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OverlordMao: Hi there, welcome to my profile! I'm OverlordMao and these here are my fellow subordinates!

Reimi: Hi there!

Emil: H-hi...

Aster: ...

OverlordMao: Anyways feel free to look around if you like. Enjoy!

-My profile-

Real Name: Andy

Nickname: Gameboy

Age: 17

Current residence: The Netherworld :D

Race: Human(duh?)

Class: Fanfic author

Description: Your everyday fanfic author who loves video games and anime, I sometimes fool around with my subordinates(mostly tormenting Sven) when bored.

Weapon(s): The Universal Pen(tends to misplace it) and a buster sword

Special Abilities: Not known...yet...

Motto: "I'm just an average guy! Don't expect me to finish something soon!"

Favorite hobby: Playing video games, sleeping, eating, watching anime/reading manga, and fanfic writing

Likes: Anime/manga, video game, ramen

Dislikes: Anyone who constantly annoys me, yaoi, deadlines

Other notes: Often scheming to take over Netherworlds to become the new Overlord, but too lazy to do it.

-Current ideas for a Fanfic-

Makai Hell Story: Disgaea Chronicles: (Adventure) In the world of Silvenia, lies an overlord named Zenoheim who placed a curse upon the inhabitants of Silvenia, turning them into demons. Join Reimi, Silvenia's last hope for humanity, sets out on a journey to defeat the overlord with the help of a mysterious man, Aster.(Posted. In Progress)

Disgaea Halloween: (Humor) Join the misadventures of the Disgaea cast as they learn the experience Halloween and Trick or Treating.(Posted. Completed. Bonus chapter added)

Mahou Sekai Negima Next!: (Adventure) Many years ago, Negi and his friends has saved the world of Mundus Magicus from disaster by the Lifemaker. Now, 25 years later, a new adventure unfolds with a boy named Juno and the new class of Mahora.

-OC Character profiles-

Reimi Satoshi

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Class: Half Demon

Personality: Cheerful, hyper, always have a positive attitude, sometimes serious.

Appearance: Long brunette hair with a blue hairband, a short-sleeved outfit slightly resembling Star Ocean 4's Reimi Saionji with her detached blade-bow hanging to her sides, wears fingerless gloves.

Description: She was an ordinary girl who is immune to the curse. She is determined to defeat Overlord Xenoheim to remove the curse.

Likes: Adventures, her friends, cute things

Dislikes: Boredom

Weapon(s): A detachable blade-bow.

Special Abilities: Not known yet.

Motto: "First to strike, first to win!"(Aster: Wrong motto idiot...)(Reimi: Oops!) "Main Character Rule #1: Do the impossible! Don't let anything hold you back!"

Others notes: Like Sapphire, she likes cute things and is considered a "weakness" to her.

Full Bio: Reimi was born a half demon. With her mother, Reina, being a demon and her father, Akira, being a human. She dreams of becoming a hero like her parents after hearing their tales of their pasts and even makes up her own rule of main characterism. She occasionally gets into fights as a child due to her being called as a half breed, her constant fights often save the young Emil Hikaru from his bullies and they became fast friends. One day Reimi's father returned from home and tells Reimi the sad news about her mother's death. This saddens her greatly, but she decided that it's a heroic sacrifice for saving Sylvania. Prior to the day of the arrival of Overlord Xenoheim, Akira sets off to Xenoheim's castle to remove the curse he has cast upon Sylvania, but dies in his hands with his efforts in vain. This has prompted Reimi to become the next hero and defeat Xenoheim as Sylvania's last hope for humanity.

Aster(formerly known as Legatus Iudicium)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown(looks like about 20)

Class: Assassin/Envoy of Judgement

Personality: Dead serious, hardly shows any emotion.

Appearance: Long silver hair, wears a dark coat, and is wearing Cecilia's pendant inside his coat.

Description: The mysterious assassin whose past's is unknown. He sets his goals on killing Xenoheim for his own reasons...

Likes: Calm areas such as the beach

Dislikes: Xenoheim

Weapon(s): Katana and a pistol.

Special Abilities: Unparalleled speed and swordsmanship/May reawaken his old powers if his seal is undone.

Motto: "The ones who fall are always the one who's guards are down."

Other notes: He likes vast quiet place like a beach during sunsets.


