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Author has written 25 stories for Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

The petition for the US government to recognize nonbinary genders reached it's goal of 100,00 signatures! Thanks to everyone who signed and/or spread the word!
(and if you're wondering why it's even important, see here)


This is a really really late formal apology to anyone following my non-KH fics

I will not be finishing these fics. I have no interest and I will not be forcing myself to write them. I am extremely sorry, but, (considering they haven't been updated in three years) this probably doesn't surprise you. I should've informed you all of this sooner, but... it kept slipping my mind.

Fics I won't be finishing: Alice and the Doctor, along with the Master Sword Issue, and Legacy of LiteHart

Not many of you were following these fics, so I don't feel too terrible about it... but I'm still sorry, at least for not informing you I wouldn't be finishing them sooner.

(However, if you can give me a convincing argument/plea/whatever, I will consider writing a usual five chapter "episode" of Alice and the Doctor to finish it up. I know how it ends, I just can't keep writing random episodes until I get there. PM me about that.)


FAQ for the Falling to Pieces series! (contains minor spoilers for Falling to Pieces and Dead Inside): http://rarmastersftpverse.blogspot.com/p/faq_14.html

Falling to Pieces blog!

This blog is dedicated to the Falling to Pieces series. You ever curious about the fic, or are just in the mood to read more about it? This is the place to go! It's got my commentary on pretty much every chapter I've posted (since Dead Inside ch90, anyway) along with some fun fic facts!
However, please note that, ever since a got a tumblr, fun fic facts tend to get posted to it now. They are conveniently filed under the "random fic facts" tag, though! (Or you can check the general fic tag on my tumblr, which lists more than just random fic facts.)

I tend to post a chapter every five days, but if I'm ever off schedule and you're worried about it, the blog is a good place to check! The other place you should check is my "ftpverse updates" tag on my tumblr!

Normally I'd reply to reviews I get on this blog, but I decided that until Dead Inside is finished, I am going to be under a "reply to basically no reviews unless they're Super Important" policy. We are at endgame and I really don't want to spoil anything. (And replying to a review with "oh that's spoilers" gets real old real fast and I might as well not reply at all.)
This does not apply to in-character review replies though! In-character, I can totally deflect spoiler-y questions because the characters don't have any more of a clue than you do, in most cases! Keep an eye on the "review replies" tag on my fic's charries' tumblr for those!

Handy link for all the chapter commentary: http://rarmastersftpverse.blogspot.com/p/chapter-commentary.html (I imagine this is EXTREMELY handy for all y'all new readers!)

My personal tumblr - I post a lot of video game stuff here. KH, Mario, Zelda along with some others. Also a lot of writing/FtP related thoughts. Every now and then. You don't have to follow but if you want to by all means I won't stop you.
(Navigation for fic-related content can be found here: http://rarmaster.tumblr.com/ficnavi)

The FtP cast's tumblr - this is a tumblr run by the characters of the Falling to Pieces series. It's been sort of inactive lately. I run out of ideas quickly.

Ftpverse tumblr - this one is so you can get the updates/info/fun facts about the fic that I post to my personal tumblr without, y'know, having to put up with personal posts and various reblogs from other fandoms. Handy, huh?

My Youtube Account
You'll find all the trailers there, along with the "Broken Pieces" and "Haunted" videos. And the Meltdown Project video. And other KH AMVs you might enjoy.
(I haven't updated in forever though I mean I made one AMV for Dead Inside recently but that has been my first upload in nearly a year.)

My 8 tracks account - So you can view some of the fanmixes I've made! Most (2 in 3) are FtPverse. Fun fun! (Also I've faved a ton of good fanmixes that you should definitely check out!)

Halloween Namine (thanks to my sis for drawing) - see ch13 of Falling to Pieces

All concept art can be found here: (includes Sora's scar and Riku's new dark mode, along with all that concept stuff from FtP)

Pictures I have found on deviantART that remind me of my fic:

Dead Inside cover artwork - drawn by ssceles

Nothing's Fair cover artwork - drawn by semokan

Falling to Pieces cover art - drawn by agra19

Riku's new Dark Mode - left alone for convenience

Kairi's new outfit

Looking for the explanation of how BBS fits into ftpverse canon? You can find it here:




