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I'm a rather shy individual, so I won't say much about myself. I have been writing recreationally for some time now, and when it comes to fan fics, I like to write something out of the ordinary or very unlikely... for that is the beauty of fan fics! : )

I'll also disclaimer here. This is in regard to all my fan fics presently and in the future. I don't own any of the characters I use in my stories or anything in relation to them (such as the Forest Temple for Zelda, or the Hellsing Organization for Hellsing). It's only my imagination, that I own. : ) No money is being made from my fan fics.

I also have a Devianart page if you want to check it out. Here's a link.

I will also use this time to explain a few things in my stories as well.

Hell...Zelda Sing!

Please excuse the poor structuring of 'Hell...Zelda Sing!' This was the very first fanfic that I uploaded, thus I knew very little about uploading files onto this website. I have looked back at it and noticed many errors.

First of all there's my spelling and grammar. I wrote this very late at night, so my eyes became very blured by the end of it. I thought the spelling and grammar was fine until I began to review it a couple of weeks ago. And I didn't realise I could edit my fanfics on this site until I began to write my 3rd fanfic 'Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles'. That's when I really began to look around and notice.

Then there was the time intervals. I have also noticed that where I spaced out inbetween paragraphs to display large time intervals on Word, that when I uploaded them here they didn't space them out. So that would have added to the confusion that I think this fanfic is already accumulating. I only found out how to do that during my 3rd fan fic as well.

I will redo this fanfic soon to correct those errors, as well as my 2nd fanfic.

- The Valentine Bros. are alive & work for Hellsing - the Valentine bros. rule, and I wanted to put them in my fic.

- Eventually, Alhambra and Rip Van Wrinkle are alive & work for Hellsing - it just added more meat to the chapters for them to be there.

- Hellsing's unoffical alliance with Iscariot - it gave me an exucse to place Hienkel and Yumiko in Hyrule with Jon and Luke. I thought the team up was rather interesting. And Anderson... it's not a Hellsing fan fic without Anderson! : ) I apologise to those who disagreed with this decision, but trust me... the alliance itself will be hardly mentioned after chapter 06.

- Kafei - I like to twist some characters around... it just makes it more interesting, and it allows me to develop the characters out of their canon image (i guess that's what you call OC). Kafei is from the Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask game. You have to help Kafei - who had been turned into a kid by the game's bad guy - to retireve a wedding ceremony mask from a thief. The character's personal development in the game is rather thin, so I have twisted him to bascially be just a bad as Alucard.

- Reflections - In order to make this crossover work, I created a cosmic phenonemon call 'the Identity Complex'. I'll use Integra and Zelda to explian this. They are from two different worlds, and seem like two different people, however most of their characteristics (and in some cases genetics) mirror each other. Integra is a leader, so is Zelda. Integra knows how to wield a sword, so does Zelda. Integra has a caretaker (Walter), Zelda also has a caretaker (Impa). Both she and Zelda have blonde hair and blue eyes. They seem like two diffrent people, however they are the same in small ways.

- Twilight? - I haven't played the Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess yet. This is becasue I don't own a Wii. I am the only Nintendo gamer among a family of Xbox gamers. Because of this I don't know much about the Twilight Princess game, or the idea of Twilight itself mentioned in the game. So I used the concept of the word 'Twilight' itself to act as doors to other dimensions. This allowed to connect the Hellsing world with the Zelda world. I don't know if this is right or not... as I said I am very vague with the Twilight Princess notion of 'twilight'. Let me know if I got it right lol

- Link - Link is always the hero... I just wanted to see what it would be like if he was the bad guy and little insane. As I said before... I like to twist characters around. : )

- Pip's accent - Pip is French (as all of us Hellsing fans know : )), so I had to do something about his speech to express that. However I was lazy about it... only the word, 'the' has been tewaked to sound like 'le' for his French accent. I didn't want to go any further than that for it would just become too complicated for me. You may find that his accent would dissolve down the track, just because of my sheer laziness lol.

If there is anything else you would like to know concerning 'Hell... Zelda, Sing!', or if you have some kind critiques, please let me know through the review page. : ) I will answer them here.

Why was Anderson so fond of Zelda? Was he supposed to be the reflection of her father or something? - question from SelenaWolf - You got it! : ) It's not mentioned very well as I could only put so much in, however the intention for Anderson being so fond and protective of Zelda is because he is the relfection of Zelda's late father.