Before Aster was a assassin and Reimi's traveling companion, he was a feared entity known as the Envoy of Judgement by the name Legatus Iudicium. He carries out the Orders of the Cosmos to bring judgement to many lifeform inhabited planets and destroys them he deemed unworthy to exist. One day he sets foot on a planet known as Sylvenia, home of it's vast mana and peaceful habitats. Although he was slightly impressed by this, he deems it unworthy and prepares to destroy it. As he starts the destruction of Sylvenia, he was stopped by to lone fighters, A demon named Reina and a human named Akira. They fought fiercely to stop him but does little to damage him. As Legatus prepares to initiates his ultimate attack, Reina sacrificed all of her powers and her life to defeat and place a seal on him, killing them both. After the battle, the space-time overlord, Niro Xexion appears before Legatus's lifeless body. Seeing that he will be an important key to the upcoming event he forsaw, he reincarnated him into a young boy, wiped clean of his memories of his past events. Not knowing who he is or where he is, he stumbled to the town called Sumure and meets a young girl named Cecilia. Cecilia immediately takes him in to her home, gives him the name Aster, and they immediately became friends. Over the year Aster has spend his childhood with Cecilia, but it soon ended when Overlord Xenoheim appears in Sylvenia and placed a curse on it. During the demon raid, Cecilia was killed while protecting Aster, causing him to unknowingly undos the seal and destroys Sumure along with it's cursed inhabitants, reducing it to a giant crater. Aster soon woke up not remembering what he did but he remembers the death of Cecilia. On that day, he vows to defeat Xenoheim to end all suffering the inhabitants of Sylvania has gone through and avenges Cecilia's death.


Sven Wilder

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Class: Bounty Hunter

Personality: Savvy, flirty, kind, serious.

Appearance: Dark, slightly spiked hair with his bangs covering his left eye, wears a duster coat, a brown cowboy hat, and a neckerchief around his neck.

Description: He is a bounty hunter who hunts down outlaws for money. Though friendly and serious at times, he tends to go cassanova mode on any ladies he likes.

Likes: Women, money

Dislikes: Anyone who disrespects women

Weapon(s): Twin revolvers.

Special Abilities: Had a special left eye called "The Eye of Fenrir" which allows him to increase his accuracy 110%

Motto: "If there's bounty with high rewards, I'll take it!"

Other notes: He plans to use the collected money to help his sick family but tends to forget.

Shizuka Kizoku

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: Tempest Knight

Personality: Aloof, serious, calm

Appearance: Long sky blue hair with bangs slightly covering her left eye, wears a knight light armor.

Description: She is a knight from a distant kingdom sent to destroy Xenoheim. She is nicknamed "The Tempest Knight" because she can manipulate the wind using her personal sword, Sylpheed. She dislike Sven because of his flirty behaviour.

Likes: Sweets such as cake

Dislikes: Sven, bitter foods

Weapon(s): Rapier

Special Abilities: Controls the wind even without Sylpheed.

Motto: "With Sylpheed with me, all my enemies will fall within the storm."

Other notes: Her dislike towards Sven often mistakes them as a couple.

Emil Hikaru

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Class: Timid Boy

Personality: Shy, timid, kind

Appearance: Short blond hair, wears a long sleeved shirt with his sword strapped around his back, and wears an old paperboy hat with a cartoony skull sewn on.

Description: Reimi's childhood friend. He has problems making friends but has a kind heart. Tends to trip unintentionaly.

Likes: Animals such as dogs, cats, or birds, meeting new peoples(despite his shy personality)

Dislikes: Bugs, ghosts, zombies, etc.

Weapon(s): Sword

Special Abilities: Surprisingly, he is a great cook despite his age.

Motto: "I'm not a scared little boy anymore!"

Other notes: Deathly scared of bugs.


Gender: Female

Age: 13

Class: Shadow Thief

Personality: Easy-going, sly, cheerful

Appearance: Red haired tied into pigtails, wears a bandana, wears a thief outfit closely resembling the Final Fantasy 3 thief class.

Description: The self proclaimed "Shadow Thief" who loves treasures. She's willing to risk her life to steal them, even if it is from Overlord Xenohem.

Likes: Treasures, money

Dislikes: Cheap stuff such as copper

Weapon(s): Knife

Special Abilities: Can blend in with her surroundings and has a 100% of pickpocketing without anyone notice.

Motto: "Whats yours is mine comprende?"

