed away earlier this year, my kids were off at their father's, and my 11-year-old dog was ailing. Christmas was nice in spite of that, though sadly my dog died the Saturday following. So I really wasn't in an emotional headspace to be terribly creative I'm afraid. I'm picking it back up though and working through the crud, and while sometimes it feels like I'm wading through sludge, I AM getting some writing done. I'm glad you're all enjoying what I write, it does make me feel good to have THAT much appreciated. I do enjoy it and would do it regardless of the feedback but I must admit that I much prefer POSITIVE or at least CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. Anyway, cheers to the New Year all, and I'll be posting new chapters before you know it! By the way, a big THANK YOU to all of you who read and review and enjoy. Keep it up and I'll keep up the writing!

UPDATE: 12/07/2014: November was a very busy month for me, but I managed to get an update in...I'll try to update more frequently for my other stories, but for right now the only one I have ready to post is for Dragonfire. So... Part V: A Journey of A Thousand Leagues. Squall remembers stuff... and his hosts learn more about him. Next update...well, I've started on the next chapter for What Happens in Esthar, and really do need to work on Queen..I've sort of lost my momentum on that one but I'll try to pick it back up. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and if I don't post anything before Jan 1, Happy New Year!

UPDATE: 11/08/2014: FINALLY! Another update! This one for What Happens in Esthar: Chapter XXII.. Sex happens, and so does monster whomping. And Squall finds a cave, with some really pretty rocks in it...and this is a little late now but I also posted (on 10/31 in honor of Halloween) a Dr. Odine-centric one-shot called Unfinished Business. Read, enjoy, and I'll try to get my next chapter for Dragonfire or even Queen finished next. Yeah, I'm still working on Queen of Ice and Fire. Just really slow going with everything else I've got going on.

UPDATE: 10/09/2014: Well, despite technical difficulties and a personal issue with Microsoft, I managed to get another chapter completed and posted for Dragonfire. So here's chapter..or rather Part IV: Shards of Broken which Squall and Rinoa finally reconnect (at least mentally) and more pieces to Squall's identity begin to fall into place. Next Chapter planned is for What Happens in Esthar, but don't ask when I'll be done, I have no idea. I'm about halfway through it, more or less. sooo.. enjoy this and be patient for my next update.

UPDATE: 09/03/2014: Wow. September ALREADY? Time flies..and as always, I'm BUSY. Been having alot of problems with Word lately too, which has frustrated me to no end. I've switched to another writing application, that I'm actually liking, called yWrite. MUCH better than Word. At least it doesn't crash and corrupt the autorecover file so I lose all my work (which has happened far too often lately. another source of frustration). Anyway, I've got Part III: Puzzle Pieces for Dragonfire, ready for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it! Next update will either be What Happens in Esthar or Queen of Ice and Fire... yes, I've been working on THAT story too, and it's been a real struggle. THAT was the story I was working on when Word crashed on me. TWICE. I lost over an hour's worth of writing and I wanted to SCREAM. Anyway, with this new application I'm hoping I've solved that problem.

UPDATE PART TWO: 08/25/2014: Okay, I guess I managed to finish another chapter for What Happens in Esthar. Chapter XXI. Squall recovers from his monster encounter, Rinoa encounters Kayla, and Squall and co. have a fireside chat. Not much action here but more coming. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 08/24/2014: Here be Part II of Dragonfire, MIA. It's a short chapter, wholly from Rinoa's POV. Mainly her trying to deal with being without him and the search for him. enjoy it, and hopefully soon I'll have another update for What Happens in Esthar.

UPDATE: 08/05/2014: I debated with myself over this, not sure if I was ready to post this or not, but upon reading through the first part of the story, think that yeah, Part ONE at least, is ready. So, here's Dragonfire. I plan on it being a sort of novella-length story, about the size of Mission Zero... I'm taking some risks, doing some things a little bit differently with this's still a Squinoa story though, never fear about that. So, here's the first installment. Enjoy.

UPDATE: 08/03/2014: It's been a LONG, HOT, BUSY summer, and life has definitely been requiring a LOT more of my attention these days. BUT, I've STILL managed to get another chapter completed for What Happens in Esthar: Chapter XX, featuring lemons, monsters, and Squall uttering the words, "banana hammock". Twice. Still working on a chapter for Queen of Ice and Fire as well, and there's Dragonfire also...not sure when I'll be ready to post the first chapter of that one but I might be soon, I'm about three chapters in by now. I'm thinking this will be a sort of novella-length story. More than 1000 words of course, but not QUITE a multi-chaptered epic. Anyway, enjoy this, and I'll have more for you as soon as possible!

