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Texts From Last Night Contest!

Hosted by Megi-B, CarminMoon and Lulubelle28

Congrats to the winners!

1. Exclusively- BoydBlog

2. Man Up- herinfiniteeyes

3. Fred Flintstone, Meet Mr. Cullen- grey.and.yellow

Judges choice picks will be announced soon :)

Whenever I read an entry from Texts From Last Night, I ask myself a slew of questions. Who got that text? Who sent that text? WHY, GOD, WHY?

Because I am a Twilight fan, of course my mind often makes up scenarios involving Cullens, Clearwaters, Swans, Blacks, Volturri and all the various other characters of Twilight. (God knows my "real" life and texts are not that interesting!) It doesn't hurt that TFLN is already full of gems that make dreaming up Twilight inspired scenarios very easy:

-If I were reduced to my simplest elements, I would be jizz and glitter.

-I don't know what happened last night but I woke up with "wolf pack" tattooed on my knuckles.

-Five things that make you perfect. Go. / The skin of a dead hooker. The blood of the innocent. The soul of a kitten. The cat from cat in the hat. And sunglasses.

...Obviously, I'm not the only one with a thin line between fantasy and reality.

The goal of this contest is to inspire funny, unusual, quirky, and let's not forget random, stories about our favorite Sparklepires and PuppyShifters.

Our list of lovely volunteer judges are as follows:




Azure Eyed I


Guest Beta: Punkin-Doodle


Much like the FML contest, prompts of actual texts from Texts From Last Night dot com will be issued to each author or collaborating team. Your story must include this text. You can begin with the text, a character can text it during the story, you can end with it, but at some point a character must send or receive this text. Your text needs to feature prominently in your story; it is essential that it not be a 'random' occurrence. Please include your fanfiction dot net user name in your request for a text. If you are working as part of a team, please include both author's names. Authors or collaborating teams must email TFLN Contest at gmail dot com for their text by APRIL 15th.

Authors may enter once as individuals and once per collaborating team. (If you want to write fourteen stories with fourteen other people, by all means, knock yourself out.)

Any rating, pairing, or subject matter is acceptable, within reason. Funny, serious, angsty, romantic, ridiculous - bring it on! Your story can be about whatever you'd like, and written in whatever manner you see fit, so long as your text is central to the plot. However, if you are writing about a controversial or sensitive issue, please do so with discretion. There is a vast divide between a story which deals with a serious issue tastefully, and one which deals with it flippantly or with a lack of decency. If you need clarification or guidance on this point, please feel free to send an email or private message.

Crossovers are acceptable so long as your story is wrought from at least 50 Twilight sparkle-ore. Bear in mind, as judges we may not be familiar with all crossover fandoms. (coughcoughwearereallyfamiliarwithTrueBloodandSupernaturalcoughcough)

5-20k word count range including all Author's Notes and fanfiction dot net bloating. (I have never heard of a story coming up short, but please double check once you post your story to make sure you are within this range.)

Please proofread your work. Stories that do not meet minimum standards of grammar will be rejected. You are strongly encouraged to use betas. Please use as many as you like. They like being used. Really. That's their kink.

Stories must be posted to a fanfiction dot net author profile. For author's working as a team, stories may be submitted under one author's fanfiction dot com account name if they do not have a joint account, but please be clear in your header that this is a collaborative effort.

After posting your story to your profile, include it in the body of an email, or as an attachment to TFLN Contest at gmail dot com NO LATER THAN MAY 15TH

Please include the following in your story's header and in the body of your submission email:

Texts From Last Night Contest account name(s):




Disclaimer: please include both a disclaimer addressing the derivative nature of your story and any content warnings as necessary.

To read more entries in the contest please visit:

http : // www dot fanfiction dot net / community/ Texts_ From_ Last_ Night_ Contest / 79665

(remove spaces and replace words with the appropriate punctuation marks when necessary)


First, Second, and Third place will be awarded based on popular vote, as well as Judges Choice Selections from each judge. Banners will be awarded as well as tangible real world goods which may include: Ashley Green's Heart Hat, Alice Mitts, Rosalie's Hat, candy, yarn, stitchmarkers/dangles, soap, and other assorted goodies TBD.

...and obviously you will win the SPARKLY honor and esteem of your peers just for participating!!


Now-April 15th: email TFLN Contest at gmail dot com for your text prompt.

March 20th-May15th: Submit your story to both your fanfiction dot net account and to the contest email.

May30th - June15th: Vote!

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