Other notes: She's a kleptomaniac, she tends to pickpockets anyone she see's, especially if it is her friends.

Greil Ferre

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Class: Demonslayer

Personality: Gruff, calm, serious

Appearance: Dark crew cut hair with a short beard, wears a worn out knight heavy armor, and a scar on his right eye.

Description: A former general and Shizuka's old combat teacher. He travelled around Sylvenia to defeat Xenoheim.

Likes: Bitter foods, harsh climates like a drought or a snowstorm

Dislikes: Demons

Weapon(s): A great sword

Special Abilities: Uses the power of Gaia and the power to split a mountain in two and sometimes the earth. Also known for his high endurance.

Motto: "All demons shall fall by the swing of my blade!"

Other notes: He's an homage to Sardia the Demonslayer and sometimes speaks in an old renaissance accent.


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Class: Bandit Leader

Personality: Brash, stubborn, hard-headed

Appearance: Short brown blazed hair, wears an eyepatch, has an x-shaped scar on his left cheek

Description: The leader of the infamous bandit group known as the Black Skull Gang. He occasionally gets his henchmen to do his dirty work.

Likes: Doing bad things, spicy foods

Dislikes: Reimi and her traveling companions

Weapon(s): His own fists

Special Abilities: Known for his uncanny speed he use as a mean to escape.

Motto: "Anyone who gets in our way shall die instantly!"

Other notes: After the Nesenta incident, he has become a midboss to Reimi and the gang.

Niro Xexion

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Class: Overlord

Personality: Calm, aloof

Appearance: Dark haired, wears a dark coat with clock patterns, wears glasses.

Description: An Overlord who has the power of time and space. He seems to know Aster for some reason...

Likes: Tea, sometimes coffee

Dislikes: Anyone who disrupts his tea time

Weapon(s): Tome, knives

Special Abilities: Controls time and space, knows all magic, and can summon backup if necessary.

Motto: "Interrupt me during my tea time will be the last thing you'll do."

Other notes: He seems to enjoy drinking tea at some times.

Edge Vivio

Age: 1566

Class: Mercenary

Personality: Stubborn, calm, serious

Appearance: Red-orange swept hair, wears a collared sleeveless shirt, only wears one glove

Description: A super soldier with no memory of his past. Despite being a pacifist, he works as a mercenary for money.

Likes: Cats

Dislikes: Violence

Weapon(s): A gunblade(not the Final Fantasy kind, the Sin and Punishment kind)

Special abilities: Uses a special limiter known as "Pandora Drive" but needs a specific code to unlock it

Motto: "You want to get out of this war then fight your way out, it's the only way."

Other Notes: Appearance in story: TBD

Professor Raine

Gender: Female

Age: 2675

Class: Professor

Personality: Calm, level-headed, sometimes had a sadistic side

Description: A professor who loves science and technology. She used to be the Head Chief of the Science Bureau until she decided to step down and travel around different Netherworlds to share her knowledge.

Likes: Science, chocolate

Dislikes: Anyone who hates science

Weapon(s): A laser gun

Special Abillities: Can create something in about 2-5 minutes, also a doctor. She is also a very terrible cook.

Motto: "The enemy of science is the enemy of me!"

Other notes: Professor is her first name.


Gender: Male

Age: 1066

Class: Chief of Science Bureau

Personality: Bleak, always have a bored expression on his face.

Appearance: White messy hair, wears glasses, wears a lab coat slightly bigger than him, has baggy eyes due to his excessive overnight "research"

Description: A child demon prodigy and the youngest Chief of the Science Bureau. He views other technologies as inferior from his and the Science Bureau's though he shows some respect to Professor Raine.

Likes: Video games

Dislikes: Anything that bores him

Weapon(s): A modified Slaystation Vita(Not released yet), designed for combat

Special abilities: With his 1.8 million EQ(rivaling Mao's), he can construct anything without a use for a blueprint.

Motto: "The Science Bureau's Nethertechnology is second to none than any other mediocre machinery."

Other notes: He never goes anywhere without his Slaystation Vita.

Soul Eater OC

Izoku Tamashi

Type: Weapon

Weapon type: Plasma saber/Assault rifle

Gender: Male

age: 25

Personality: Calm with a monotone voice, barely shows any emotions

Description: A soldier veteran who nearly died in a war. He can freely transform into plasma and manipulate inanimate objects.