UPDATE: 06/15/2014: Ok, a little late updating my profile, I've been a little overly busy with real life. Had to clean up a bit and stuff, add a new story I'd posted a while back (on Memorial Day). On Friday, I posted my final chapter for The Bells of Freedom. Yes. It is DONE, almost three years exactly after I started it, and to date, my longest story yet. I think I've done a pretty good job of tying it in to the other stories that go after it, but to the uninitiated, should still stand on its own. So now I just have What Happens in Esthar and Queen of Ice and Fire to finish, and I'll be working mainly on those. BUT...don't be surprised if another one-shot sneaks in... Watch for updates for the two stories I have left in progress. And keep your eyes open also for something new coming up...called Dragonfire.

Those damn plot bunnies are at it again...I gave one to Writer Muse and she's let it run amok...

UPDATE: 04/29/2014: ALMOST DONE! and wheeee! TWO updates for Bells this month! CRAZY! So, for your reading pleasure, Chapter 31: Ring the Bells. Bells are rung. things slowly begin to return to normal...and a reunion takes place. Squinoa smooshiness happens. I am not sorry. Enjoy!

Poll results... looks like most of you who cared to vote want me to retool/rewrite some of my older fics. Well, I'm game, just need to know which ones. I've already revised "gunblade practice", so that one's off the table. but there ARE others... Stay tuned and I'll put a poll up with my selections and you all can vote on which one you want me to redo.

UPDATE: 04/08/2014: WOW. I've REALLY been slack on keeping up with things here, haven't I? Well, I've got one more chapter completed for The Bells Of Freedom: Chapter 30: Shattered Perceptions. Things happen. Perceptions get shattered. Lemons (a little) happen too... and then things end. But NOT permanently. There's still a chapter (or two...not sure exactly) left. Enjoy! Next chapter on deck is for What Happens in Esthar. Don't ask me when but I AM working on it. SOON, is all I can tell you...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While I do not have anything against Yaoi, please, gentle readers, be aware that I do NOT write Yaoi. That is not my preference. I apologize for any confusion on that matter in anything that I've written or stated in my summaries. This is not to say that I never will, I just don't see that in any of the characters I deal with.

On another subject... If any of you have read ALL of my stories, you may get a sense that they link together in a sort of loose timeline. When I started out writing them, I wasn't deliberately plotting out a big, epic story. I just took little bits and pieces, wrote them and suddenly found that they were interconnected. I was prompted to add this note after a reader expressed interest in a reference to an earlier fic I had included in one of my recent stories.

IF you, the reader, are interested in reading them in chronological order, they are as follows:

1: Unbreakable (at AO3 only..Archive Of Our Own dot com..)

2. Hero of the day

3. Delirium

4. Moonbeams and Dragon Wings

5. The Bells of Freedom

6: Midnight in Balamb

7. The Monster Hunt

8. Gunblade practice /Gunblade Practice Redeaux (yes, i know its spelled REDUX. Sorry, I'm not french)

9. the wolf and the lion

10. spirit of the wind

11. On angel's wings

12. Mission Zero

13. Queen of Ice and Fire (in progress)

14. Bragging rights

15. Red Skies

16. Indelible Ink

17. A Bad Day Golfing

18. Storms

Alternate Universe (AU) stories:

1. What Happens in Esthar...(in progress)

just a suggestion. I try to make each story stand on its own, but i am finding that they are becoming increasingly more intertwined with each other (with the exception of the AU story, that is..). And as another side note, these stories are listed in event order from In-game to post-game, NOT in the order that they were written.

Basic info: I am female, american, single (and THINKING about looking...). I'm 40-ish, have two children, one dog, two cats (used to have a gerbil but my daughter gave it to her friend). Thus far, I've only written FF8 fanfics but IF inspiration hits (like for example, when I replace FFX, FFVII and FFXII and actually manage to PLAY them..)I might do others. I repurchased FFVIII a while back, and I've introduced it to both of my children. We are happily playing it again right now. another game that I've purchased but haven't had much time to get into is Dissidia Final Fantasy. I'm REALLY liking this game, but I agree with the critics who say that the story is a little weak. yeah, for a Final Fantasy game, it is. The gameplay is impressive however.

