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Name: Casey

Age: 17

Sign: Tarus

Favorite Numbers: 9, 13, and 21

Favorite Holiday: Friday the 13th and Halloween

Country: USA

January 21st, 2011: Alright, so I know I haven't been on often lately. I have many reasons:

1. I'm a Junior in High School, and in all honors/AP classes.

2. I'm looking for a job

3. I'm taking Driver's Ed in order to get my license

4. I'm searching for colleges

...I can't even remember the rest. But the point is, I am really, REALLY busy! I didn't anticipate being this busy, but I am. SO! I will reply to every review I get. It just may take me a really, really long time to do it, so I'm sorry if my reply takes a while to get to you. Also, my fanfictions will take a while to get up. I will try to update the best that I can, and as often as I can, but I won't make any promises because I can't put a deadline on anything that isn't schoolwork right now. It probably won't be until the summer break that I manage to get on top of things better than I'm doing now. All I ask of all of you is that you respect this, and don't hound me for updates or anything. I'm insanely swamped, and I am trying to make as much time for this account as I can. Again, thank you all for the updates and the alerts and the faves! They mean a lot to me, and they are a large part of the reasons that I won't just abandon the site. :) So keep reading - school hasn't killed me yet!

July 20th, 2011

Hey, ya'll! I ain't dead yet! I'm back, and ready for action! Especially since Junior Year is over. I'll be back on more often, so don't despair. I haven't given up on anything yet. :) I've been visiting colleges, and I'm really excited to apply. And I got my Driver's License!! :D So I am mobile, darlin'!

Favorite Books/Series

Harry Potter

Inheritance Series

Dresden Files

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Sherlock Holmes

Favorite TV Shows


NCIS: Los Angeles

Project Runway (I've got a weakness, so sue me)

Criminal Minds

Big Bang Theory

American Dad

Favorite Movies

Memoirs of a Geisha

Harry Potter 1-8

The Princess Bride

Pirates of the Carribean 1-3

Spiderman 1-3

I've also got an account on, under the name SapphireUchiha. :) I've posted a few of my fanfics on that website but be warned - what is posted there may not be posted here, and vice versa. I have several fanfics (mainly for NCIS, and Harry Potter) in the process of being written, most of them one-shots. I try to be as original as possible, and anything that I post on this site will be my best work (i.e. proofread, re-worded, rewritten in some cases), so any fanfics here that are also on DA may be different. Be warned - most of the stuff on DA are, in my own honest opinion, crap. XD They were written a long time ago, the majority aren't finished, and I have no inclination to fix them. And by now I've deleted about 90% of my fanfics on there. But my original work (i.e. short stories, essays, poetry, etc.) is still posted there, as well as my drawings. :) So give it a shot! You might like something.

Reviews are wonderful! :D I love hearing from my readers, it inspires me. :)


~ A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house. - Milwaukee Journal

~ If my muscles ache, it's because I've used them. If my legs hurt when I walk up those stairs, it's because I walked up there every night to sleep next to the one who loved me. If I got wrinkles, it's because I've laid under countless suns. And I've lived, loved, laughed and screwed my way through a pretty damn good life. Getting old ain't bad. Getting old, thet's earned.

~ Nerds are so amazing, we have a candy named after us.

~ When life gives you questions, Google gives you answers.

~ All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - Edgar Allen Poe

~ A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. - William Shakespeare

~ Friends don't let friends watch Twilight. - Any Sane Human Being

~ You're an asshole. It's not a crime to be an asshole, but it's counter-productive.

~ Being smart is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Being wise is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

~ You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. - Christopher Columbus

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It's 5th year and Potter's finally fallen from his pedestal. Draco thinks it's the best thing that's ever happened to him. But when a Potions mishap puts Draco in Potter's place, is he able to handle it? Eventual DracoXHarry; rated M for a reason
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