01-12-2010 - question from cardan - the idea of the whole seras vs. link thing seemed a little anti climatic for the hype that seemed to go before it don't you think?

Yeah, I have to agree with you. What happened was, by the end of this story I was writing in a whim. I was just basically writing down ideas that just popped into my head and the Seras vs. Link battle was something that I thought would be a good quick idea. Around that time, there were many battles that happened before (that war between the Wild Geese & the Iron Knuckles nearly killed me lol), and I was running out of zest on how to write this fight scenes after. Also I didn't want to make it too long, as this fic had so much within it already and I was writing even more.

But I did plan in the end that Link would win against Seras, because I did want Integra to step in and take him down a notch all in the same chapter.

2nd fanfic, 'Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles' - Yeah... this is sort of out of left field for someone who writes mostly Hellsing fan fics, lol. Pokemon out of all things... Blame Pokemon Platinum; ever since I began playing that game I have been getting ideas. That, and I watched the series when I was younger, so a have a little soft spot for Pokemon lol. For this fic, I pretty much threw away almost all of the orginal plot... for the games and the television series. I have written a whole new perspective on the series, thus has given me more imaginative freedom to create this fan fic. And it's a bit more 'grown-up' as well... well I think so. I've been going along with writing it and seems to be turning out great. But I need your thoughts on it though, so if you check it out I would appreciate reviews : ).

If you have questions, kind critiques or suggestions please let me know and I will be happy to answer them here.

Be warned - all suggestions may not be answered, as I can only put so much into this fan fic.

What happened to Manaphy? - In an earlier chapter, Cheryl found a very damaged Manaphy beached on Cinnibar Island. I had someone wonder about how it got there in the review page. To tell you the truth, I just came up with it off the bat. There is no back story or anything... it was just another way I could introduce another legendary (I don't really know if Manaphy is a legendary or not... however in my fan fic he's not. However he is very old... as old as the legendaries). If there were a backstory to it, Giratina would have something to do with it... so it wouldn't be a very pleasant back story. : ( But Cheryl finds him so all is well : )

May already knows Rayquaza? - Some of you may have found it confusing that May already knows Rayquaza, or who she calls 'Ray'. If you refer back to chap. 13, there's a paragraph where May is reflecting upon her past. That's when a person called Ray is mentioned. She doesn't know him as Rayquaza until she meets him at Sky Pillar. I just thought it would be a good shocker if May actually knew Rayquaza before hand and actually shared a beautiful past. Their relationship will be explained in more detail later on in the fan fic.

I have forgotten Regigigas? - Good point, Angelic Sakura Blossom. Glad you pointed that out, cause by doing so you gave me an idea. : ) Actually at first I wasn't going to include Regigigas because to me they are basically the fusion of the Regice, Regirock and Registeel. That's how I understand Regigigas anyway. Now, at this point I will give you all a little spoiler and say that they will be a final showdown between Giratina and the other legendaries... a very bloody one. So when desperation finally hits the Regi brothers they will fuse into Regigigas. And that's all I'll say about that! lol

Now, someone had mentioned about giving May a destiny that ties in with Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon? This is a good idea. Thank you Jasmine for coming up with it. I will endow May with a destiny of her own, however it will be tied with Dawn's. That way, the story continues to flow as it has been and so it doesn't feel like the story's drifting from the main plot. That, and it makes it more challengning for me to come up with something. : ) We'll see how it goes and see how much room I can make for this.

I forgot Azelf in chap 18! - Crap! Thank you for pointing pointing that out Angelic Sakura Blossom. Man do I feel like an idiot! XD I can't even keep up with my own characters. But it's all good! In the next chap, Azelf will be included in Dialga's team. Phew! It's all right... he can stop crying in the corner now lol

I miss spelt Relicanth - ... opps... thanks for pointing that out Toolazytologin lol. Awsome name XD. I'm most likely going to mispell some Pokemon names throughout this fan fic. It's not intentional, but I know that it's gonna happen. Let's face it... most of these Pokemon have crazy names lol. You're bound to mispell some : ) I think i'm still mispelling it XD

This is for sweetbubbelgirl - I saw in your earlier reviews that you hoped that Dawn and Giratina will become friends. I have reframed from answering that, for I didn't want to give anything away... but I just can't help myself! XD I won't tell ya much, but I will say this... Dawn and Giratina will come to a 'compromise' lol. However what's gonna happen? I'll let your imagination run wild until I get to that point in the story. XD

When are Latios, Latias, Celebi, and Deoxis going to appear? - Question from dattebayo4321 - Celebi has already made an apperance. She is intoduced in chap. 09 along with the Johto trainers. However her apperance becomes less and less, for she has fallen into the background of the other chracters.

