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Author has written 14 stories for Ice Age, and Rise of the Guardians.

About Meh!

Hey everyone! Wass up! My name is...wait...I'm not going to tell you, unless I trust you as a good friend but call me Mad :3 and I'm a highschool junior. The things I mostly like to do is play video games(quite obvious), write stories of Ice Age, and draw. And yes, I'm a guy! I usually draw when I'm bored or just when I feel like it.

Well the only movie I like is Ice Age. I enjoyed it when I was a kid and I still do. That's why I made Ice Age with Kyle about my OC character, Kyle, meets the Ice Age gang. Then created a sequel. My favorite character is Diego because one; saber-tooth tigers are cool, and second; he is awesome! Heh...yeah... I'm not so much of a Dira (DiegoxShira) fan. I don't hate it, but I just don't like it. I don't hate Shira or Diego (he's my fav character! x3), but I don't like the couple idea. I believe Diego is much of non-relationship kind of guy wouldn't be in love with someone or want a girlfriend. But if you support the couple, then that's fine. I respect your opinion. ;)

My dream career is to become a game designer and game developer! I'm planning my story, Super Mist, to become my first video game! I sort of want to pair-up with Nintendo and shall work together as I own him. But it's also part of Nintendo, if they asked permission to use him. XD

The kinds of games of I have is some of Metroid games for example, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid: Other M(a.k.a. MOM XD), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of my favorite games of all! I play online and try to own my friends who are pros. Kingdom Hearts, I love the series. I got a 3DS and bought KH3D for it. :3 But, I do have other 3DS games than KH3D. I also have KH358/2 Days. :D Plus, I have some Mario games because I'm a huge Mario fan and Mario is my fav Ninten character.

The things I dislike are homework, noisy people who won't shut up in class, ignorant freshman(when I meant ignorant I meant those five-year-olds who are rude and can act whatever they want and do drugs), pepper mint ice-cream, creepy stalkers 0_0, and pedobear... DX ...scary...

Religion: Christian. Yes, I'm religious and it's great because there is a god that loves us and wants us to have an everlasting life.

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

If you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven. 96 percent of adults in the world today don't stand up for God. If you are one of the 4 percent that does put this into your profile.

God is always there in your heart and loves you no matter what...and if you stand up for him he will stand up for you. I bet 2/3s of you people that read this won't repost.


Yes, I have a deviantart account. My first drawings have been erased since I've been posting more updated and improved drawings. Also, I have drawings for my series Ice Age with Kyle. I'm still working on the final drawings of my main characters in the story. So, please check them out. Watching me or favoriting my drawings and art is very much appreciated. :D Link: .

I just started a forum about the ideas that you authors might have. Please check this out! Link:

Stories In Progress (I separated from my upcoming)

Ice Age with Kyle 3: Lost Memories (major to work on)

- Two years past, Kevin, a 14-year-old teen has these strange dreams of a boy named Kyle. When summer vacation starts, he encounters a young adult who admits that he is his lost friend and meets Sara and Justin. But what will he encounter next? ( Coming up with some ideas and will be published after Ice Age 4: Continental Drift )

- Genre: Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Heart-whelming, Drama, Friendship, Suspense

Ice Age with Kyle 2: Two Worlds -Missing Link- (minor to work on until IAwK3 is complete)

- Finally, a special remake of my sequel of Ice Age with Kyle. Due to the ideas of True Love with Kyle and Ice Age with Kyle 3: Lost Memories, special add-ons or new smaller ideas, will be added to the story to try to make the complex storyline understandable and all the missing pieces that readers question in the story will gather together that leads Ice Age with Kyle 3: Lost Memories. Plus, to relive Kyle again and relationship he had with Diego. :)

Not Without A Soul (major to work on)

- A RotG (Rise of the Guardians) fanfiction, considering this is my first one actually. A story starting of boy named Zack Flare who wakes up without a past. He questions his surroundings and why he has a strange mark on his wrist. He is confused and alone and wants to be alone. He meets a couple of teens that are around the same age as him. As the lone-wolf, Zack wasn't interested and considers leaving them. Then, meets a man in black clothing, Pitch, who is interested with Zack and his special power of wielding fire and lightning. Pitch persuades the teen to help him find his lost past and what he is if Zack does something for him to get revenge...

