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These kind of things always strike me as odd.

Though I guess that just means I need to work on my self-promotion skills. A lot.

Work on Chuck vs the Uboat continues, but I'm now holding down a full-time job in addition to trying to work on my own original fiction, getting my collection of short stories published, PHD program applications, and some other things that really should be shoved onto the back burner and left there forever. (Chuck vs Cthulu crossover I'm sorry. I think you're great, but ninjaVanish is the only one who wants to read you.)

To make things simpler for you (read: me) I have bit the bullet and started a blog. Progress bars make me happy, and they're informative as well.

head over to Haven't been keeping up with the updates like I used to, but it may still give you some useful information from time to time when I remember that I have it.

Two Mostly abandoned AU story ideas that probably will never happen and one that I can't quite let go of:

Sarah vs the Frontal Lobe Damage: Sarah, a hotshot FBI agent, is shot in the head and is pronounced legally dead for 10 minutes, before she miraculously awakens. (Basically if you saw short lived USA series Touching Evil, that. But with Sarah in the Jeffrey Donovan role.) She's seen what lies on the other side, and it gives her insights into the criminal mind which allow her to be amazing at her job. However, due to brain damage she's become emotionally detached and lost the capacity for shame. The last of which makes life difficult for her new partner, straight-laced Chuck Bartowski, recently transferred from Computer Crimes.

Sarah vs the MC: Basically, after Bryce gets Chuck kicked out of Stanford, Chuck becomes disillusioned and turns into a black-hat hacker, and eventually winds up joining an outlaw biker gang as their IT/computer rackets man. Crossover with Sons of Anarchy would be almost obligatory. Sarah's cover is complicated because Chuck has to claim her as his 'Old Lady' so she's not hit on by the rest of the gang. Casey is made livid by the fact that in his cover ID he's only a 'Prospect' and has to take orders from Chuck when around the rest of the gang.

Chuck vs the Nameless Horror From Beyond the Stars: 1920s AU. High energy physicist Dr. Charles Bartowski gets a mysterious letter from his mentor Dr Hartley Winterbottom, who has been living in China, and who Chuck hasn't spoken to since grad school, full of wild ravings and a single blurry photograph of a strange statue with the inscription 'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn' scrawled on the back in what just might be... blood.Concerned that his friend has lost his mind, Chuck journeys by steamship to bring Hartley home and put him in an asylum. On the trip he meets Sarah Walker, an 'archaeologist' with an eye for ancient antiquities. The FBI, concerned that Chuck's abrupt departure may spell espionage type shenanigans, sends their best team, former Marine Major John Casey and Chuck's old Stanford rival Bryce Larkin to tail him. Hijinks and Cultists ensue.

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Midst Toil and Tribulation, by David Weber

A Storm of Swords, by George R. R. Martin

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