Someone did mention to me that I have too many characters in this story and I have to agree lol (Winged Escapist noted it) I have his thing of involving too many characters in one storyline. My favourite saying in the world... 'the more the merrier' lol. My idea was to not only involve each legendary from each reigon, but also the trainers from every Pokemon game until Platnium... well... try to. I thought it was a nice idea, but it is having its ramifications.

Anyway, back to the question. To tell you the truth, I was very hesitant of including Latias, Latios and Deoxis, for in my opinion they arn't really legendaries. Sure, there are only one of them, however they don't really represent much. From at the top of my memory as I am writing this, I do remember that Latios and Latias represent flight, however I didn't think that was really necessary. And Deoxis is just a mutation of an alien virus. Along the same lines, I concluded that Mewtwo isn't a legendary either, for he is just a manufactured Pokemon from the DNA of Mew.

dattebayo4321, if you lobby enough for me to add the characters into the fan fic I will be happy to do so. But it will make the story longer.

Ah, i see. I always thought of Deoxis as "The being of The Stars", seeing as how it goes freely in the space of Palkia. Then again, it doesn't play a big part, so maybe it can be mentioned? The same for Latios and Latias, only that when they call upon Arceus, they will appear with it? - Question from dattebayo4321 - Okay... you got me! lol I'll try to put Deoxis, Latias and Latios in my fan fic. : ) However, their role will be very small, and I won't give them human forms. They will also appear the round the same time Arceus will.

Sept. 27, 2010 - I thought I might just say a couple of things after what... how should I explain it... a rather suprising conclusion in chap. 25 lol

1. - I will give you all a little spolier to set your minds at ease after what Giratina did to Dawn at the end of chapter 25. She will be saved, however not by Diagla (sorry pokemongirl14, but I have someone else in mind to save Dawn. It a suprise XD).

2. - May being the chosen one to hold the Sword of Arceus - This is pretty much how I answered to a suggestion that was made earlier on in this story's development. In the reviews, I had Jasmine suggest that I give May a destiny of her own. I said that that I would, however it would be tied with Dawn's. This was what I meant; she would be one of the three chosen in the prophecy. Jasmine, I'm sorry that I couldn't involve Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza as part of May's destiny like you also suggested... believe me, I tried as hard as I could. However, when it came to the final product it just wouldn't work. It was too complex for me to try and add them to May's destiny like you asked me, but I was still able to give May a main role anyway.

3. - Dawn & Giratina? - I'm not sure if I should mention this now or later... or even mention it at all, as I don't really want to give anything away concerning these two. All I'll say is, as from chap. 25, their relationship is going to become rather complex.

01 Oct, 2010 - Story ending after chap. 27?... IT'S NOT ENDING AFTER CHAP. 27! IT'S NOT ENDING AFTER CHAP. 27! I plan to write a couple more chapters after the adventure ends after chap. 27. So, there'll still be more : ). Excited yet? Lol.

I'll give you all a little taste of what's to come after the main adventure ends in chap. 27. It will be set seven years after their adventure, so Dawn and the other trainers will be around the age of 21 by this time. The legendaries have paired of with some of the trainers as Pokemon partners, Ash and Misty are about to get married and invite everyone that was on the team to the wedding, as well as invite them all to celebrate before hand at an hot spring Inn. And Dawn will once again... see Giratina!

What's gonna happen between them... I'll let you imagination run wild until then lol.

And there will also be a battle between Dawn and the new World Pokemon League Champion. It's not Cynthia, as someone else has just taken her place. Who bumped her off to become champion, I wonder?

All of that happens, after chap. 27!

Dec. 19 - question from PikaDamos - "wait didn't the St. Anne sink because it was capsized by a wave?" To tell you the truth, I really don't know what happened to the S.S./St. Anne. I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the history of the ships in the Pokemon series. But the sole reason as to why I used the S.S. Anne in my fan fic, is that it's really the only ship in the Pokemon games that I'm familiar with, and the only ship I could think really of straight off the bat. It's one of the first ships you go on in the Pokemon game series, which is why I know this ship better than the others.

