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well hello!

UPDATE: well i have been totally muse blocked for weeks now just getting used to a new job so a little hectic. Sorry its taken me so long i am working as hard as i can to catch up with my fanfics. Xmas has just been getting over no sleep and partying. Hope everyone had a good time. Date: 27/12/2010 19:24

Let me get straight to it here are the fanfics

I have done:


Romano's birthday

One shot. Its Romano's birthday and Italy never sent a card or a present how cruel. But Help comes in the shape of a very perverted french gentleman.

Prussia's home

chapter 1 - Prussia has been attacked by Russia and now he will stand and defend his home till the last breath!

Chapter 2 - *in progress*


Why am i stuck with this?

Chapter 1 - Bakura has been having a weird dream, because of the millenium ring a person who looks like him is taking him over and now he can't even have one good nights sleep. Will this spirit be the end of his life?

Chapter 2 - school becomes that much more difficult when you have an angry spirit taking you over. When he notices something odd about a spikey haired boy in school Ryou finds himself in a mess.

Chapter 3 - *in progress*

Anubis's reign

Chapter 1 - Anubis survived the shadow game and nearly killed the pharoah, but no he needs the pharoah alive for something and Bakura has been brought to his castle! Why? No one knows. But Bakura must figure out a way out of this or it could be the end of him.

Chapter 2 - *in progress*


Bloody gun

Chapter 1 - Gingi has found this girl, she has been hurt and she seems unconcious. But on awakening the two find that she's less then innocent. She is crazy and wants her gun! So what will the getbackers do?

Chapter 2- When akabane and this girl meet there seems to be something messed up going on. They are related? how could it be? and why is she called 'Ticker the guard dog?'

chapter 3 - *in progress*

About me:

I know your here to read, but not about me about all those amazing characters. I do not own anything such as yugioh getbackers and everything. I do however own ticker the guard dog. She is my creation apart from that nothing else. I enjoy writing and will update when i can.

I love yaoi though i'm not good at writing it, however i am going to give it a go. I hope you do enjoy reading my stuff and if so i will write more. My dream is to become a writer, script or otherwise so this is good practice for me. If you do not like something, or it just seems amateur then please tell me. Only through failing will i get better.

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoy everything and have a wonderful day.


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Why am i stuck with this? reviews
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