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Hey Everybody My name's Nick I'm 24 years old and I enjoy to read and write South Park Fan Fiction as a hobby. I'm die hard devotee of the series and it's my favorite show on Television.

My personal preferences to South Park fandom are Humor Drama and romance based with my least favorites being slash related no offense to anyone that likes it but it's just not my thing.

I don't mind original characters as long as they are developed and don't overtake the story and cause canon characters to act out of character. In fact I have very many OCS that I really think might have a decent shot on the show. My All time favorite OC being Charlie Pierzynski by Threadbare South Park because she fits the balance of a new character by being original and appealing while staying a believable addition to the school by not standing out too much. She's able to have adventures with the boys where she only plays one part with the boys filling out the rest the way a proper OC should. Where ever you are TP Please come back we miss you and that little weird girl with the boy's name.

Anyway I myself have made several OCS two of them being primary characters with the rest being secondary supporting characters. They consist of two sub series in my Fandom First Blood First Serve and Stop the Clock I Don't Want To Rock.


Conner C Kurtz : A Former Private in the United States Young Marine Corps Conner is born into a Military Family in San Diego. He spends his summers in military school under tutelage of School DI Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock who trains him in the rigors of military school life. Despite his disciplined upbringing Conner is bright optimistic and happy go lucky in terms of outlook on life.

Tragically his patriotic boy scout view on life is shattered in the Peruvian Pandemic when his father and older brother are thought to be killed in action by the guinea creatures making a last stand and his mother is mortally wounded in an attack that leaves Conner's upper body, stomach, face and psyche badly scarred.

Left orphaned in the aftermath Conner runs into Benjamin the only surviving member of his family left and the two head out east to find a place to call home ending up in a small Colorado mountain town.

Though only 10 years old Conner is a highly skilled in many fields of survival such as hunting and gathering, first aid, mountain climbing, shelter building, tracking and evading, escape, and trapping, He is also a high skilled Hand to Hand combatant having practiced martial arts since the age of four and military hand to hand combat since age 8, he is capable of fighting empty handed and with weapons like knives, spears and arrows and possesses a toughness unseen in most kids his age. He is also a highly skilled marksmen having earned badges and won ribbons for his talent in the Young Marines.

Appears in First Blood First Serve.

Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock.

The Man who taught him, trained him and commanded him in the Young Marines Sergeant Halfcock knows Conner Kurtz inside and out.
He knows how he thinks how he acts and what he's capable of. He arrives in South Park to warn the authorities of just what they are dealing with when Conner becomes the target of a manhunt but he's advice falls on deaf ears. With the authorities going all out to catch Conner and the adults in town paralyzed in fear for their children's safety Halfcock may be the boys only ally to stop Conner.

Appears in First Blood First Serve.

Corporal Benjamin Kurtz

Conner's 19 year old brother and role model in life. Benjamin gives his brother someone to look up to when times get tough and share a laugh with from time to time. possessing a cheerful smile and a warm confident personality mixed with a model Marine Corps discipline Benjamin is everything Conner aspires to be.

In the aftermath of the Pandemic Benjamin is the only one of Conner's family who survives and takes on the role of Conner's guardian and parental figure as they trek east.But is Benjamin who he really say's he is?

Appears in First Blood First Serve.

1st Sergeant Dwight Kurtz

Conner and Benjamin's Father He's a veteran of the American Canadian war and secretly a Terrence and Phillip fan.

He leads the last stand against the Guinea creatures during the pandemic at the cost of his life to buy Sarah and Conner time to escape. But is this the last time Conner will see him?

Appears in First Blood First Serve.

Gunnery Sergeant Sarah Kurtz.

Conner's Mother and Matriarch of the household she is a Senior Drill Instructor and is implied to wear the pants in the house. She saves Conner from being mauled by Guinea babies at the cost of being fatally wounded herself Her last words to Conner are to always be brave for her and that she loves him. She dies with Conner in her arms but is it truly the last time he will see her?

Appears in First Blood First Serve.

Stop The Clock I Don't Want To Rock Characters Coming Soon.

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