April. 09, 2011 - Where's Heatran? - Readers have noticed that I forgot the legendary Pokemon Heatran in my Pokemon story. I only realised that I forgot poor ol' Heatran when I was writing the end stages of my story, and by that time there was no room to add him. I will add Heatran when I finally get round to writing the sequal, which may be a LONG WAY away, since I have yet to play Pokemon Black or White.

And when I do get round to writing the sequal, the fifth gen legedaries will be added as well.

Update: May, 12th, 2012 It's been a while since I've been logged on to this site. This is due to forgetting my password lol, as well as really having no time to write fan fics. As I get older I get, the less time I have to spend time on writing them.

I have gone through the stories I have written, and decided that some of them I should get rid of. So if there was anyone out there who were reading the stories I have just deleted, I apologise. My reasons for deleting these stories was that I wasn't happy with them for they didn't turn out the way I originally wanted, and the fact that they were unfinished and I have no time to update them anyway.

Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles and Hell...Zelda, Sing! are now the only stories posted from me. Hell... Zelda, Sing! was the first fan fic I posted on this site so I will be keeping it for that value. Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles was a story that actually I enjoyed writing more than any story I posted before and after. I was quite satisfied with the final product and shall remain here as well.

Again, if there was anyone out there, who was reading my other work, I apologise.

Update: December 26th, 2012 - Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles II - Kyurem's Revenge -The sequel to Pokemon; the Cosmic Chroncles is now in the process of being written. Once I have 5 chapters written and polished, I will upload them as soon as possible.

Update: January 10, 2013 - Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles II - Kyurem's Revenge - Four chapters have been written, polished and ready for upload. Once I have the fifth chapter written and polished, I will upload them all in one sitting. So it may be another couple of days until you see the sequel offically online. Hang tight :)

Update: January 17th, 2013 - The sequel to Pokemon; the Cosmic Chronicles is now up and running. I have just uploaded five pages. I hope you enjoy them :). Hopefully after this, I can post a new chapter weekly. If worst comes to worst, it will be a new chapter every two weeks. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I will writing it xoxo

Update: September 26th, 2013 - I just thought that I should make a quick message about my updating consistency for my current fan fic Pokémon the Cosmic Chronicles II; Kyurem's Revenge.

I have noticed a recent demand to update chapters sooner than my current pace. I'm glad that you care about this fic so much as to desire new chapters sooner rather than later and appreciate the enthusiasm. Believe me, I know how you feel :).

But as I already stated at the end of chapter eight of this story, my consistency in updating will change... and keep on changing. This is due to time constraints. I want this story to be the best as I can make it, which means that it will take some time to write each chapter. I guess it's the question whether you prefer quality over quantity or vice versa.

I will say that I do want to finish this fic by the end of the year - that is my main goal. There are plenty more chapters to come, so really, I do need to move my butt and produce chapters quicker than I currently am if I want to achieve that lol. But like I said, I want this story to turn out as best as I can make it. Rushing it to the tune of 'two weeks per chapter' will indeed ruin that. So please be patient. xo

October 15th 2013 - Just thought I'd answer a question from SonicSonic54321. Yes, Sir Huge is an original character I created for the purpose of the sequel, and I'm glad you enjoyed his backstory. :)

November 13th 2013 - This is just a quick response to winx2001, asking if I could offer a quick synopsis of the next chapter and if they could offer up ideas to help me with completing this fic.

The next chapter is almost complete. It should be up later on tomorrow or the next. If you're lucky it may be uploaded today, but there's still a couple of things I want to tweak before I'm satisfied with it.

The next couple of chapters will focus on Team Plasma's involvement on Kyurem's side of the fight. They will attack Unova in one go and the heroes will need to stop their regional dominating efforts. It will take at least two or three chapters for this part of the story to comfortably flow, and tell it in a way that doesn't feel rushed.

The problem isn't that I don't have any ideas; what hinders this story and the rate chapters are uploaded is time. The ideas are already there, it's just that it takes time to plan on paper a chapter in a rough sequence-by-sequence draft, then type it out properly on computer. I know where this story is going so don't worry about me running out of ideas.