Up Coming Stories (I don't know when it will happen or not)

Ice Age with Kyle 3.5: Shattered Memories

- Coming up with some ideas, and new characters!

- New Character!: Peck the Bird

- Genre: Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Heart-whelming, Drama, Friendship, Suspense

NEW STORIES ADDED! :D And they're non-Ice Age fanfics!

My Character Info

1. Kyle

Bio: A bright, loving, and caring kid he is. When he was a little boy, his parents are a mystery; no one didn't know who his parents are. Now, that he is 12, he is a loner with no friends and no family. Extort is a care taker of Kyle and sometimes love the way he is. His life is difficult. Jack, the bully, bothers Kyle and makes fun of the poor orphan kid. Later in the story, Extort has to give away Kyle to some family, like what happened in his past years... no one doesn't want him. Kyle runs into the Time Machine, and enters into the Ice Age. Throughout the story, he learns Martial Arts by these gorillas, which he got kidnapped by the idea of Diego. Diego soon enough decides to save Kyle by feeling guilty and the herd battles the gorillas and wins! After his goodbyes, he meets the family who are the ones called the police on Extort that believed Kyle was in the Time Machine. He then meets, his two new friends... Sara and Justin.

Five months past since he was at the Ice Age, Kyle was happy with his friends but his new family gave him a hard time. Even meeting the worst, Jack, who wants to embarrass Kyle but instead Kyle embarrasses him. Later, he discovers Sid and Eddie in his room by explaining the Time Machine was going haywire and sucking things from the Ice Age to the modern world. Keeping this a secret, his friends were thinking that Kyle acting suspicious and wanted to know. Noticing that Kyle was hiding a talking sloth and a possum, they encountered robots and a wolf saved Sara and Kyle defeated both the robots. After that, it came to the conclusion that Kyle's and Diego's relation became stronger and Diego wanted to have Kyle as his own son but Kyle gave his all to his two friends and lose his memories and enjoy to a new life... somewhere.

Hair: Sort of Spiked Brown

Eye: Brown

Age: 12

Story Appearances: Ice Age with Kyle 1 & 2

2. Sara

Bio: Born with intelligence, Sara is also a caring, loving kid. She's also has a sense of humor with her friends. However, her life wasn't perfect. Her father died when she was young and now, her mother wasn't HER mother. She despised her. After her father passed away, her mother changed dramatically. All of that despression and hate made her into a monster that Sara cannot recognized. Throughout the years of school, she tried her hardest to be successful; getting scholarships, A's, and joining events. She did all of these things just to impress her mother but her mother didn't care anymore. This made Sara not understand why her mother was not happy.

Once she experienced her adventure to the Ice Age, Kyle reveal to her that just being successful just to impress her mother wasn't it about. It was to make her successful and to become a better person. Sara was in cheer joy what Kyle said. She understood and will try her hardest to become successful and will think about her friend's tribute. Thinking that he was a good friend and hoping that someday she will meet him again...

After those hurtful two years with Kyle gone, Sara is now attending Sunset High with Justin tagging along. Preparing herself as a highschool freshman, her thoughts still think about her friend's absence. Eventually, she finds out that Justin was working on activating the time machine. Then, she meets a new figure named, Kevin. Befriending the new guy, Sara and Justin discovered that Kevin was sucked into the time machine and now it's their job to go back and save him. Soon, the two realize they're in the Ice Age after Continental Drift. Meeting a brown saber-tooth tiger named Kota, they learn they're stuck in a frozen wasteland and are in a search of Kevin. After finding the missing comrade, Justin causes destruction by kicking a single pebble into an ice debris. Now, overseas and cpatured by Gutt's crew, Sara's and her friends' challenge is to escape, but what else will they encounter in this new adventure.

Hair: Short Golden Brown/Long Golden Brown

Eye: Blue

Age: 12/14

Story Appearances: Ice Age with Kyle 1, 2, & 3

3. Justin

Bio: Throughout his child, he was mistreated a lot. People bully him and call him stupid, fool, and other hateful words. But he was dim-witted. He wasn't the brains for the Kyle Group; that's Sara, but he's a good friend. At a young age, his mother wasn't a VERY good mother. She was a drinker; a bad influence for Justin, but he ignored her. Despite the fact that his mother is a drinker, Justin was above the influence. He wasn't intelligent like Sara, but his quite the humorous funny guy that is quite ignorant.