Negima OC

Chie Izayoi(Formerly known as Scarlet Vermillion Trinity)

Age: 16

Race: Japanese, vampire

Appearance: Fairly tall(4'8"), flat chested, pale skinned, violet shoulder medium length hair with a piece of hair sticking up and a black lily corsage, wears half-rimmed glasses, sky blue eyes, and bat-like wings(may turn into violet angel wings if her powers are awakened).

Personality(As Chie Izayoi): Calm, a bit sarcastic, very focused when it comes to missions, may get flustered when her master is mentioned.

Personality(As Scarlet Trinity): Calm, aloof, cold, ruthless, looks down on humans and weaker vampires alike.

Likes: Alucard, lilies

Dislikes: Anyone who point out her flat chest, garlic

Weapon(s): A katana, a longsword named Sinclair which she can only wield if the sword recognizes her as it's master.

Abilities: Due to her training with Alucard, she is an expert with swordplay, can use shundo(instant movement), has the ability to use Vampire Trance, which change her pupils to white slits, which doubles her speed and power but has a rare chance for her to switch into her Scarlet Trinity persona, her dormant vampire powers as Scarlet Trinity will reawaken eventually, her downside is that she has about 24 hours to drink blood or she'll die...

Bio: A young member of a vampire hunting organization known as Nocturne, led by Alucard. She was once a powerful vampire under the name Scarlet Vermillion Trinity, a vampire with violet angelic wings. Many believed that she's a fallen angel and feared her. Her reign ultimately ended as she was killed by a vampire hunter by the name, Belmont, and is reincarnated into a young girl now known as Chie. After reincarnation, Chie doesn't remember being Scarlet Trinity and spends her life as an innocent child in a small village. But her time of peace comes to an end as a vampire wreak havoc to the village and turned everyone into a vampire, including Chie's parents. As she's on a brink of death, a vampire named Alucard appears and exterminate all of the villagers turned vampires, leaving only Chie to die in her fatal condition. Feeling a bit of sympathy to her, Alucard saves Chie by giving her his blood and reawaken her dormant vampire blood she was unaware of. Now in order to repay him, Chie devoted her life as Alucard's servant, developing a crush on him, and a member of the newly formed Nocturne which she undergo intense training with Alucard.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Nanako Hazuki

Age: 12

Race: Japanese, vampire

Appearance: A bit short(4'1"), pale skinned, pink hair tied into twintails(may change a gradient black and red color), has batlike wings and red eyes with slit pupils.

Personality: Cheerful, may go hostile if Chie is harmed.

Likes: Chie, donuts

Dislikes: Anyone who hurts Chie, garlic

Weapon(s): Cat claws

Abilities: Adept at hand-to-hand combat, heightened sense, can use Vampire Trance which changes her hair color and grant her vampire abilities.

Bio: Nanako was once human only to have herself bit by a vampire and turns into one. She thens slaughters everyone in her village. Prior to Chie's arrival in her mission, the hostile Nanako attacks Chie but is quickly subdued. Learning about her history and how she lost her family like her, Chie feels sympathetic and willingly lets Nanako drink her blood, which Nanako accepts in no time. Upon drinking Chie's pure vampire blood, Nanako gains the ablility of a pureblood and grows bat wings like Chie's, overwriting the previous vampire blood that Nanako is infected with. Upon kindness, Nanako openly declares Chie as her big sister and follows her wherever she goes. She later joins Nocturne by Chie's request instead of having a death sentence by the organization.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Lune Tsukima

Age: 18

Race: Half Japanese, half American, dhampir

Appearance: 5'6", dark blue messy hair(looks spiky in appearance), dark blue eyes(turns crimson red when blood is ingested).

Personality: Brash, sarcastic, short tempered.

Likes: His sister Kanon, steak

Dislikes: Vincent, sweets

Weapon(s): A claymore

Abilities: Adept with two handed sword, when he drinks blood, his vampiric senses are heightened and strength and speed are doubled, uses a unique yet destructive ability called Blood Trigger which transforms him into a demonic vampire(still humanoid), wearing a black mask, concealing his black sclera and red iris eyes, and his hair darkens, but at the cost of shortening his life and weakens him greatly after use. The effects of his transformation last within the 5 minute inerta.