I don't mind hearing what ideas you guys have. But as I said, I already have a pretty good idea where I want this story to end up, so the chance of seeing any of your ideas included is small. But who knows; some of your ideas may just as well change/tweak the ideas I have now. Depends on what it is, if I like it and if it will fit.

So much for this being a quick response :p

Once again, I hope you are enjoying this story, and I hope you continue to read on the future :)

November 19th 2013 - I've just decided to let you guys in on a quick spoiler. It won't affect the impact of the story, so I figured I'll just answer the question of Heatran's appearance.

Heatran is the captain of the Champion Princess cruise liner. This was going to be revealed during Team Plasma's attack when he decides to intervene when the heroes stationed in Castellia find themselves in a pinch. I was actually going to reveal his identity later on in the story, but this moment seemed like a better time to do it.

In chapter 22 when the character of the captain is reintroduced, he says, "I’ve got my own ‘special qualities’, you know…", it supposed to, kind of, hint a little that he is more than what he seems, opening the way for him to be Heatran.

Why is Heatran the captain of the Champion Princess? Well to be honest, I didn't actually write the captain at first to be Heatran. Then I figured that it might be a nice twist if the captain was a legendary all along and sort of knew what they were getting themselves into. That and it was a simple solution to make him fit in the story. This is another reason why Heatran isn't mentioned in this story yet, for I had no idea what to do with him and where to put him until this decision. Also, the moment to reveal him hasn't come up yet. But now you know what's going on with him :)

Heatran was another legendary that I was confused by what he was supposed to represent and considered him unnecessary. I wasn't even going to consider him in the story's headcanon for he is easily forgotten (even by me! lol). As a fire-based legendary, I had no idea what was unique about him; the other fire-based legendary Pokémon have pretty much covered all the basis to do with the fire element. But after reading further into Heatran's origins I now have a good idea what I'm going to do with him.

His official introduction will most likely be in chapter 24 or 25.

Edit: for winx2001, the first story is called what it's basically titled, Pokémon; the Cosmic Chronicles. Not much go into it other than that :)

Edit: Heatran will now appear in chapter 26. While drafting chapters 24, 25 & 26 (what I like to call the Fall of Team Plasma Saga :p), I found that I could only fit Heatran into 26 for there was no room for his introduction elsewhere. Also this way, his entrance can be a little longer and written in more detail.

Once again, I hope that you are enjoying this story, and I hope you continue to read in the future :)

December 11th, 2013 - There may be some problems viewing chapter 23 for a bit. Just before writing this little update, I quickly took the chapter down and replaced it with a sightly revised version. There was something that I just really felt the need to change. I felt that what Victini said about Kyurem being a 'carbon copy of Huge' may have given some people the wrong idea. I just really wanted to fix that up and make sure that the intentions and ideas I'm relaying to you through the writings of my fic are clear... That is when I'm not purposely trying to hide something :p

Chapter 24 is also freshly uploaded during the time of writing this update. I hope you enjoy reading it :)

December 23rd, 2013 - SonicSonic54321, I think you got a little over excited in your recent review. I'm not sure where you got the impression that Cobalion had joined the side of the heroes... I guess having him show what ever glimmer of compassion left inside him for humans (for Bianca especially), has sort of distorted the line in who he sees as an enemy and the way he treats them. In light of this, I feel their relationship is confusing others as well as yourself, and are wrongfully assuming what's happening between the characters and the choices they make through their actions and behaviours.

In an much earlier chapter, Bianca earned Cobalion's respect by demonstrating the extent of her Iron Will and her perception of it. But even having earned his respect he still considers her his enemy. This respect leads Cobalion to treat Bianca better than what he would usually treat humans and others he considers a foe. He sees her as sort of an equal, which is why he wanted to help her finally resolve her doubts. On top of that his sense of honour is strong - another reason why he wanted to help her despite his hatred for humans.

Bianca has also questioned his motivations in why he has concerned himself with her, however Cobalion quickly clears this up with this quote in chapter 18;

“Don’t assume such ridiculous sentiments. You and I are enemies that have earned the other’s respect. It is because of that respect that I am warning you not to go through with this; it is simply not in your best interest. But I can only warn you; it is your choice whether you heed it or not.”

They are still enemies... but they are enemies that respect each other. It's a way of showing 'honour on the battlefield'.

