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About me:

Species: Human

Hometown: Seattle, WA, USA

Job: Student Lab Assistant for Materials Department, at University of Washington

Companions: Four cats named Greystripes, Pheobee, Streke, and The Great Fluffy Cuteness.

Religion: Agnostic (in other words, no idea)

Political ideology: Mostly liberal

Hobbies: Reading, writing, video gaming, making bottle rockets, caring for cats

Favorite genre (all forms of entertainment): Science fiction

Favorite type of celestial body: Black Hole

Favorite quote of all time: "Keep firing, Assholes!" (Darth Helmet from Spaceballs)

Recent News:

6/13/13, 13:45 - Well, it's taken me awhile, but finally I've accumulated a large batch of new chapters, the first chapters of Stage 4. I know I keep saying this with every new Stage, but it's looking like Stage 4 will be incredibly long, likely much longer than Stage 3, which already had a very impressive length. This is due mainly to the fact that the plot is getting much more complex: each individual plotline will be about the same length as in 3, but there will be many more plotlines with 4, taking the perspectives of all six Armies of the conflict. The story just keeps getting more and more awesome. Centerpoint City in 3 was one large battle. In 4 you can expect several more. Also, I am really pulling out all stops for introducing new locations and taking the story to fantastic new places within the MW galaxy. As with each successive Stage, 4 will be taking the story to whole new levels. I hope that you all enjoy 4 (I will be posting chapters for it every few days, until I have to stop to write a new supply). This is going to be a brilliant installment. On a slightly different note, it is looking like there might be a Stage 6. I was originally intending for there to be only five Stages, but the story has gotten so much more involved in my planning (particularly with the War of Six Armies) that it may call for another Stage. I haven't decided on it just yet, but it's looking quite likely.

3/21/13, 8:12 - The last chapter of Stage 3 has just been posted. Overall, I am very happy with how S3 turned out. The installment has exponentially increased many facets of the story, including scope, action, and plot complexity. And another thing to note, is that somehow Stage 3 ended up vastly longer than Stages 1 or 2. I didn't actually intend for it to be this way, but it's not a problem, and I actually kind of like it. There aren't that many stories I can find on this site that are 160,000 words long and part of a larger series at the same time. In any case, another thing I need to mention is that it will probably be several months before I begin the posting of Stage 4, the reason being that I intend to write a very large number of chapters that I'll have in store, and then spam them multi-weekly when the Stage is nearly complete. I seem to get an awful lot more popularity when I do things this way, and also, I need to have lots of chapters in reserve at all times. Because of my schedule, I actually ran out of spare chapters towards the end of S3, an there were a few weeks when I almost didn't post on time. I don't mean to sound anal or anything, I just like to keep a schedule.

9/14/12, 11:49 - I am going to move my posting day back to Saturday morning, instead of Fridays, because that will work better to accommodate my current college schedule.

5/18/12, 8:52 - Finally, I have just posted the first chapter of Stage 3. Due to my current schedule I will be posting chapters every Friday, as opposed to every Saturday as I did with previous Stages. Anyways, the continuation of the story is finally underway, and I hope you all enjoy.

5/14/12, 10:01 - The editing process is going considerably slower then I thought it would, mainly due to schedule gaffs. So I will start posting Stage 3 next weekend instead of this weekend (5/19 is the exact date, I have decided).

4/6/12, 13:33 - I have just finished posting the last chapter of Stage 2, and am undergoing a momentary feeling of accomplishment. I am very happy with how Stage 2 turned out, and from the reviews I'm getting it appears that readers are feeling that way as well. As Stage 3 goes, I do have a couple of chapters for it written, but none of them have been edited by Cmdr. Gen. Marasco, and so they are not yet ready to post (not to mention that I need to build up a much bigger reserve of completed chapters before I do start posting). I don't yet know for sure, but I intend to begin the posting of Stage 3 about a month from this update, so probably about halfway through the month of May.

