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Hi, I'm Min.

My nickname is pronounced as mean, although it is not written in such a fashion.

I just turned twenty-two.

I'm a very impulsive individual. I hardly ever ponder the consequences of my abrupt decisions. My unpredictable emotions drive me, which means logic is seldom present in my actions.

I'm always late to everything, and I do mean everything, but what can I say? I like making an entrance.

My athleticism, an attribute held in high regard within my family, is virtually nonexistent. My mother and father, in their youth, were notoriously known for their athletic prowess. I, on the other hand, was notoriously known for reading in the overcast shade of a tree, while my extremely athletic brother displayed his ever-increasing talent on the field. Yes, my childhood was awesome. Are you jealous that I was always jealous of my brother? I bet you are. Anyway, I do believe my fascination with books began there. I mean, what else was I supposed to do in the shade? Mediate? I think not.

I've always been creative, and imaginative.

I inherited my father’s dry humor. My mother and I may be genetically linked, but other than that we share no similarities.

I'm narcissistic as can be. I'm really into skincare and makeup. I never ever go outside without sunblock.

I have a weird fascination with serial killers.

I’m obsessed with redheads, seriously. If you have red hair, then I strongly suggest you not approach me… I will probably stare at you non-stop, or I might try to pet your hair.

I like mythology, cryptozoology, and history.

The medical field has always interested me.

I'm an extremely jealous person when it comes to people I truly care for, it’s honestly ridiculous. I give a whole new meaning to the, "green-eyed monster" phrase.

I refer to my three best friends in endearing terms, which leads people to believe I'm either gay or into the active practice of polygamy.

I'm immature, and I am aware of it.

I hate milk. Tomatoes make me want to throw up. I'm an awful cook, the Fire Department is well aware of this.

I'm an intense insomniac. I have to take sleeping pills to truly acquire rest. It's pathetic, really.

I have freckles and rosy cheeks, and I hate them with a passion.

I like learning new words.

I hate summer. I love the cold.

I'm a really weird person. My nails can't all be painted in the same color because it will drive me mad. My ring fingernails always have to be a different color than the rest.

Dark chocolate is my addiction. The darker, the better.

I don't like babies. Well, newborns to be exact. They just creep me out. I feel like they have detachable alien heads.

I HATE lizards.

My best guy friend is my double cousin. I'm very possessive over him.

I’ve been told that when people first meet me they think I’m a cheerleader? I don’t know how they get that impression, though. I wear a lot of black and I nearly always wear something to cover my upper arms because I have severe keratosis pilaris.

In high school, I was such a quiet person that some people thought I was mute, when in reality I just didn't want to socialise with mentally deficient clones.

I bruise, and sunburn incredibly easily.

I recently adopted a cat, and he is awesome. His name is Grueño.

If you ever want to bribe me, I suggest heavily iced unsweetened tea or candy canes.

I like odd people that stand out and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Different people.

Classical music helps me relax and write. It's soothing.

I always, seriously always, get carded for trying to buy superglue or something absurd that requires you to be eighteen years old. My younger brother, however, gets offered wine and other alcoholic beverages whenever we go out for dinner.

My mother was a model. She’s very tall, and a total health freak.

I often wear pyjamas and shoes designed for children.

I’m vulgar with my friends, but I quickly develop a very efficient filter around younger children and my beloved grandmother.

I almost never watch the endings to movies.

Gaining my attention is quite easy, but good luck keeping it. I get distracted rather quickly.

I hold grudges like a petulant toddler.

I think all feet are unsightly.

I like bitter food according to my friends, but the truth is I just don’t like to eat blocks of sugar that pretend to be food.

Rubi is the name of my father’s sister. A lot of people insist that I have an uncanny resemblance to her, so that’s why I use her name in my accounts.

I don’t believe in any higher power other than my own.

I'm selfish.

If you want my respect, then I expect the same gesture to be returned in kind.

In my opinion, marriage is somewhat cliché.

Speaking of marriage, I always wear my mother's matrimony ring on my left ring finger solely for the purpose of confusing overly observant individuals.

Mathematics is my worst subject. I'm terrible at it.

My handwriting is nearly impossible to read.

I have a difficult time verbally expressing my love and appreciation for others.

If you wake me up from my slumber, prepare yourself for instant decapitation.

I enjoy seeing the before and after photos of people that alter themselves with intense cosmetic procedures.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I'm a nice person.

I don't know what else to say, haha.

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