Bio: Lune and his sister Kanon are born half vampires, with their father a vampire and their mother a human. A few years ago he and his family lived peacefully until one day his father mysteriously vanished. It was shortly after that his mother was killed by a mysterious vampire in order to protect her children. This prompted Lune to swear revenge on the man as well as promising Kanon that he'll protect her with his life. He later joins the Nocturne organization in order to find out about his missing father.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Kanon Tsukima

Age: 10

Race: Half Japanese, half American, dhampir

Appearance: 4'3", blue waistline length hair, dark blue eyes(turns red when she drinks blood similar to Lune).

Personality: Calm, confident.

Likes: Flowers, magic

Dislikes: Being a burden to Lune

Weapon(s): A spellbook

Abilities: Other than heightened sense, she knows some basic spells.

Bio: She and Lune are born half vampires. After their mother died and the disappearance of their father, she has been under her brother's care over the years. She began to worry about her brother's well-being so she starts learning magic from her mother's old spellbook. Despite Lune telling her to stay out of trouble, she is very determined to prove herself that she can be helpful in battle.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Vincent Noctis

Age: Unknown(Possibly at least 1500)

Race: British, Vampire

Appearance: 6'5", long blue hair tied to a single tail, eyes always shut(sky blue eyes when revealed), wears rimless steel glasses.

Personality: Mysterious, cheerful, cunning, may drop those personas and switch to a cold one.

Likes: Fate(not Tertium), tea(coffee is an alternative), sociallizing with his allies.

Dislikes: N/A

Weapon(s): A kodachi, limitless amount of knives, a special pocketwatch that stops time(rarely used).

Abilities: Expert blade user, expert at hand-to-hand combat, hypnosis, other vampire abilities.

Bio: A servant of Fate, or so he claims... He serves as a butler to Scarlet Vermillion Trinity, whom he swore eternal loyalty to. After her death, Vincent was forced to wander the earth for hundreds of years though he seems to be entertained watching the humans. He soon discovers the reincarnation of Scarlet Trinity and joins Alucard on his travel to a vampire infested village. After he see's him carrying a young girl, he immediately recognizes her as Scarlet's reincarnated body. Although Chie doesn't remember being Scarlet, Vincent continues to serve her as an ally of Nocturne, though he enjoys teasing her.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Castlevania OC

Drake Belmont

Age: 22

Race: Caucasian

Appearance: 6'3", swept black hair, emerald green eyes.

Personality: Calm, stubborn, a bit lazy(except when on vampire hunting duties), determined.

Likes: Pot roast

Dislikes: Vampires, sweets

Weapon(s): The Vampire Killer, twin cross shaped handguns, boomerang cross, and a couple of flasks filled with holy water.

Abilities: Can use Item Crash.

Bio: Drake is a vampire hunter born as a Belmont. Like the rest of his ancestors, he is destined to defeat Dracula if he ever resurrect again. Drake never liked vampires due to their history with Dracula and Drake's ancestors, never to even trust them especially Alucard despite him allying with his clan hundreds of years ago. However, despite his hatred for vampires, he is against harming weaker vampires who are unable to fight. As his job as a hunter, he open up a vampire hunting job known as "Night Hunters" in order to earn money.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Julia Belnades

Age: 20

Race: 1/4 Japanese, 3/4 French

Appearance: 5'5", blonde waistline hair, teal colored eyes.

Personality: Kind, shy, very nervous(when it comes to confronting supernatural creatures).

Likes: Cats, flowers(mainly lilies), Drake(has a small crush on him).

Dislikes: Vampires, ghosts, demons, etc.

Weapon(s): Twin pistols with cross motifs

Abilities: As a Belnades, she is able to use magic(although she haven't figured it out yet...).

Bio: A young woman hailing from the Belnades Clan. Despite being a Belnades, her magic is fairly weak and she knows very little about them. So she resorts to gunslinging to make up for her inability to use magic. During a vampire attack, she was rescued by Drake Belmont and has developed a small crush on him afterwards. Later on, she helped him form a vampire hunting group to help him gain some profits for hunting vampires.

Appears in: Night of Terror

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Blight of the Feral
Mahora is in ruins. Overrun by the undead, and quarantined; trapping the zombies and the surviving denizens. Now, two factors struggle for survival: the survivors of Mahora, and the Ferals. Asuna must struggle to survive being a Feral; and uncover the mystery of Mahora's destruction and the birth of the Ferals. Inspired by the latest chapters of UQ Holder! and Hellsing.
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