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Wa-hey, welcome to my profile, dood. I have stories. Funny stories, scary stories; feel free to read as you like, dood!

-My profile-

Name: Dave

Age: 21

Current residence: The Netherworld

Race: Prinny

Class: Fanfic author

Description: Your everyday fanfic author, dood.

Motto: "Just do it, dood."

Hobbies: Writing, video games, sleeping

Other notes: Been writing fanfictions behind Etna's back and was never noticed.

-Current ideas for a Fanfic-

Makai Hell Story: Disgaea Chronicles: (Adventure) In the world of Silvenia, lies an overlord named Zenoheim who placed a curse upon the inhabitants of Silvenia, turning them into demons. Join Reimi, Silvenia's last hope for humanity, sets out on a journey to defeat the overlord with the help of a mysterious man, Aster. (Scrapped)

Life of an Unemployed Thief: (Humor) After a mishap that nearly destroyed Laharl's castle, Niko--the young rogue--was fired; and now sets off to be the best demon like no one ever was... that is, if he can land a job with out screwing up. (In-Progress)

-OC Character profiles-

Name: Niko

Title: Jobless Rogue

Class: Rogue (M)

Personality: Lax

Description: A former vassal of Laharl, fired because of his screwup that nearly wrecked his castle. He now search for odd jobs to earn some HL.

Name: Gunther

Title: Toymaker

Class: Scout

Personality: Simple

Description: A scout born under a family of geomancers. Picks up engineering despite that. Known for his big appetite that rivals the Gourmet Ogre.

Name: Zazie

Title: Uber Klepto

Class: Thief (F)

Personality: Mischevious

Description: Niko's little sister. An uber kleptomaniac, she even steals in her sleep. Often paired with the famly catsaber.

Name: Fang

Title: Howling Dragon

Class: Lethal Combatant

Personality: Tranquil Fury

Description: A hardened martial artist under the Netherworld School of the Assassin Fist. Often gets into fights to prove himself if he's strong enough (which is not in his words).

Name: Soren

Title: Finicky Wizard

Class: Star Skull

Personality: Crybaby

Description: A young skull who is smart for his age. Despite that, he often gets a panic attack and breaks down crying almost immediately.

Name: Lyka

Title: Childish Witch

Class: Prism Mage

Personality: Enthusiast

Description: A young witch who happens to be the daughter of one of the Netherworld Empresses. Enjoys playful teasing to Soren.

Name: Tom

Title: Veteraned Pumpkin

Class: Jack

Personality: Cool as a Cucumber

Description: A former vassal of Krichevskoy. After retiring, he owns a rundown shop selling hand-me-downs. Sometimes complain about the younger demons who "don't appreciate the finer things in life".

Name: Professor Raine

Title: Mad Genius

Class: Professor

Personality: Eccentric

Description: A science nut. While calm and gives out wisdom, she'll go mad if someone defiles the good name of science. Professor is actually her first name.

Negima OC

Chie Izayoi(Formerly known as Scarlet Vermillion Trinity)

Age: 16

Race: Japanese, vampire

Appearance: Fairly tall(4'8"), flat chested, pale skinned, violet shoulder medium length hair with a piece of hair sticking up and a black lily corsage, wears half-rimmed glasses, sky blue eyes, and bat-like wings(may turn into violet angel wings if her powers are awakened).

Personality(As Chie Izayoi): Calm, a bit sarcastic, very focused when it comes to missions, may get flustered when her master is mentioned.

Personality(As Scarlet Trinity): Calm, aloof, cold, ruthless, looks down on humans and weaker vampires alike.

Likes: Alucard, lilies

Dislikes: Anyone who point out her flat chest, garlic

Weapon(s): A katana, a longsword named Sinclair which she can only wield if the sword recognizes her as it's master.

Abilities: Due to her training with Alucard, she is an expert with swordplay, can use shundo(instant movement), has the ability to use Vampire Trance, which change her pupils to white slits, which doubles her speed and power but has a rare chance for her to switch into her Scarlet Trinity persona, her dormant vampire powers as Scarlet Trinity will reawaken eventually, her downside is that she has about 24 hours to drink blood or she'll die...

Bio: A young member of a vampire hunting organization known as Nocturne, led by Alucard. She was once a powerful vampire under the name Scarlet Vermillion Trinity, a vampire with violet angelic wings. Many believed that she's a fallen angel and feared her. Her reign ultimately ended as she was killed by a vampire hunter by the name, Belmont, and is reincarnated into a young girl now known as Chie. After reincarnation, Chie doesn't remember being Scarlet Trinity and spends her life as an innocent child in a small village. But her time of peace comes to an end as a vampire wreak havoc to the village and turned everyone into a vampire, including Chie's parents. As she's on a brink of death, a vampire named Alucard appears and exterminate all of the villagers turned vampires, leaving only Chie to die in her fatal condition. Feeling a bit of sympathy to her, Alucard saves Chie by giving her his blood and reawaken her dormant vampire blood she was unaware of. Now in order to repay him, Chie devoted her life as Alucard's servant, developing a crush on him, and a member of the newly formed Nocturne which she undergo intense training with Alucard.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Nanako Hazuki

Age: 12

Race: Japanese, vampire

Appearance: A bit short(4'1"), pale skinned, pink hair tied into twintails(may change a gradient black and red color), has batlike wings and red eyes with slit pupils.

Personality: Cheerful, may go hostile if Chie is harmed.

Likes: Chie, donuts

Dislikes: Anyone who hurts Chie, garlic

Weapon(s): Cat claws

Abilities: Adept at hand-to-hand combat, heightened sense, can use Vampire Trance which changes her hair color and grant her vampire abilities.

