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Author has written 2 stories for My Little Pony, and Danny Phantom.

Deviant Art Account: http://tails232323.deviantart.com/

I love to think about stories and read other fan stories!

Let's get this straight: I love brotherly, friendship, and family relationships. I will never write shippings together, I just can't do that love thing. I don't know why but I have no feelings for love so I have no idea how to write it. Plus action and drama is a lot cooler. Two brothers fighting then making up later just makes my heart flutter! (Wow that was cheesy) and watching two friends fight back to back just makes me so happy! Seeing two people get along so well (without the cheesy love) just makes me happy

So I know I haven't been active lately. :P I'm currently working hard in High School right now so you know I've been having terrible obsessions with Detective Conan at the moment. I'm sorry but I need to update my One Piece: Mystery Dungeon badly for its old and has so many things out of whack. If I could, I wouldn't mind having a partner or two helping me. :) I want to have One piece: Mystery Dungeon as a really long fanfic. I think I want to include Brook and Franky now too. :D I haven't been obsessing over One Piece too much lately but I"ll try my best to remember their personalities. :P I'm still caught up in the manga and anime of One piece. I love to read about everyone's newest moves and such. Should I have timeskip luffy and the others in the fanfic? Hmm, that's a good thought. I want to write everything down on paper before I type it now so it'll take a couple of years to work on.

Let's get this straight too, I AM NOT THE GREATEST WRITER AROUND. I usually get into honor classes but there's always one subject I can never correctly get an A on; English. For some odd reason my report card likes to give me B's in English. >:I I managed to get an A- my 2nd semester of Sophomore. I was so surprised I got a A on the final too. We were supposed to make up another character to add in another fight in the Princess' Bride. And Let's just say I barely planned the writing. I kinda just... went along with my imagination. Plus I had to speed it up at the end for I was running out of time. Maybe I am getting better! _ but who knows. I don't think I excel too much in the fanfic, 3rd person things right now because for the past YEARS I have never ever been assigned an essay where you MAKE UP the story. That was a final but it wasn't an essay I plan out and type at home. I'm so angry because I want to do a make-up-your-own-story essay but NOOOOO all of my english teachers are like, "Yep Yep, you get to write about Autobiographical incidients!" or "Here, write an essay on this book saying how it showed the feelings of the many African Americans who were abused" I'm not trying to sound angry at writing about misery its just, GYYYYAHHH I have never been assigned an essay where you make up the stories! Its always "About your life" or about a book we've just read! D:

Friendship is Ghostly: Personally I don't like that title but I couldn't come up with anything else. A fanfic I've had stuck in my head for AGES. I haven't written a fanfic ever since 6th grade and I began to type this in my Junior year (11th). This story is about Danny being sent to the Pony world and being discriminated against. It'll have great moments of friendship and little cute moments. ;D Danny will be turned into a pony but that's a few chapters in. The beginning is slow but I hope that it gets better. This fanfiction is mainly for practice so I'm learning And a small spoiler, yes the Ponies will be sent to Danny's world... and sold off to merchants. >:3

FANFICTION REMINDERS: Just going to post some ideas I will want to remember to MAYBE type up later.

My Ghostly Brother: (This will be in First Person) Instead of Danny turning half ghost, he's stuck with his ghost self! They're chained together by a mysterious link and Phantom does not want to stay with his Human self. Phantom is a mischievous little bastard who loves to pull pranks and scare people. Fenton has to keep Phantom out of his parents' sight, under control, and get him to help him fight the ghosts that now run around his hometown. The two must use teamwork and learn how to cooperate before Skulker gets both of their pelts. Fenton's Attitude: Nervous, stressed out but still commanding in his own special way. Comes up with ridiculous stories to hide things Phantom does or hide him. Phantom's Attitude: At first he has the instincts of a ghost. He causes mayhem, breaks objects, and scares the living soul of many people. Later he'll learn how to live with his human half more, and he'll learn how to not be mean.

Here's a little Description, Narrative Thingy I typed on Deviant Art:

I have one weird family. I've never known what a normal family is, that's how crazy and different my family is. My Mom and Dad are expert ghost hunters, who have never seen a ghost in their life. My sister, well... she's supposed to be the normal one but she's just a therapist, trying to find a way to cure me from my parents' weird obsessions. That's my family, well its supposed to be only them. After that incident I gained another addition to my family, though this addition is someone I only know of. My Mom and Dad would rip him apart and my sister... I think she'd just flip out and scream which would make my parents come upstairs to discover him and tear him apart, molecule by molecule. I need to keep him safe and away from my parents but I also need to keep him close for this weird chain won't let us be more then 20 feet apart. I'm determined to make him more human, change his attitude to someone who actually cares about the human race. Maybe he can then help me fight against the Ghosts that have run loose in this town. We have to learn how to work together, even if we're opposites. He's my ghostly brother, Danny Phantom and he won't stop turning intangible when I try to grab him. Having a brother is tough but having an exact twin that can shoot ecto-rays and steal your stuff then fly up 15 feet where you can't grab it, I think I might die from all of this pressure. But in the end maybe we'll get along because we're still brothers, and brothers learn how to respect each other... overtime.

His Horrible Secret: Danny never becomes friends with Tucker and Sam, he's a kid at school who gets bullied by Dash and sits alone at lunch. Sam and Tucker notice this teen's lonely behavior and offers to help him. Danny wants to stay away from everyone, he believes that he's a monster nobody will like. Sam and Tucker don't need to know, its better that they don't know but Sam is a persistent girl and Tucker sort of feels bad.

The Weird Boy: (Rise of the Guardians & Danny Phantom Crossover) A weird teenager arrives in Burgess, he isn't sure where he is and he isn't sure HOW he got here. Instead of Pitch, another spirit makes an attempt to harm the children of the world. He has a partner that knows that mysterious teen well.

Opposite but Alike Brothers: (YuGiOh Duel Monsters)An AU with Atem and Yugi. Atem and Yugi have always been brothers, but they're always so different it makes it seem like they aren't. Atem hangs out with the cool guys and Yugi hangs out with... whoever he considers a friend! Being a tough guy, Atem always has to get into fights and beat up on his younger brother. Yugi just plays games and doesn't enjoy fighting. Even if his brother is mean to him, Yugi is always really nice to him. The two of them have to work together to overcome the harsh reality of life. Both will learn lessons from each other, either to become a man or a good friend.

In my Favorite Cartoon area, I'm sorry MLP fans but I put Danny Phantom above MLP. The plot line is great and the humor ALWAYS cracks me up. Confound Danny and his stupid puns.

Animes: Yes I love One piece with all of my heart, Detective Conan is really awesome, and Gintama is a great comedy. :3

Imma Female video gamer. I easily get distracted, so that's why chapters take a while to come out. Graduated in the Class of 2013. Currently looking for a college in Japan.

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