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Author has written 7 stories for D.Gray-Man, and Tales of Symphonia.

Hey there! The name is Kirea Heart! I find joy in writing because I love to see the way people react to it. I absolutely love it when others find joy in reading my writing. I put my 1000000% best into what I write just to make readers happy. It puts a smile on my face knowing I am making others happy. Thank you to all the people who veiw my stories and post reviews. I hope to keep you along in my journey to becoming a writer!
Kirea Heart

I write only yaoi. Only cause I'm not good at writing strait relationships. I was... then I started writing yaoi and totally lost that ability xD!

Favorite Animes: D. Gray Man, Full Moon, Toradora, Chibi Vampire (Though the voices were a little annoying), Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Rave Master (It was okay. I haven't seen this for a while), Hack//Legend of Twilight (Er... okay =D?), Soul Eater (Intresting... o_o), Vampire Knight, Durarara, Ouran High School Host Club, Maid-Sama, Loveless.

Hated Animes: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA! MEH! '"Well excuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess."' -kills Link- NO MORE! D=

Animes I'm going to watch: Death Note, Bleach (DON'T GET ON ME! I KNOW I HAVEN'T WATCHED THESE YET!), Code Geass, Clannad, Black Blood Brothers, Pandora Hearts, Black Bird (When it comes out), Future Diary/ Marai Nikki (when it comes out).

Favorite Manga: Vampire Knight, Future Diary, Black Bird, Maid-Sama, Full Moon, Chibi Vampire, Legend of Zelda Four Swords- Toon Link version (TRUST ME! It's A LOT better that I had thought =.=), Beast Master, Shugo Chara (this wasn't the best. It was okay... :/), Fall In Love Like A Comic, Pandora Hearts.

Hated Manga: Beauty Pop, Skip-beat, Hack//Legend of Twilight (This ones okay... but it isn't worthy of my awesome favorite list)

I LOVE: YAOI!! Yaoi couples (Laven forever!), anime and manga (der =P), drawing, writing (double der =P), poking people, biting -scary glint in eyes-, music, hot anime guys, making accounts on things just for the heck of it, CHOCOLATE, cookies, cupcakes, being insane, reading, gaming, writing down things just 'cause I feel like it, Febreeze, school (pfffffft... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah. I make myself laugh ='D), acting like an angel in front of the teacher (-cough- wonder what happens when they turn around -cough) >_>, CAPS! (YES!!), family, friends, etc.

MAH WORDS: Amazing (lately... thanks a lot Charles D'=), awesome, moo, meow, meh, Yaoi, Laven, shyaa, psh... ch... kk... fff... psh, rawr, OMGEEEEE, geh, ju, jebus.

I HATE: backstabers (anything like that), people who say you can draw and they can't, but they haven't even put an effort into their drawing so they wouldn't know, the saying '"Well excuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess."' -kills Link again- WILL YOU DIE ALREADY?! D=

FAVORITE YAOI COUPLES: LavixAllen(D. Gray Man), LavixKanda(D. Gray Man), KandaxAllen(D. Gray Man), EmilxRichter(Tales Of Symphonia), IzayaxShizuo(Durarara, IzayaxKida(Durarara), CeilxSebastian(Kuroshitsuji), SobixRitsuka, AxelxRoxas, SoraxRiku,

Coming Soon


~A Midnight Scare- D. Gray Man (Laven Moment)
~Behind The Battles- D. Gray Man (Laven Moment)
~Allen Must Pay The Price- D. Gray Man (Laven Moment)
~Allen's Chistmas- D. Gray Man (Laven Moment)
~Check First!- Tales Of Symphonia- DoNW (EmilxRichter)
~Sharing Isn't Always Hard- D. Gray Man (Laven Moment) (Dedicated to~AN1M3-- for giving me the awesome idea!)

Accounts you should KNOW!


Aeria Games-


Accounts you shouldn't KNOW!

If you seriously thought I was going to put something... wow o_o. You should go get checked >_> -knocks on your head- HERLLO. ANYONE HOME? -silence- yup you should get checked x_x

I h-had a nightmare... I WAS BLOND! (no offense =D)

I'M NOT SKITZOFRANIC!... I just hear voices =)

~Kirea Heart

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile.

(Bold letter the ones you are.)

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Fanmail...? I LOVE IT 8D! Feel free to contact me anytime about anything!

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