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This page is Blank AF

My Stories are Hiatus AF

I am contemplating doing other manga parodies for Fire Emblem...

Don't Judge a book by its cover = Horimiya

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

Also got a slightly more original idea soooo I have a lot on my mind.

Cover art

Don't judge a book by its cover

A HUGE thank you to the artist! She's amazing so check her out! Maddynshinna


Bread and Bubblegum

Description and ages. Updated as I upload character specific fics or when they take up a bigger role.

I took a lot, and I mean A LOT of creative freedom with their ages, so bear with me, please.

Genji Shimada: Last year of high school, has insecurities about his prosthetic. All he wants is for Hanzo to stop blaming himself and hold a normal conversation with him again.

Age: 19

Hanzo Shimada: Blames the fuck out of himself for what happened to Genji (Genji lost an arm because he pushed Hanzo out of the way of a collapsing structure.) CEO of the broadband company (Shimada industries) Was sent overseas to assist, and he works himself to the bone.

Age: 27

Mei-Ling Zhou: She's Genji's Physiotherapist, finds Hanzo on a bench sometimes and offers him a popsicle often. (the type that you break in half). They talk his problems out sometimes. She's often found sketching in gardens around Shimada industries. She volunteers with Physiotherapy on weekends.

Age: 22

Angela Ziegler(Mercy): Doctor (Obviously) (She's the one who installed Genji's prosthetic) Sometimes volunteers when the school nurse is ill or busy. (She knows Hana and Genji well) On Weekends she'll visit Genji to see how he's holding up with his prosthetic.


Hana Song ( Middle school Student, has yet to discover games (Oh when she does all hell breaks loose)

Age: 15

Jack Morrison (Soldier 76): Works in a broadband Company, Head of Finance (After his promotion)

Age: 40

Fire Emblem Academy: Awakening Division by ponchimaya reviews
Highschool AU and Interactive story experiment! You decide the pairings and how the story goes: full guidelines inside! Twins Robin and Robyn Tact (Male and Female My Unit) are new students in the prestigious academy of F. Emblem Academy. Will they make long lasting friends and find their true love among these crazy characters? And are they who they think they are? YOU DECIDE!
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On Iridescent Wings reviews
Oneshot: A personalised and stretched out version of the Supports between Robin and Cordelia. Complete, I made sure to write all of it before uploading. (Extract: Her hair flowed as the wind picked up, she looked like an angel with iridescent wings, Robin was absolutely speechless.)
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Bread and Bubblegum reviews
(Alternate universe) Jack Morrison is a mess, his friend Ana decides to send him a caretaker. The caretaker comes in the form of a young Korean girl. The prompt for this fic was Annoyance and Love. (Now has chapter two!)
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Popsicles and Dragons reviews
(Alternate universe) (Part of Bread and Bubblegum Universe) Genji Shimada is recovering from an accident, he wonders where his brother has been. Doctor Ziegler and Physiotherapist Mei-Ling Zhou encourage him every step of the way. Hanzo beats himself over what he had done whilst Genji just wants to see his brother again. (Oneshot) Edited to read better.
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Don't Judge a book by its cover reviews
Modern AU. Mostly moments during their high school life. Cordelia and Robin both hide a side of themselves they don't want others to find out about. (Parody of Horimiya) (AH THE COVER!) Announcement at the end.
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Nohr and Hoshido support conversations reviews
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Fanmail? reviews
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