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I am 17 going on 50, my friends and I say that I have excelled academically.

I live in a small town and am proud to be in the 27th. best state, Florida, I'm at a low point in my life and decided to take up fan fiction as a hobby once model making became too expensive, I am called The Sharp Dressed Kid because I where suits, vests, and other dress wear to school daily.
My dull existence in a one horse town where the one horse died a long time ago has given me a huge escapist mentality.

I write epics. You will rarely see one shots from me (if ever) I don't post my fics until they are totally completed, which means updates will be months apart. (I still have twelve fics on my hard drive, and another two stored away somewhere). As a reader, I hate unfinished fics. To that extent, I WILL NEVER leave a fic unfinished. Only God will stop me from ending it. Even if I have to pull an ending out of the air and have them all die in a plane crash, I will close all of my fics properly. Just a notice, I have nothings against gay/lesbian people(s), I just have no interest in slash at all. I do not write or read it.

I LOVE... Jame Bond, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones (Young, Old, and Middle Aged), Resident Evil, Marvel, Star Wars (Books, Films, and Games), U-Boats, Beth Phoenix, Johnny Cash, Harry Chapin, Billy Joel, History, tanks, planes, cinema, literature, hats, beards, movie trivia, quotes, all things wrestling, and above all else, Romance.

I HATE... three dollars for gas, internet ads, traffic jams, the way Eisenhower and Montgomery fought world war 2, hoodlums, "Amusing" disclaimers, people who abandon great fics because of lack of reviews, stupid movies, Cho haters, Joseph Stalin, Communism, public bathrooms, school buses, smoking on campus, busted flashlights, lighters, rap music, flash dancing, my aunts lawyer, the Miz, and above all else, Ginny Weasley.

All Time Favorite Stars. The Undertaker (favorite) Chris Benoit (controversy aside) Rob Van Dam, Edge, Antonino Rocca, Shawn Michaels, Andre the Giant, Chris Jericho, The Rock, and Beth Phoenix.
Other Favorites. Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Jack Swagger, Jeff Hardy (WWE), Ric Flair (pre-TNA), Big Show, CM Punk (Pre-Strait Edge Messiah/Jesus Gimmick), Kane (How does he keep ending up in those horrible storylines?), Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Mick Foley, Booker T, Kurt Angle, JBL, Rikishi, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Super Crazy, Cody Rhodes, Melina (She fights), and MVP.
Underrated guys who aren't getting pushed. Yoshi Tatsu (#1 next to the bullet on underrated), Kaval (Fired right after winning NXT WTF!) John Morrison (Falls count anywhere does not equal 2-on-1 handicap match! John Morrison should be champion right now! And his mic skills are FINE!), Even Bourne (just once, can we see him win on free TV?), Poul London, Brian Kendrick, Deuce, Domino, Curt Hawkins, Zach Ryder, tag teams in general, Chris Masters (He's been there five years and has no gold?), and Vladimir Kozlov (They just need to stop shoving him down are throats and get him away from Santino)
Superstars I HATE! John Cena (He's so overrated, he ruins angles, and holds the main event with an iron clad death grip that won't let actual talent ascend!), Batista (another member of the "over rated meat heads" club, yawn), Santino Marrela (I loved the "Milan Miracle" Gimmick. Then he became a goofball. I can go on forever and ever and a day on why I hate him but I'll just some it up like this. Santin"A" Marrella is the worst Gimmick I've seen WWE put out EVER and THAT is a very hard title to earn.) The Miz (How he became champion is beyond me. I envision the creative staff fretting over the retiring legends and lack of talent, then agreeing they need a new superstar to push to the top. Then look down the hall and seeing the Miz at a water cooler and thinking...), Randy Orton (The guy has more gold than groups of superstars will EVER see in their lives and he's only thirty. He and Cena chew up the main event far too much and don't give other [more talented] guys a shot. In less than an hour, I wrote up fifty reasons why he gargles on the meat missle), Chavo and Vickie Geurraro (Eddie Geurraro was a great man and did wonders for the company. His family however SUCKS. Eddie was so great that just because they bare his last name, they won't get fired no matter how strapped the company is. So wile Cherry gets fired for being to fat, "Piggy" Guerrero is out every week screaming at the crowd. Chavo throws match after match and hasn't been relevant since Eddie died, all he does now is dress up as a giant bird and fight a midget to no one's enjoyment, which brings me too...), Hornswoggle. (I'm not even explaining this one)

