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All you need to now about me is... call me smartiful,and if you steal my cookies... well lets just say you will look a lot like bob.

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The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says...

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all my names...

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(o.o ) so cute!

fav books...


night world

house of night (TEAM STARK!)

hunger games series (TEAM PEETA!)

witch and wizard

maximum ride series

the maze runner

hearts at stake

fablehaven series (TEAM GAVIN)




thirst series (does anyone know when the 3rd book will come out?)

blue bloods seires (TEAM JACK!)


vampire accadamy series

percy jackson and the olympians (PERCY - LOGAN IS MINE!!!)

wicked series

romeo and juliet

inkheart series

the secret circle series (TEAM NICK!)

the mortal instruments series

evermore series

evernight series

dark visions

kissed by an angel

dark secrets


hush hush

lock and key

wings-spells (TEAM TAMANI!)


if i stay


chronicles of nick

lock and key



dark divine

the iron king

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