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Hello and welcome to the demonTARDIS. Please leave all valuable posessions at the door and don't expect to receive all of them back at the end of the tour - the money from selling them is required for the copious amounts of chocolate injested whilst writing these stories and watching Ten Inch Hero. Enjoy your tour and have a nice day!

Below you will find some information of the writing team that is demonTARDIS and I warn you now, sanity is a word that isn't recognised here...

Name: Red
Location: coming soon to a desk chair near you
Ambition: Moving to America and joining the circus with my best friend, who shall be known as Peanut
Favourite Fandoms: Supernatural, Dark Angel, Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Chronicles of Riddick, Harry Potter, One Tree Hill, Ten Inch Hero, Merlin and various crossovers of the previously mentioned fandoms
Favourite Quotes:
'Dude, I'm Batman' Dean, Supernatural
Tony: 'If I had a thing, I'd show it off all the time'
Gibbs: 'There are rules against that sort of thing' Tony and Gibbs, NCIS
'BAZINGA'Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory
'Great, life as an angel condom. That's... real fun' Dean, Supernatural
Favourite Doctor Who: Tenth :D
Favourite TV Character: This is a stupidly difficult question that would normally have about five answers... I'm gonna go with Dean AND Castiel from Supernatural, purely for the fact I don't want to decide between the comic genius and it would be cruel to split that hotness up!
McDonalds or Burger King?: Mcdonalds all the way, it's so much easier to avoid the burgers that way
If you were a Pirate, what would your name be?: I refuse to answer this question...
If you were a Ninja, what would your name be?: I have a very specific answer to this... It would be Mekishiarichifu Arimimochichi
Pirate or Ninja: I think the answers to the previous two questions are sufficent enough for this :p
Daley or Bram?: I have to go with Daley on this. I love both pairings to bits, but Daley wins anyday for me! The resemblace between Jamie and Dean just adds even more awesome to it!
Twilight?: Wash your mouth out with soap then salt and burn it! How dare you mention that sparkly excuse for a mythological creature here! Out, now!
Favourite most epic song of all time?: I have recently discovered my latest most epic song of all time. It's 'Sasquatch' by Parry Grip and I LOVES IT!!
Song that sums you up: I honestly have no idea for this. 'Evil Walks' by AC/DC? I am ginger after all :p
What will you be doing in ten years time?: Either looking at a dead body trying to figure out how they died, or looking at a live body trying to figure out how they're going to die -insert manic grin here-
If someone wants to play Yellow in an epic film about your lives who would you pick?: My opinion on this matter has changed in recent times, as with most things as I am stupidly indecisive. I at first thought Reece Witherspoon, or Billie Piper with her accent she uses for Rose, but am now leaning towards Kristin Bell or if I'm feeling REALLY generous, Elizabeth Harnois... I better get someone awesome for this!!
Anymore useless crap people don't want to know?: I'm maybe one of the most random people you will meet and make the wierdest subject changes that will take you ten minutes to catch up with. The men in white coats have made sure that my friends have their number on speed dial in case one day I completely flip. I will remain nameless as my Ninja Assassins need a new target and I wouldn't want that to be you.
Ten Inch Hero is one of the best films ever. Period. Inception will mess with your brain. Fact. I haven't eaten anything for the last 12 hours and as it's nearing midnight, food is becoming something of a priority. Over and out.

Name: Yellow
The U.K (Unidentified)
To join the circus =] -
Favourite Fandoms:
Supernatural, Being Human, Inception, The Mummy, Beetlejuice, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Charmed, Chronicles of Riddick, The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Quotes:

"And Daddy, they took my BOOT!" -Jane, Tarzan
"BINGO!" -Landa, Inglorious Basterds
"NO! I don't want to be a waiter" -Valentine, MirrorMask
"She's playing with fire - he's not ready for Nibbly Pig!" -Manny, Black Books
"What's that Steve? There's been a murder?!" -Some character on a show on late night TV
Favourite Doctor Who:
Favourite TV Character:
Prolly Gilbert from Being Human. I mean, he danced with a TWIG?! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN A MAN ;)
McDonalds or Burger King?:
McDonalds, they have a cooler name.
If you were a Pirate, what would your name be?:
IF you were a Ninja, what would your name be?:
You would be dead before the word left your lips! ;)
Pirate or Ninja?:
Daley or Bram?:
I dunno, am more of a Bram person really... Brooke would cut Sam's DAMN HAIR!!!!!!!!! :), however, I think with the appearance of Adam Milligan, Sam may have to watch his back.. :P
Meet Dracula! :) --sits back with Popcorn--
Favourite most epic song of all time?:
'Do You Love Me' - The Contours (best Bedroom Moshing With Hairbrush song ever!)
Song that sums you up?:
Everybody Loves Me - OneRepublic. I WISH! :D World Domination would be SO MUCH EASIER!
What will you be doing in ten years time?:
Fighting in the Zombie Apocalypse (yeah yeah we all know it's gonna happen...)
If someone wants to play Red in an epic film about your lives who would you pick?:
Lindsay Lohan? Nahh, I dunnooo ermm prolly Alyson Hannigan - or you know Karen Gillan (she could pull off the attitude! :P Or even, Daneel Harris as she kinda has red hair... :P
Anymore useless crap people don't want to know?:
Am the younger one of team demonTARDIS and is Red's mini-me (allegedly). Erm... I am usually very cheerful/happy/hyper/cheerful (usually in that order - after clumsy the mood takes a definite spiral DOWN, although I have yet to lose a shoe down a drain!) Oh and my real name is *text input failed due to technical error*

Macobite Inferno: Before the Hell Gate reviews
Kenny and Annie Macobite don't like the Winchesters. Well, they just have more preoccupying affairs to attend to, like; protecting the grandma from Hell Hounds or trying to save their fathers from Vampirism - but maybe there are worst things than grudges.
Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Family/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,604 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/6/2011