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well my nickname is val. My full name is NOT Valentina, Valencia, or any other names that begin with V-A-L...except Valerie...oh snap.

I, without ANY doubt at all, am female.

i am not a schizophrenic but sometimes i do hear voices in my head...thats when i stop eating slim jims before bed.

i believe i have pretty eyes. theyre emerald green with orange around my p-u-p-i-l.

i dont really care that much of privacy but i wont tell you my address because there's a 99.999% chance i don't want you to find me.

im not goth, but i hate bright colors and if youre wearing pink, ill either kill you or spit on you.

I'm thirteen. and all you creepy stalker people out there...YEAH YOU...dont be...stalkerish. GO HOME!! no one wants to be creeped on.

i go to school with jangomango whos is SUPERBEAST!!!!!!!!!!! i love her to death. check out her stories too cuz they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

and also supergal020 even though i have no idea why she picked this name i luv her to death and she wis my best friend forever who i share the love of white cheddar cheeze-its. (and that drink was SOOOO lemonade. DONT EVEN DENY IT!!)

once i accidentally got food poisoning and had to miss school for two weeks...it was epic.

i know some of you are reading this and thinking..."is this chick on crack?" but no. i am not. i am hyperactive. with the occasional touch of spunk.

i really like potatoes. mashed is my favorite because you can make a mashed potato mountain and out gravy "lava"on. its delicious.

sometimes ill try to be cool...like now...and sometimes...i fail. but thats okay because there are alot of people out there wierder than me. hard to belive i know. but its possible. have you ever heard of OCD?? yeah...its not pretty. sometimes ill say hi to a hobo and give him change but really...they scare me.

OMG i bet jackie chan can kill me with his bare hands. whereas chuck norris is a wuss and uses a gun to shoot from a distance.

i forgot to mention...im random.which pretty much explains the rapid changes in subject. i write whatever is on my mind. and thats everything on this page.


i like to add gore. so for the more...uh...squeamish readers...BEWARE. although...i probably wont add much. im a hopeless romantic too. *MWA MWA MWA!!* (yeahhh not really)

please R&R! i love reviews they are my life substance!!!!!!! (well um...air...actually is kinda a big benefactor in that equation...and um...food.)

but anyway, i love Teen Titans, Maximum Ride, and if a certain person persuades me enough (cough julia cough) i MIGHT just MIGHT write a story for Naruto. even though i know nothing about it which means it would suck like a vacuum cleaner. (actually my vacuum cleaner is very old and doesnt really work) but y'know thats OKAY because people that take offense to my horrifying stories of Naruto cant FIND me. *beams happily*

and im DEFINATELY writing a story for Avatar the Last Airbender. It's my new favorite tv show and very very tragically it is competing with teen titans for my favorite-ist show ever. and even more tragic...*sob*...i might like Zuko more than *sob* Robin!...or not. *evil smile* youll never know till u read my stories...SO READ THEM!!

Im gonna have a contest to see who is more popular...Zuko of Avatar the Last Airbender vs. Robin of Teen Titans. In your reviews, tell me your vote. By the end of the month, i will tally up the votes and post them on here. So VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

so thats about it...

OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost forgot. if ANYONE has any story suggestions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PM me. im thinking about doing a crossover of like Jason Voorhees and Teen Titans but i dont know...how...that would...work out. i mean i hate when people in movies and tv die...HAHAHAHA why am i lying?

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Double Take by Star of Airdrie reviews
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Kori Anders did not want the life of a girl living in the late 1700's. So, cutting her hair and putting on breeches, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the crew of a royal gunner, the 'Titania'. Can she have her adventures without being discovered?
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X High School by Green Gallant reviews
Rich Grayson is a motocross racer, with his friends Gar, Tara, Kori, Raven, Vic and Slade they attend the world's most extreme high school. But now there lives are about to change as a new evil threatens our world. Now the real fun begins. RxK, GxT, SxR
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Hiccups reviews
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Korina is a beautiful girl that is forced to become Amish. But a trip to the city helps her find freedom....and love. This is the 1st story I've published and I know it sucks but please no major flames. They make me sad.
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