Opinions on various topics:

Obama: Doing the best he can given the circumstances. Considering everything he has had to deal with, he has already exceeded my expectations. He stopped the economy from plummeting into oblivion, gave national health care the most radical overhaul it has seen in almost half a century, and even caught Bin Laden. Way to go!

Twilight: I could write a several page essay on everything wrong with this poor excuse for a novel series, but to try to sum it up in a paragraph: Bella has to be the absolute worst dumbass in distress I have ever encountered in any work of fiction. She almost constantly has to be saved, with hardly an act going by that doesn’t have her getting rescued. Furthermore, she is apparently so important that clans of vampires and werewolves are fighter over her, and just when things almost come to terms she decides to change relationship and everything goes to hell again. WTF? Not to mention that she is only 17 when the story takes place, and so is obviously not mature enough to be making marriage related decisions in the first place. As if this is not bad enough, what is it with the vampire powers? Sparkling in sunlight? Super strength? Telepathy? The author might as well have put Superman clones in their place and went with that, because that would actually make more sense than gothic all powerful vampires who for some reason can’t even make a teenage relationship work.

Conservatism: Is an ideology that centers around reducing government at any cost because they think it somehow will inprove domocracy. Problem is, the government is for the most part elected by the people, and if government is reduced, then the will of the people is also reduced, thus shunning democracy. Furthermore, the role of any government in any decent country is to serve the needs of the people. If a government is reduced to the point where it can barely funcion, then it cannot do this, and the people are left to fend for themselves in a place with no concept of true compassion. This is what conservatives want to do to our country. Do you want to live in a place like that? I cerainly don't!

Explody Things: Can be a lot of fun, but are rather dangerous to be around. Action movies and shooter games seem to have an insatiable lust for them, and tend to use them far too much. I could definitely call myself a fan of explody things, but when it seems like literally everything is exploding all the time...that's too much.

Ceiling Fans: I don't know why my cats keep staring at them. Is it because they are always in motion? It must be something like that. They are indeed a useful contraption, efficient both at cooling rooms in my house as well as entertaining the hell out of my cats.


What is Matchmaking Wars?

Matchmaking Wars is a Halo action/comedy that started out as a machinima script, but had to be novelized instead because we ran out of the resources, time, and manpower necessary to make it into a machinima. The first season of it (Stage 1) is now complete, and the second season is currently being posted.

How often do I update Matchmaking Wars?

Since a bunch of you keep asking me this, I'll just lay it out for you: ONCE A WEEK. Yes, I know that when I was posting Stage 1 it was quicker, and that's because when I began posting that Stage I already had all of its chapters written. This is not true for Stage 2. Right now, if I post any more frequently then I will run out of my supply of new chapters. And if that happens then you will have to wait even longer. So for now, it's once a week, and that's the foreseeable future. If this changes then I will let you know.

What other projects am I working on besides MW?

In between the postings of Stages 3 and 4 of MW, I intend to at least start a fan fiction for Silent Hill. I am also scheduled to write a sequel to Cmdr. Gen. Marasco's Halo: The Clone Wars, but because I have so much to do already, I’ll tell you more about this as the time to work on it draws nearer.

What is the fifth dimension?

The first four dimensions are three space dimensions and one time dimension. The fifth dimension is the fourth spatial dimension. For example, a cube has 3 spatial dimensions, for its width, length, and depth, and its interior is measured in volume, which in metric units is meters cubed (m3). A cube with four spatial dimensions is called a hypercube, and its interior is called hypervolume, which in metric units is m4. The fifth dimension, simply put, is an expansion on the properties of space, a fourth axis upon which things can exist that can be thought of as the fifth dimension when time is included.

Story Arcs (multiple stories linked together, listed here in chronological order):

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Stage 2 (Complete)

Stage 3 (Complete)

Stage 4 (In Progress)

Stage 5 (Upcoming)

Stage 6 (Upcoming)

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