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Author has written 13 stories for Harry Potter, StarTrek: The Next Generation, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, StarTrek: Voyager, RENT, M*A*S*H, Mentalist, and Law and Order: CI.

Welcome, all ye readers of fanfiction!

I'm actually an aspiring writer of completely original fics, but I like to write fanfiction in my spare time. I am a devoted reader/viewer of everything I write fanfcs for, so I generally stay fairly close to canon unless I feel like something needs to change. I'll put up AU warnings if this is the case. The exception to this rule is my Star Trek fics, in which I consider alternate universes to be canon since they appear repeatedly on the show. (I will still put AU warnings on Star Trek fanfics.)

One slight liberty you will notice that I take with Harry Potter canon is that in many of my stories both Regulus Black and Severus Snape past the final battle, and Sirius is able to return from behind the Veil in 2006, ten years to the day after he fell through. I consider these to be slight liberties rather than complete AUs because they don't directly violate book canon -- Regulus could have modified Kreacher's memory, and in my world Severus went into shock in the Shrieking Shack and Harry left, assuming he was dead, but Regulus saved him. I really don't feel like posting this as an AN in every story that I write on that canon, so I'm putting it here. My one direct contradiction of JKR's words is that Harry's paternal grandparents are still alive, although their characters do not appear in any event described in the books.

The name is not mine, it is a character name I created for Regulus Black's daughter in my Harry Potter fics. The name Estella is a cross between the Spanish and Italian words for star (estrella and stella respectively), which fits more or less with the Black tradition of naming children after stars (Estella is also a real, if somewhat obscure, name). Dorea is a name that was found on the Black family tree, married to Charlus Potter. I'm following the camp that says that Charlus and Dorea were James Potter's parents, mainly because I don't feel like creating an entirely new set of characters to fill those roles. In my canon, James' parents played the parent roles in Regulus' life as well as in Sirius', and so Regulus gave his daughter Dorea's name as a middle name.

My real name is coincidentally the name of a Star Trek character, but you'd never guess who and I'm not going to tell you.

Also please note that I DO NOT put copy-paste stuff on my profile. So if I don't repost something from your profile, it doesn't mean I disagree. I just don't want to make my profile longer than some people's oneshots.

My youtube, if anyone's interested, is here: . It's a bunch of random vids but I did do one that ties in with two of my short stories, Nothing and Rewind the Years (and uses the same song as the aforementioned songfic).

Happy reading!


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