Cobalion and Virizion will never join the side of the heroes. I know some of you want this to happen, but in doing this, the action and drama that is in store for future chapters will greatly suffer. It will also take away some of the 'oomph' I have planned when ending elements of the plot are officially revealed. It will be these elements that will force them to change their perception of the world and finally forgive and forget their hatred. They will see the error of their ways, but not until the very end.

Also Team Plasma hasn't fallen just yet; there's still one more chapter until their demise is official. That chapter will most likely not be complete and ready for upload until after the new year. I know this fic is long and taking its sweet time to be finished, and once again I thank you all for your patience and dedication for reading this long and crazy fic :). It's almost there for I only plan for at least seven more chapters after 25. I want it to be only as long as the first story, which is 32 chapters long.

So, with all that said I wish you all the happiness throughout the holiday period, and see you all in the new year. :) xx

Jan, 5th 2014 - Happy New year! Just making a quick update in response to 23StellaOrgana's recent question in the reviews. First of Heatran is male, and will make his appearance in the next chapter that I hope will be uploaded in the next couple of days.

Second, Cobalion and Virizion are not evil. I know it may seem like it since they're on Kyurem's side, but it was never my intention to portray them as 'evil' characters. They're stuck in the middle, with Cobalion struggling with his anger unable to let go of what happened in the past, and Virizion's strong sense of loyalty to her brother. She will follow Cobalion to the ends of the earth no matter what his goals are, for that is how much she trusts and cares for her brother.

Kyurem is using these emotional and personal weakness against them (Cobalion more specifically), manipulating them to assist him. They're not evil, is just that right now they're prone to manipulation because of their emotional vulnerabilities. Even Virizion knows what they are doing is wrong, but her love and unwavering loyalty for her brother will always keep her on his side. The only characters I consider really evil in this story are Kyurem and Ghetsis.

I hope this clears things up for you :)

Edit: Also 23StellaOrgana Terrakion is not evil either. He was sort of in the same position as Virizion having a strong sense of loyalty towards Cobalion. That was the reason why he was with Kyurem at first. He always knew but the only one to do something about it.

Terrakion is more rational with his thoughts and emotions and less prone to manipulation. He knew what they were doing was wrong and so took action by switching sides. It was his way of demonstrating to his siblings his objections to what they are doing, and that hopefully they would follow his example (well... Virizion at least). Terrakion used to be like Cobalion where his hate drove him but over time it subsided, which is why he can think more clearly than his other siblings, act on his own without their consent and care less for their objections for he knows that he's right. Cobalion may be the leader of their pack, but Terrakion is the voice of reason and their main pillar of support.

Because Terrakion is the most mentally stable amongst his siblings he could see what Kyurem was doing and didn't fall for it. He was never manipulated from the start; he only followed along with it until he had a good plan to get himself out. His plan of turning traitor was also the reason why he gave Zekrom information so casually. If you remember in chapter 6 before Zekrom and Terrakion face off in an alleyway, he tells her of what Kyurem is planning and to be on her guard.

Virizion also knows that they're being used as Kyurem's instruments for world destruction but she doesn't care; as long as she's by Cobalion's side the world can burn for all she's concerned. She makes this clear in chapter 22 with this quote;

“I will not abandon him,”... “Even I am led to the pits of Hell I will remain forever at his side to support him, to protect him… to make sure that he never becomes like Kyurem. I will always be at his side whether it is to save the world… or to destroy it. If that’s what Cobalion wants then so will I. That’s how much I love our brother; I will even sacrifice my life and honour to protect him.”

Her love and loyalty for Cobalion is kind of an obsession really, which is why I say that Terrakion is the most mentally stable among them; Cobalion is blinded by his hate over the past, Virizion is blinded by unhealthy obsession for her brother and Keldeo is emotionally scarred by abandonment. Keldeo is learning to become a stronger person and functions like a normal rational being... but the pain of the past is still there. This is indeed a broken family, but they will find happiness in the end :)

Jan, 8th 2014 - winx2001, Tornadus and Thundurus will appear in the next chapter, and I plan to introduce them in a sort of 'humorous' manner :). And I am happy to hear that you are still enjoying this fic... despite how long it is and how long it's taking me to complete it lol.