Explanation of my "Falling to Pieces" series


Anyway, this is just what fits where and what order you should read them in and all that. Lot of other people have this sort of stuff on their profile and I thought it might be nice if I did, too (Edited so that each story has a bit more of a summary to it. These summaries then replaced the old summaries of the fics, Dead Inside's summary excluded, along with Nothing's Fair's summary, because I liked the original)

ALSO major apologies for the continuity errors and plot holes that are present in the series. I am well aware of them. The worst continuity errors are, I believe, between Nothing's Fair and Dead Inside. (As in facts presented in Nothing's Fair are later changed come Dead Inside.) Take everything presented to you in Dead Inside as canon for the time being until I can rewrite Nothing's Fair and fix the problem. (There are probably other continuity errors, but I doubt I'll ever rewrite the Truth Hurts or Falling to Pieces, so you'll just have to put up with them. I WILL fix the ones in Nothing's Fair. Promise.)

the Truth Hurts (TH) - After being killed during the events of KH: Chain of Memories, the Riku Replica finds himself on Destiny Islands, somehow alive. But how did he get here? Why isn't he dead? And why can't he remember anything!? Spans over the course of a month (ish)

Falling to Pieces (FtP) - takes place three months after the Truth Hurts. Sora's jealousy of Riku has put him on the edge, and he's threatening to teeter off and fall into the darkness any minute. Can Kairi save him before it's too late? Will Riku bear the burden of saving the Worlds, or does he honestly just not care enough to try? And what's going on with Namine? Spans the course of two weeks. Yes, you read that right. Two weeks. (Okay, it might be three...)

Nothing's Fair (NF) - a side-story covering Roxas's life (considered third in the series) and how he fits into everything. In this universe, Roxas is a Replica created by the Organization (since Sora was never turned into a Heartless and thus lacks a Nobody). Life is going well for him, until he meets a girl named Xion, who is apparently a "mistake". With Saix - who hates mistakes - in charge of the Replica Program, what does this mean for Xion? And what will happen when Roxas puts all his effort into keeping her safe? The story begins a few weeks after Falling to Pieces (though Roxas was created sometime during Falling to Pieces) and spans the course of three months, ending a few weeks before Dead Inside begins. I AM going to rewrite this. Seriously. Totally planning on it. As soon as I finish Dead Inside.

Dead Inside (DI) - begins three months after Falling to Pieces ends. Picks up where Falling to Pieces left off, with SPOILERS FOR FALLING TO PIECES Riku searching for Sora, and Sora still somewhere in the Realm of darkness. After some time, Riku's put in charge of some Rebellion he's not sure he want's to be in charge of, and Sora leaves to go get a handle on his still restless darkness. There's a crapton more to it than that, but I'm not going to cover it all. In-progress, so I currently have no clue what course of time it spans over. (It was set to take only two months, but we're looking at closer to three at the moment, and even then it might take longer than that)

Another Side, Another Story (ASAS) - collection of scenes that just don't fit anywhere else in the series. Some scenes were scrapped. Some chapters are original drafts (like the extra chapters). Some scenes are AU. Some scenes are actually considered canon but concern a different set of characters (like Ven and Aqua) and therefore don't fit in with the mainstream of Dead Inside. Takes place... just... EVERYwhen.
Things are also now labeled in ASAS based on when they took place (unless they're scraps or AU in which they are labeled as such). Please note Prequel is anything that happened before the Truth Hurts that doesn't classify as BBS or CoM. BBS is my version of BBS and CoM is canon CoM with a couple of my added expansions. (I've only written like two things for CoM tho and now that I think about it they both involve Larxene. Whoops?)

Some Things You Just Can't Escape ("Can't Escape" for short) - hosted on my sister's (forevermagik13) profile. Is a crossover between our KH fanfics, though it does detail a lot of events that take place in my universe, especially concerning the Rebellion. Convenient link to said story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6902839/1/Some_things_you_just_cant_Escape
There are a ton of refs to Can't Escape in Dead Inside, but they are largely there for reference sake and so that you can manage reading three intertwining stories at once. (Dead Inside, Can't Escape, and ASAS). As I say below, you don't have to read Can't Escape if you don't want to. It will provide a little further knowledge for Dead Inside, but you will survive if you don't read it.
(Also, please note the first 30 or so chapters of Can't Escape take place somewhere before the 50(ish) chapters of Dead Inside--some of the earlier ones even happen during Nothing's Fair.)