Coming Soon

Less Than Zero, (Teen Issues Challenge fic), Depressed Harry finds comfort in his former loves heart after fame tears Ginny away from him, but Cho has a hidden problem of her own is slowly growing within her, and Harry's first mate Ron and his girlfriend Lavender Brown hit an all time high in their relationship, wile Hermione is caught in the middle and tries to piece the events together. (On hiatus indefinitely)

Its a long way to Tipperary (Working Title), When the Hogwarts Express suddenly and inexplicably transports randomly to a quite mid-western metropolis currently experiencing a zombie apocalypse, non stop hilarity ensues. Crossover fic. (27 pages, also on hiatus)

The Phoenix Always Flies. The Glamazon Beth Phoenix tires of her non-existent role in the big picture of the WWE and sets out to forge her own legacy in the wrestling industry. She shoots strait for the top and along way, has high profile feuds with wrestlers all along the card from Michelle McCool to Chris Jericho to John Cena during her odyssey. (41 pages, my top priority)

WWE High. (Working Title). Yea, it's been done before, in fact, it's been done to death. But mine is an epic that deals with serious, dark topics that I, as a highschooler, frequently see. Feature an all star cast of superstars from Alex Riley to Zach Ryder and all the men and women in between. (just started)

A WWE Switcheroony. Kelly Kelly is hot and so is Beth Phoenix! If you smash them together really hard, what do you get? (A) Two women rolling on the floor holding their heads in pain. (B) An epic fic of epic proportions!... or (C) a dumb idea crashing and burning on a stormy night in a deep whole where "switched bodies" fics go to die. (Pre-Production)

Showcase of the Immortals. Wrestlemania XXVII the way I'd have booked it. Deep and intricate rerouting of the most underwhelming Wrestlemania in recent memory into the majestic spectacle it was supposed to be.

In Namen Des Fuhrer. This dreary, bleak epic chronicles a single German platoon through a long, bloody, alternate World War 2. (Over a hundred pages and I'm still in Yugoslavia)

The Angel of Hell. Ashra embarks on an epic journey to cleanse her wretched soul and purify her being in order to ascend to the heaven side layer. This is complicated though, by the swords desire to slay vampires, as well as demons and links into another dimension of Vampires (Nosgoth). (Pre-Production)

The Punisher Shoots stuff (Working Title) Sometimes I look at things and think "How did they screw this up?" and I think this whenever I see a Punisher film. The Punisher is about a guy who walks the streets of New York City and shoots stuff, it's not a hard concept by any means. That is what I am doing with this fic. The Punisher walks the streets and discovers a massive, deep rooted conspiracy that has him battling the Mafia, crime syndicates, and international assassins as he destroys the conspiracy from the ground runners to high levels of U. S. Government.

Dead Rising: No Permits, No Parley (Working Title) Veterans Frank West and Chuck Greene are sent into an outbreak with government agent (Also a veteran) Leon Kennedy. All in one place, they find an assortment of odd sights. They see familiar faces, old rivals, strange bedfellows, a mysterious doctor, a neo-Nazi, corrupt officials, mad bombers, and the occasional Klansman as they frag friends and make new enemies.


"Never get too caught up in who you think you are, you just might not be who you think you are." Gary Busy.
"If a man does his best then what else is there?" George S. Patton.
"If we win, we will each have a horse of our own, if we loose, we wont need one." Spartacus.
"The worlds most Earth shattering events have been brought about by spoken word." Adolf Hitler.
"Good is what which promotes life, evil is what which destroys it, you make your own decision from there." - Albert Swartzer.

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