In fact I thank everyone who is still reading, and even to those who are perhaps just starting to read this crazy fic. I am grateful to all of you who take the time out of your day to read my work and I hope that you continue to enjoy its content just as much as I enjoying writing it. :)

Feb, 1st 2014 - I just thought I should make a quick update in subject to chapter 27's progress. It is half way completed and I hope (emphasis on hope) to have it finished in a week or so :) xx

March, 15 2014 - I better give you guys an update on chapter 28's progress for it's been a while since I uploaded the last chapter. The past few weeks have been crazy for me and I have not had the time, as well as been too exhausted to progress with the next chapter. So it may not be until next week or the middle after that chapter 28 will be uploaded. Only the first quarter has been written thus far; that's all I've had time for, and been in the mood to do.

This chapter does need a good tending to, for it reveals some plot points that have been played on the down-low within the story line. The strange boy who keeps meeting up with Hilda and his true identity will officially be announced, Giratina will suffer a terrible fate, and Hilda will be faced alone before Kyurem once more - this time within his domain and him having the upper hand.

I do apologise that it's taking this long get another chapter uploaded. This is perhaps the worst it's ever been with the length of updating. Life cannot be helped however, which is why this has temporarily been pushed to the back burner. It's sucks really, for these last few chapters are the ones I've been most anticipating to write. Typical :/

May, 21 2014 - I really need to get into the habit of updating you all on a more recent basis as you all deserve to know what's happening. Again, it is taking much longer to post another chapter and I apologise from the bottom of my heart :(. This time it was more for creational reasons and less due to life's responsibilities.

I am in the process of re-writing the next chapter. What I had written so far left me less than satisfied leaving me with only the option of going back and restructuring the draft starting from scratch. The main focus for this chapter is Keldeo and her one-on-one fights against her opposing sibling's Virizion and Cobalion. This hasn't changed and is less of the problem, rather, it's what's going on elsewhere within the chapter that I'm having a hard time figuring out how to play out and where they should be placed.

Because of this it will take a while longer before the next chapter is up. I know it's a pain but I didn't want to upload something that just felt 'half baked' and myself knowing I could have done better.

I thank you all for your kind patience and I hope that you continue to read despite my slow steadiness. xx

Sept, 29 2014 - Once again, it is taking me forever to upload another chapter. Same reason as always: time poor, uninspired, and having to temporarily push it aside to focus on more immediate and pressing tasks. So I thought I'd just post an update about how it's going so far.

It's about half way completed. This chapter has a lot going on in it. At times I feel like I'm writing two chapters for there is so much happening. So it's going to be another long chapter. I'm predicting it to be at least 16 to 18 pages when it's finally done. I guess I should just finish it half done, post it, and just write the other half as a separate chapter... but I only want to make this fic 32 chapters long like the first story. And even then I feel as if it's going to be a couple chapters longer anyway, considering the content left I want to put in before I'm satisfied with it's completion.

As apology for taking so long, I will share a few quick spoilers for next chapter. Kyurem defeats the last of his legendary Unova brethren, including Victini. Giratina finally returns. Professor Juniper and the Unova trainers will face against Kyurem in a Pokémon battle, and the entire Unova region will meet an 'icy' fate.

I hope to upload the next chapter soon. Once again, I thank you all for taking the time and making the choice to read my work, the unlimited patience you have waiting for what comes next, and hope that you continue to read in the future :) xx

Jan, 17 2015 - Hello, and happy 2015! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays :). I am finally able to give you all an update on what's going on. Things seem to become busier than usual for me when a year is on the verge of coming to an end. Whether it be from changes at work, finishing up study, holiday preparation and spending quality time with family and friends, my life kind of spirals our of control and leaves me exhausted and drained in creativity. Because of this, I've only had a small amount of time to work on chapter 31, with only half of it completed thus far. Things have just only begun to slow down, but will soon pick up again. Hopefully between this gap of nothing (somewhat nothing), I am able to finally complete 31.

I will give you a sneak peak of what's in store for chapter 31. There will be lots of fighting. This is another reason why chapter 31 is taking a while, for in my experience, fight scenes are difficult to write. Also, the identity of the True Hero will officially be clarified with their long-overdue arrival, and with the help of some 'divine intervention'.

And in response to Winx2001's question, the Princess of the South (from the play back in chapter 21 and mentioned in Huge's backstory) does not have a name. I actually never gave her one :p. In chapter 4 near the end when Kyurem describe Hilda's name "that of a glorious warrior queen", is only his own personal view of the name itself. I imagined that he would have pictured a strong Viking woman when first told of her name, which then made him say it. And sorry for the long wait to reply :(.