Bio: Nanako was once human only to have herself bit by a vampire and turns into one. She thens slaughters everyone in her village. Prior to Chie's arrival in her mission, the hostile Nanako attacks Chie but is quickly subdued. Learning about her history and how she lost her family like her, Chie feels sympathetic and willingly lets Nanako drink her blood, which Nanako accepts in no time. Upon drinking Chie's pure vampire blood, Nanako gains the ablility of a pureblood and grows bat wings like Chie's, overwriting the previous vampire blood that Nanako is infected with. Upon kindness, Nanako openly declares Chie as her big sister and follows her wherever she goes. She later joins Nocturne by Chie's request instead of having a death sentence by the organization.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Lune Tsukima

Age: 18

Race: Half Japanese, half American, dhampir

Appearance: 5'6", dark blue messy hair(looks spiky in appearance), dark blue eyes(turns crimson red when blood is ingested).

Personality: Brash, sarcastic, short tempered.

Likes: His sister Kanon, steak

Dislikes: Vincent, sweets

Weapon(s): A claymore

Abilities: Adept with two handed sword, when he drinks blood, his vampiric senses are heightened and strength and speed are doubled, uses a unique yet destructive ability called Blood Trigger which transforms him into a demonic vampire(still humanoid), wearing a black mask, concealing his black sclera and red iris eyes, and his hair darkens, but at the cost of shortening his life and weakens him greatly after use. The effects of his transformation last within the 5 minute inerta.

Bio: Lune and his sister Kanon are born half vampires, with their father a vampire and their mother a human. A few years ago he and his family lived peacefully until one day his father mysteriously vanished. It was shortly after that his mother was killed by a mysterious vampire in order to protect her children. This prompted Lune to swear revenge on the man as well as promising Kanon that he'll protect her with his life. He later joins the Nocturne organization in order to find out about his missing father.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Kanon Tsukima

Age: 10

Race: Half Japanese, half American, dhampir

Appearance: 4'3", blue waistline length hair, dark blue eyes(turns red when she drinks blood similar to Lune).

Personality: Calm, confident.

Likes: Flowers, magic

Dislikes: Being a burden to Lune

Weapon(s): A spellbook

Abilities: Other than heightened sense, she knows some basic spells.

Bio: She and Lune are born half vampires. After their mother died and the disappearance of their father, she has been under her brother's care over the years. She began to worry about her brother's well-being so she starts learning magic from her mother's old spellbook. Despite Lune telling her to stay out of trouble, she is very determined to prove herself that she can be helpful in battle.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Vincent Noctis

Age: Unknown(Possibly at least 1500)

Race: British, Vampire

Appearance: 6'5", long blue hair tied to a single tail, eyes always shut(sky blue eyes when revealed), wears rimless steel glasses.

Personality: Mysterious, cheerful, cunning, may drop those personas and switch to a cold one.

Likes: Fate(not Tertium), tea(coffee is an alternative), sociallizing with his allies.

Dislikes: N/A

Weapon(s): A kodachi, limitless amount of knives, a special pocketwatch that stops time(rarely used).

Abilities: Expert blade user, expert at hand-to-hand combat, hypnosis, other vampire abilities.

Bio: A servant of Fate, or so he claims... He serves as a butler to Scarlet Vermillion Trinity, whom he swore eternal loyalty to. After her death, Vincent was forced to wander the earth for hundreds of years though he seems to be entertained watching the humans. He soon discovers the reincarnation of Scarlet Trinity and joins Alucard on his travel to a vampire infested village. After he see's him carrying a young girl, he immediately recognizes her as Scarlet's reincarnated body. Although Chie doesn't remember being Scarlet, Vincent continues to serve her as an ally of Nocturne, though he enjoys teasing her.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Castlevania OC

Drake Belmont

Age: 22

Race: Caucasian

Appearance: 6'3", swept black hair, emerald green eyes.

Personality: Calm, stubborn, a bit lazy(except when on vampire hunting duties), determined.

Likes: Pot roast

Dislikes: Vampires, sweets

Weapon(s): The Vampire Killer, twin cross shaped handguns, boomerang cross, and a couple of flasks filled with holy water.

Abilities: Can use Item Crash.

Bio: Drake is a vampire hunter born as a Belmont. Like the rest of his ancestors, he is destined to defeat Dracula if he ever resurrect again. Drake never liked vampires due to their history with Dracula and Drake's ancestors, never to even trust them especially Alucard despite him allying with his clan hundreds of years ago. However, despite his hatred for vampires, he is against harming weaker vampires who are unable to fight. As his job as a hunter, he open up a vampire hunting job known as "Night Hunters" in order to earn money.

Appears in: Night of Terror

Julia Belnades

Age: 20

Race: 1/4 Japanese, 3/4 French

Appearance: 5'5", blonde waistline hair, teal colored eyes.

Personality: Kind, shy, very nervous(when it comes to confronting supernatural creatures).

Likes: Cats, flowers(mainly lilies), Drake(has a small crush on him).

Dislikes: Vampires, ghosts, demons, etc.

Weapon(s): Twin pistols with cross motifs

Abilities: As a Belnades, she is able to use magic(although she haven't figured it out yet...).

Bio: A young woman hailing from the Belnades Clan. Despite being a Belnades, her magic is fairly weak and she knows very little about them. So she resorts to gunslinging to make up for her inability to use magic. During a vampire attack, she was rescued by Drake Belmont and has developed a small crush on him afterwards. Later on, she helped him form a vampire hunting group to help him gain some profits for hunting vampires.

Appears in: Night of Terror

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