NOTE: ASAS AND CAN'T ESCAPE HAVE BECOME INACTIVE AS OF LATE. I've been trying to really focus on finishing Dead Inside, so I haven't been writing any random extra scenes or putting together any "extra" chapters for ASAS. If you're interested in extra content, there's a tag on my blog for that.
As a further note, extra chapters take a lot of work to put together. Not only do I have to hunt content down, but I also have to convert it to something that FFnet's guidelines will accept. And, lately, there hasn't been much more than one scrapped snippet per chapter, so I don't often see the point in posting any extra content.

As for Can't Escape, some of it comes from me still wanting to just focus on getting Dead Inside finished, but magik also got super busy with school and stuff, so we haven't had much time to come up with anything new for Can't Escape. We may not even write anymore for it. Who knows. (This isn't a "well we're done with it" note, but this is a "we aren't sure if we'll write anymore, but we might" note.)

Book 4.5 - isn't written yet, but will basically be a collection of events that take place between Dead Inside and book 5 and will more than likely be anything but completely serious. (Actually that's a lie there are some pretty serious events but they aren't ALL serious. In fact the MAJORITY of them won't be)

Book 5 - the KH3 equivalent. FtP is KH1, Dead Inside is KH2, so book 5 must be KH3. The plot will, of course, involve Xehanort coming back because it's canon that he will come back and so I need to kill him again bleeeeeeeeeeeeh. (Actually jk I'm real excited for book 5.) I MAY COMBINE BOOK 4.5 AND BOOK 5. I HAVEN'T DECIDED YET BUT I MIGHT.


Why does my fic-verse crossover with my sister's fic-verse?
Because she started writing her fic, which was a continuation of what had happened last in KH canon (KH2 chronologically, when she started writing) and since it was set in "KH canon" I figured "what the hey; her universe can be my 'original' one." Lol, it really didn't happen like that. I think her Vexen was just like "My Riku Replica's in that universe! I'm going over there!" and after he came over it sort of just clinched the whole thing.

Also I can write whatever the heck I want and these crossovers are a lot of fun. You are in no way obligated to read them, however. For the most part, none of the crossovers are vital to understand my plot. If there are any that are Vitally Important, I will let you know and let you know which chapters they are so you can read them. However, in the end, the decision is still yours on whether or not you actually read. And if you don't read, it's cool, you'll still be able to follow Dead Inside's plot, you'll just not get a couple of references.

At this point, only ch62-65 of Can't Escape are Slightly Important to Dead Inside's plot. There is one more planned sequence for Can't Escape that's going to be Vitally Important, but it doesn't come up 'til book 4.5.
(If you do choose to read only one sequence of Can't Escape though, please make it ch54-60 aka the Ienzo sequence because it is one of my favorite things I have ever written.)


Things/differences to keep in mind concerning my universe (in no particular order, contains SPOILERS if you haven't read the entire series):

Kairi was born and raised on Destiny Islands. Her dad is still the mayor, but he's her biological father. (Her mother left when she was really young so she doesn't remember much of her.)

Without Riku on Destiny Islands, it was really only Sora and Kairi, making them closer friends than they are in the game. I guess. I mean I'd like to think they were pretty close in-game but...

The Organization's Replica Program was extremely successful, creating roughly 120 successful Replicas.

FtPverse as a series focuses A LOT on said Replica Program--but not entirely

There are Replicas of Larxene (most of them are dead by the end of Dead Inside), Marluxia, Zexion (only one of them is still active), Lexaeus, and, of course, Vexen. Oh! And that one of Xigbar!

Ven is left-handed. (He was originally intended to be left-handed in KH canon (note KH2FM secret ending) but it was apparently scrapped. I like the idea of him being left-handed, and it's not like it changes anything plot-wise, so why the heck not?)

Roxas is a Replica

Xion is a Replica, but the whole "her appearance changes based on who looks at her" doesn't apply. There are reasons for that which will be expanded on when I rewrite Nothing's Fair.

Saix is in charge of the Replica Program (though, Vexen was originally. Vexen just died and Saix was handed the Program for some odd reason)

Riku is the Riku Replica from KH canon

Namine is a Replica

Namine cannot control memories. (They couldn't program that ability into her)

Sora fell into darkness

Sephiroth is dead

BBS happened seven years before the Truth Hurts, instead of ten. Further explained here

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Another Side, Another Story reviews
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