I hope to upload 31 very soon. I cannot apologise enough for the amount of time it's taking :(. Thank you all for your patience and I hope that you continue to read in the future :) xx

28, May 2015 - Hello everyone, and Happy Birthday Winx2001 :) I hope it's not too late and I hope that you had a wonderful day in celebration. I am posting this update to answer Winx's request and offer a sneak peak with what will happen in the next chapter, as well as let you all know what's been happening.

I had been rather busy undergoing training in order to complete my course. Because of this, I had to put the story on the back burner once again so I could focus on completing this rather crucial component in my studies. I have been able to write some of 32 while all this was going on, but it wasn't much and needs a bit of re-working. Now that my training is complete I can bring focus back to the Cosmic Chronicles sequel, but completing it will take some more time, for I want to get this chapter right.

Here's your sneak peak Winx :). Giratina and Kyurem will finally have a one-on-one battle in the next chapter. In addition, the reincarnation of Sir Huge will officially be revealed. This was supposed to happen in the last chapter, however there ended up being no room to do so before the chapter got too long. There's also the possibility that Huge's reincarnation and Kyurem will have their showdown in this one as well. I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see how it goes.

This chapter will be rather finicky for me to complete, for what has been building up in the narrative will finally come full circle in this chapter as well as the next. I know the wait is a major pain, and I can't apologise enough to taking so long with each chapter. I'm sure readers have given up on me at this point because the wait is just annoying and unbearable. It's annoying and unbearable for me too. I don't enjoy making you all wait. In fact the longer I keep from uploading, the more guilt I feel :( Life just likes to pile work on me and most of it I just can't immediately avoid.

But I will finish this story, no matter what!

Once again, Happy Birthday Winx2001, thank you all for your divine patience and hope that you continue to read in the future :) xx

09, July, 2016 - Hello everyone :)

Good grief, was the 28th, May, 2015 my last update? Holy Heck! I'm not very good with these update things am I lol. I have uploaded chapters since the last update, but that's no excuse.

And speaking of chapters, chapter 34 is still being worked on. I have completed about half of it. This is another chapter that needs a lot of attention for it includes important character development. I don't have a date on when it will be uploaded, but hopefully it's sooner rather than later. There will be a chapter after 34 and if all goes as planned, 35 will be the final chapter of Kyurem's Revenge.

For PikaPokemon101 - Here is the address to my Deviantart profile page: The art on there is a few years old, and I do plan to update the legendary human concept art eventually. And as for Palkia's trainer she chose to partner with Lucas :) In fact, I might take a moment here and list which trainer each legendary Pokémon decided to party with at the end of the first story, just in case it wasn't made clear (it's been a while since I finished it :p):

Dawn - Dialga, Giratina, & eventually Shaymin during prequel

Ash - Lugia & Ho-oh

Misty - Articuno, Kyogre & Suicune

Brock - Regirock, Regice & Registeel

Gary - Uxie

Lucas - Palkia

Barry - Azelf

Jimmy - Raikou

Marina - Celebi

Kamon - Entei

May - Rayquaza

Brandon - Groundon

Max - Jirachi

Mars - Zapdos

Saturn - Moltres

Cynthia - Mesprit

And for the trainers in Kyurem's Revenge (warning - minor spoilers):

Hilda - Zekrom, Victini, Meleotta & eventually Kyurem

N - Reshiram

Hilbert - Keldeo

Cheren - Terrakion

Bianca - Cobalion & Virizion

For legendary Pokémon I didn't mention, they have either not yet partnered with a trainer or never will by choice. There may also be teams I've forgot to mention here; I had to double check old notes for this list so some info might be missing and out-dated. So if I have forgotten or mixed up a team, please let me know :)

I will also mention here, that I do plan on writing a series of shorts for Pokémon the Cosmic Chronicles. These will more than likely appear around the same time the third story does that I have planned to cover Kalos (and perhaps Alola as well). My plan for these shorts is to delve deeper into some of these legendary/trainer relationships, friendship and romantic fluff... just stuff like that :)

Once again I thank you all for your patience, thank you all taking the time and making the choice to read my work, and I hope that you all continue to do so in the future :) xx

Edit: Something is going wrong with the Deviantart address. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about that. I'll try it again here: /

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