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NOTE: MY AVATAR CAME OFF OF A YOUTUBE VIDEO, SONIC SHORTS, VOLUME... volume... uhhh... I can't remember.

HIIIIII PEPZ! :D WAZZUP!? I ISH MADY AND I IZ 13!! WHOOOO!! ... xD Yeah, you'll soon lear I'm mentaly insane, totaly crazy, hyper all the time, random, and did I mention INSANE!? e3e I'ma HUGE Sonic The Hedgehog fan, and...

Bio: Mady


Name: Madline

Nickname: Mady, Eniledam, ……… >~> Mama…

Age: 13

D.O.B: 12/06/1996

P.O.B: Uh, a hospital?

Height: 5 FEET 6 INCHES! >D

Species: Human sadly…

Or AM I? >3


Music: Rock, alternative, metal, pop, some rap

Food: Pizza, spaghetti, fruit

Environment: Her old house, dark, quiet

Crowd: none, friends

Tech: her CD/radio, her old computer, SANSA >:D

Writing Utensil: Pen, colored pencils

Friends: A LOT! So many I can’t keep up with all the “CAN I COME OVER!?”s

Idol: Kelly Clarkson, Suzy

Song: Good Life, 3DG

Car: THOSE CHEVY CONVERTIBLE SPORTS CAR THINGIES!! And anything else Chevy l3 And my Suburban.

Bike: Suzuki, her pedal bike


Music: Most rap, classical/jazz (Unless to fall asleep to), OLD music,

Food: Nuts (allergic), asparagus, yellow peaches, tea,

Environment: Human houses, spotlight,

Crowd: "The Populars"

Tech: Does the internet count?, iPods, anything HD

Writing Utensil: pencil (Unless to draw)

Enemies: 2nd grade teacher, old elementary school, current middle school,

Song: Pride and Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughn (MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!!)

Car: Dodge anything.

Bike: Moped

(LOL I KNEW that bio I did at random one night would come in handy! :3)

Anywho... XD Yeah. Also, a DISCLAIMER FOR FRIENDS: I. HAVE. ALOT, of friends, and I know with my Deviantart account, I have so many it's scary. So scary I don't get on much anymore xD So, if I suddenly get popular on here (HIGHLY doubt it, but hey, it happened with that other account on Dev), and I don't respond to yall, I apologize in advance XC

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