During his adventure with Kyle and Sara at the Ice Age, his ignorance was disappearing little by little but he will still be the same guy even the death of a friend.

After two years, attending Sunset High with Sara and making a friend named Kevin, he is still the fun-loving, humorous, dim-witted guy. His stubborness continues to repair the time machine to meet his prehistoric animal friends. But, after finding his new friend, Kevin, he and his friends embark a new journey to the Ice Age. But what will his life take in this new adventure...?

Hair: Blond; Spiked in the Front/A Little Longer; Blond With Beanie

Eye: Blue

Age: 12/14 1/2

Story Appearances: Ice Age with Kyle 1, 2, & 3

4. Talon

Bio: When he was a pup, he used to be in a pack but his parents died and flee from his pack. When being a lone wolf wasn't easy, but making friends by helping them out is easy. Then meeting Kyle again in his home time was a surprised thing. Now, he needs to go back home where he belongs. Along the way there, he meets his old friend by the help of Kyle.

Fur: Gray and White

Eye: Green

Age: 26

Story Appearances: Ice age wiht Kyle 1 & 2

5. Amy

Bio: Sister of Sarkis, she is a beloved wolf to the pack. Everyone is friends with her and invite her into traditions and everything else. But she is not that happy, she misses her old friend when she was a pup...

Fur: Black and White, hint of Light Yellow

Eye: Blue

Age: 26

Story Appearance: Ice Age with Kyle 2

6. Sarkis

Bio: A pack leader and brother of Amy. Everyone is to respect Sarkis and not to mess with him because he is muscular than you... He is stubborn to protect his pack and other things that will be hunted by hunters even though it's a dangerous task.

Fur: Gray and Black on the Ears

Eye: Yellow

Age: 26

Story Appearance: Ice Age with Kyle 2

7. Grypher

Bio: A member from what you heard from Ice Age with Kyle 2: TW as the "W.A.T. Team" takes the thirst of controlling and destorying Kyle... His power; the power of darkness is his aura that is his life force. His ability is to cause destruction and bring hatred to others as he slowly waits to get his prey and destory them. In fact, darkness is created by hate, anger, sadness and other dark emotions that goes against happiness; light. In that case, he can control his victims with those "dark" emotions and make them as their slaves with complete superhuman strength. However, why does Grypher want to destroy Kyle? Why is this organization are in the urge to destroy him? Who is behind this mess...?

Hair: Orangey-brown, "V" shape

Eye: Dark Orange

Age: Around his late 30's

Story Appearance: True Love with Kyle

8. Kevin

Bio: The day when school is over and summer vacation just starts, Kevin is an ordinary boy who just wants adventure during his summer vacation with his three friends. Dreaming about a boy named Kyle who adventures into this cold world, he questions if these events were real or not. Bu that doesn't stop him. Living in Paradise Town is...well paradise. He believes that he'll have a normal life until he encounters a man in a black coat, Dex, who convinces Kevin that he knows his past and is his friend. Kevin isn't persuaded that easily until Dex summons Kevin's techy-metallic sword. Kevin's summer begins. He explains his strange events to his guardian or master as his guardian wasn't happy about it...

Hair: Spiked, Tan Hair Color

Eye: Blue

Age: 14

Story Appearance: Ice Age with Kyle 3

Special OCs

These "special OCs" are actually "third-party" characters that belong to different owners that made appearances in my stories. These OCs appear in my stories for requests, and also, as special offers like gifts for friends that want their famous OCs in my stories from what they like. Mostly, it's Ice Age with Kyle. lol :3 Note: These characters are NOT rightfully owned by me. They belong to their rightful owners. :)

1. Gabor

Perspective Info: Gabor, a hungry lonesome hyena who dares to try to steal food and hurt people by his desire. He's independent for what he can do and likes to fool or trick his victims with his clever little schemes.

Belongs to Prikle1 Acs

Fur: Brown, probably smells *shrugs*

Eye: Red

Age: I don't know...

Story Appearance: Ice Age with Kyle 2

2. ????

Belongs to A. ?.?????d

Story Appearance: Ice Age with Kyle 3

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