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Author has written 2 stories for One Piece, and Ultimate Marvel.

I am a twenty two year old aspiring writer and comic/manga artist. I am hoping that writing fanfiction will help me with my story telling skills and i welcome all constuctive critizism; i.e. I welcome cricts so long as they give an example of what they didn't like AND then give a tip for improvement. If all you do is say 'this sucks' or 'you have no talent' i will ban you from comments because such things are not going to help me as a writer.

I apologize to everyone that i noticed has favorite'ed my first two stories, "Shattered Dreams" & "The Inadequate Spider-Man", and apologize for the two years i haven't been on this site. Both of my grandparents got very sick, very fast, my grandmother passed away and my grandfather is now permanently bedridden, and my father and i are the ones who took care of them (and in my grandpa's case are still taking care of). I plan to write on a regular basis again now that i have time but have lost the flash drive that contained the rest of my first two stories so it will be a while before i can remember where they where going and can re create them. In the meantime i have plenty of other stories to write (mostly crossovers) that hopefully will satisfy any fans (i can't believe i actually have fans) of "Shattered Dreams" & "The Inadequate Spider-Man" until then.

Likes: Reading, comics (mostly Marvel), books, movies, drawing, writing, manga and video games.

Fav. Authors: Kouta Hirano, (will add more later).

Fav. Books: the Harry Potter series (will add more later).

Anime: Eureka 7, CowboyBebop, FLCL, Afro Samurai, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Trigun, Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate, Hajime no Ippo, Fullmetal Alchemist & FMA Brotherhood (will add more later).

Manga: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hellsing, Marmalade Boy, Kashimashi (will add more later).

Fav. Shows:(not in order) Futurerama, X-Men Evolution, Everything DCAU (except "Zeta Project" which i haven't seen) and WWE (Will add more later).

Some of my Fav. Bands are: Gorillaz (will add more later).

Fav. Pairings:
-Naruto & Sakura: I know a lot of people hate Sakura, because they don't believe that children (remember they are 12 in part 1) are stupid and that everyone makes mistakes in life (like they're so perfect), but she's his first love and who doesn't like first love's.

-Naruto & Hinata: I, like Hinata, was too scared/shy to talk to the first person i ever crushed on and would like to see her succeed. Plus it would be nice if Naruto, who i'm thinking grew up poor and was just given enough to get by, ended up with a rich girl and got to experience some surplus in life. Not that you should ever marry for money but i would imagine that two people who grew up ignored by everyone around them could make each other very happy because they wouldn't want there significant other to ever feel inadequate/unwanted/unloved again.

-Naruto & Tsume: MILF, 'nuff said. Just Kidding, I know a lot of people say that it's impossible for Naruto to end up in a relationship with the older women in the series but they are forgetting one thing, Hormones! Men Naruto's age and women Tsume's age are at there sexual peaks, or so I've heard. A relationship could happen but it would probably be mostly physical and wouldn't last but it would be FUN while it lasted and after growing up as a Jinchuriki doesn't Naruto deserve some FUN?

-Naruto & Temari: I could see her falling for Naruto since he change Gaara from a crazy homicidal brother into one who won't kill anything that lives (including her). I could also see him falling for her since he knows she accepted her Brother while he was a Jinchuriki and might accept him, and active Jinchuriki.

-Naruto & Haku: I don't like Yaoi and will explain why in my Disliked Pairings but Haku is the one man, that's right he's a man no matter how pretty he is all of you Fem-Haku lovers, that Naruto could love and no one would consider it gay...probably because he's just so damn pretty.

-Ichigo & Rukia:

-Ichigo & Orihime:

-Rukia & Nemu: Thank you "Nate Grey" author of "Ichigo and the Beanstalk" for thinking up this couple. I love It!

Disliked Pairings:
-Naruto & Sasuke: Seriously, enough with all the F'n Yaoi, which is man on man love FYI. I have no problem with homosexuality but i am tired of how much Yaoi there is on this site. I've searched for stories pairing a man and women and still got Yaoi. In fact this happens so often that once, just on a hunch, i searched for a Yuri story, that's two women falling in love for those of you who don't know, and still got some Yoai, WTF!? That shouldn't have even been an option. if an author i like enough does a Yaoi story i'll read it and may start to read more from there if it's good enough but i don't like how people make all male characters gay for, as far as i can tell, nothing more then the sake of making them gay.

-Hinata & Kiba: I don't know what it is but i hate this pairing with a passion and won't read stories with them. I won't even read sequels to stories i love if there will be a Hinata & Kiba pairing.

-Tenten & Neji: I often think that people just pair them together because they're teammates and that's not enough for a romance seeing on how the Manga hasn't hinted at a romance as far as I've seen.

-Shikamaru & Ino: Again, I often think that people just pair them together because they're teammates and ignore that fact that they annoy each other to no ends. Plus she's too good looking for him since he doesn't like women who are overly attractive, i think so men won't always hit on his wife or she won't eventually cheat on or leave him figuring she (whoever he marries) could do better than a lazy bum like him.

-Shikamaru & Temari: I don't see romance between them. I see respect for each others skills and abilities but not attraction.

-Rukia & Renji: As with Hinata & Kiba pairings in Naruto stories, I dislike this pairing, probably because i dislike Renji. He annoys me for some reason, maybe because he stopped talking to his best friend for 40 years because he thought wasn't good enough to associate with her after she was adopted by the Kuchiki clan. A clan which also ignored her, thus leaving her alone for 4 deades. I don't read stories with them as love interest to each other and sometimes drop stories that uses them romantically as a subplot.

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