I actually have a job, which in this economy is something to be happy about. But that translates to very little personal time to pursue my interests such as writing, or anything else for that matter.

more info: I rent, not own. I have too many bills and not enough money, I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance and true crime novels. I love loud, raunchy rock and roll, the more attitude the better! I've been divorced since feb 15, 2001 (yes, I know, ironic), and after my last relationship ended, BADLY, decided to just stop with the whole dating thing until I can get my head on straight. Tired of the BS.

so far.. not working. yeah, I have issues, and I'll see someone about them.. eventually.

I signed up to ffnet on the suggestion of a fan (ashbear, she's responsible for my being here... so you can either thank her or not...HOPEFULLY, you'll thank her. she's a very nice person..:). So far, I'm enjoying it, I really like some of the fics I've read, and was surprised at how many authors here I recognized from other sites such as RPGamer and the rpgffml mailing list. Upon signing up here, the first thing I did was re-read all of my old fanfics and cringe. then I revised and re-edited them, hopefully improving their readability. No, I didn't break the longer ones up into chapters though in hindsight, I should have. I didn't start out writing that way however. I just wrote until I was done. As you can see, I'm doing things a little bit differently with Bragging Rights.

in addition to my homepage, I maintain two blogs, The Ronin blog, which is where I write stuff about my fanfics, writing, the creative process, and random weirdness, and Mindcrimes, my Wordpress blog which contains thoughts, opinions, day to day stuff.. boring, mundane details of my life. I'm also on Facebook (Afton Love, yes, that's my real name), Skype,and Twitter @RoninAi if anyone's interested. Anyone interested in taking a look at my artwork can see it on DeviantART, under *ronin-ai. If you really need to get ahold of me, email always works.

Hope you like my writing.. if you do, tell me, if you don't, tell me anyway. How else can I improve my writing unless the weaknesses that I've overlooked are pointed out to me?

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Six months after the end of Bragging Rights, Squall and Rinoa are now living in Deling City, where her pregnancy is progressing normally. All is well...until a catastrophic hurricane traps Squall in Balamb. Then Squall returns home to find Rinoa gone.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 22 - Words: 148,806 - Reviews: 90 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 5/29/2011 - Published: 1/1/2011 - Rinoa H., Squall L. - Complete
On Angel's Wings reviews
Romantic Squinoa fic: As the date of his and Rinoa's wedding approaches, Squall assists his father Laguna in a salvage and retrieval operation of the destroyed Lunar Base, while secretly planning a unique getaway for his honeymoon with Rinoa.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 100,734 - Reviews: 89 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 12/19/2010 - Published: 6/20/2010 - Squall L., Rinoa H. - Complete
Bragging Rights reviews
Selvine fic: Fluffy lemon fic i guess.. . Irvine's getting ready for a shooting competition to show everyone exactly HOW good he is...and life happens along the way. drama, romance, some action...etc.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 20 - Words: 116,466 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/30/2010 - Published: 3/13/2010 - Irvine K., Selphie T. - Complete
Midnight in Balamb reviews
a lighthearted fic involving Squall, Zell, a birthday party, spiked punch, and a tattoo parlor... yes, it does get a little silly..
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 13,327 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/20/2010 - Squall L., Zell D. - Complete
Hero of the Day reviews
Fanfic prime. The first fanfic I ever wrote. Events take place after the battle with Edea. Rinoa is in a coma and Squall is struggling with his feelings about it.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,170 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 3/17/2010 - Squall L. - Complete
The Wolf and The Lion reviews
this is a sort of companion piece to "gunblade practice", and one of the last ones i finished before i went on hiatus in 2003. Seifer wants to rejoin Garden and try one last time to be a SeeD..will it be over Squall's dead body? NOT YAOI!
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12,989 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 5 - Published: 3/11/2010 - Squall L., Seifer A. - Complete
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Squall and Irvine go on a monster hunt to restock the training center. One of my oldest fics, completed in late 2001 or so, and probably my funniest. Please read and review!
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,159 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 9 - Published: 3/9/2010 - Squall L., Irvine K. - Complete
Gunblade Practice reviews
Laguna hires Squall and his friends as security for a diplomatic mission in Galbadia, hoping to use the time spent to get to know his estranged son. Political intrigues within Galbadia's recovering government however, threaten the entire mission.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 35,259 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/7/2010 - Squall L. - Complete
Spirit of the Wind reviews
Seifer and his posse finally pass their SeeD field exam.. but that is just the beginning. Laguna gets kidnapped by a terrorist. Seifer and his posse are included in the team to rescue him.. but things don't always go as planned..
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 41,379 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/5/2010 - Seifer A., Fujin - Complete
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